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Dear Venturoos...

The show is deep into production and kicking our collective asses, so I haven't had time to write up a proper journal update. I am long overdue for one, and it will be coming soon.

What could not wait, however, and deserves an entry all its own, is the message copied below. Honorary AstroBase Cadet Ken Plume has asked me and other Friends of Plume to post this message on his behalf, and I do so gladly, if not without sadness.

Ken, you'll remember, has been the moderator at many a Team Venture convention panel, an uncredited guest henchman on the show, and the guy who twists our arms into doing a Christmas song for quickstopentertainment.com every year. He's also a giant sweetheart who takes a lot of crap from me and Doc and still sends us free stuff whenever we ask for it (or don't).

So please give Ken's message your undivided attention, and I'll see you all again soon...

We Love You,


A Small Request

Posted by Ken at www.tibbysbowl.com (November 18, 2008)

I’m not really known for my moments of seriousness and personal candor here in cyberspace, so this missive will come as a bit of a surprise for those who know me well.

Four years ago, right before the holidays, the doctor found a lump in my mother’s breast. After surgery intended to remove the lump discovered deeper penetration, a second operation was scheduled to remove her left breast. It was right after Thanksgiving.

Months of chemotherapy followed, and my mother was given a clean bill and told the cancer was gone. After a few more months of recovery, she began counting the months and years that would bring her to that magic number for cancer survivors - 5 years out. Expecting she was well on her way towards that goal, she had the port that was surgically installed to deliver her chemotherapy removed earlier this year. After all, she was almost 4 years cancer free, with only one year to go.

And then, nearly four years to the day when the original cancer was found, another lump was discovered in her right breast. Surgery was performed, and the biopsy came back positive for cancer.

The bitch was back.

It was also found that the cancer had metastasized. Tests have been performed. Chemotherapy has begun again. Hopes are high that the bitch can be beat back into remission, leaving my mother many, many more years with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

She did it once, and she’ll do it again.

However, I want to keep my mother’s spirits up, and I want to utilize the power of this here internet to whom my livelihood has been intertwined for almost 15 years. And not only am I hoping for the assistance of the thousands of people whom I’ve befriended and worked with in those years, but also the kindness of total strangers.

With that in mind, I’m hoping that whoever reads this post - or has it forwarded to them - will take some of their valuable time and help me keep my mother’s spirits bright and her outlook optimistic.

Over the course of this holiday season, I’m hoping my mother will receive an avalanche of postcards from around the world - fun and funny postcards - with the well wishes of those who send them. Postcards sent by you, the person reading this now.

And, in addition to the postcards - if you have the inclination and means - please take a moment to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please send your postcards to:


808 BARN ST.


On behalf of myself and my family, I thank you all.


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I would be more than happy to send a postcard for this wonderful cause! There is nothing like encouragement from a perfect stranger to make you feel a little better, or a little stronger.

Keep up the great work astrobase go!
I'll be looking forward to everything you produce.

On it, boss.

Anyone got any recommendations for buying postcards in bulk? Like a stack of 25-50? I can probably get everyone at my karaoke club to write a postcard. They're all sweet like that.

What about getting colored index cards (without the lines) and stickers? Then you could put the message and address on the reverse side.

My roommates and I already sent out postcards a few days ago and I hope others will too.

Looking forward to more details on Season 4!

(Deleted comment)
3 years ago my mom had breast cancer, and you are now living the stuff I dare not think about.

As well as good wishes for your mom (card forthcoming) I want those wishes for you too. I know how hard it is to be a loved one sitting on the side, helping as much as you can and feeling that awful feeling that is indescribable.

Good luck.

Mine will go out Tuesday! Think a card is okay? I don't have any post cards on hand.

Thanks for letting us know, Jackson. Postcard will go out tomorrow to the good Missus Plume. I am a HUGE fan of the Ken P.D. Snydecast as well as your remarkable show that makes my life a better existence, so Ken's mom deserves all the cheer she can get.

I think the link may be messed up though. It sends you to a place to buy Xanax.

Done! I'll start sending out cards soon.

I'm glad that I can add a card to the many that Pat will be receiving. I know how much 'the bitch' sucks - I had ovarian cancer at 22, my aunt died of breast cancer, my best friend's mom is on her second or third recurrence of breast cancer, our friend was recently diagnosed with leukemia...

so yeah. lots of bitch in my life. And people cheering me on really helped keep my spirits up through it, so I'm more than willing to send my cheers to her. :)

I only wish her postcard from me would be coming from a more interesting place than Wisconsin!

You bet I'll be sending some cheer to Ken's mom's way, cuz Ken's awesome with those panels...and I bet he got his awesome from his mommy ;)

Can't wait to hear about season 4, and I hope you'll be able to pause for just a moment to somewhat enjoy your holidays! ^_^

Much love! ~Crittle

Written, stamped, going out tomorrow!

I will definitely do this. I had a close cousin pass from breast cancer, it sucks. So, anything to keep someones hope high.

Done and done.

Thanks for posting this, I have one Christmas card left and I know where it's going.

I'll have to go find a really random, interesting postcard to send out ASAP!

Looking forward to hearing about Season 4 and an update on Season 3 on DVD as well, hopefully ;) You have a very happy holidays too, good sir!

My own mom is a cancer survivor and I know the hell of it all too deeply. My card will be going out ASAP.

SHe will be recieving a post card from Seattle soon ^_^

Thanks for forwarding this, Jackson. My Granny was just diagnosed with Lymphoma and I've lost a handful of family to the big C word. Ken and his family will be in my thoughts.

Based on previous entries and convention appearances, I just assumed you were simply too busy to update lately - it seems like making decent show is an enormous amount of work, and The Venture Brothers is considerably more than just decent.

Hopefully Mrs. Plume will get all the postcards she can handle.

Wow... Thank you for posting this, I will be sending out a post card soon :3 I lost a very close friend to cancer about a year ago, I really hope his mom makes it thru this!

I have a Port, I don't have it for Chemo I have it for different meds... It must suck having it removed only to have to get it back in again, port surgery sucks! :(

Go Team Venture!

my grandmother and a dear friend are both fighting cancer right now, I have allready made donations to that foundation and plan to make more.

And yes, that profile pic is of me trying to be sgt. hatred

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ken. He is such a super nice person. I'm sorry to hear that his family is having to go through this and especially at this time of year. I will be sending my well wishes too.

I also want to add, as a fan of VB, I can assure you there are no complaints when you don't blog. The fact that you even do to begin with was more than I ever hoped for. But I think everyone understands that you've got some huge pressures and deadlines to deal with. Good luck with production. And I hope I get a chance to see you again at the NYCC this year.

Absolutely!!! I've got some great ones waiting to be mailed. . .

Guys, it's a sweet idea, and please do pitch in, but I'd be careful about forwarding the request along. Craig Shergold, diagnosed with cancer when he was 9 years old, sent out a similar request in 1989 and is still receiving cards - over 200 million so far.


Prayers to him and the family. Brave to post about this subject so much respect.

I'm in. What a nice way to make a difference in someone's life. My thoughts are with her!

My Mom passed in May from cancer. However, I still hold up hope for all who are going through the motions and their families. Consider a fun and funny post card sent.

What a great idea! Exactly what kind of sense of humor does your mom have?

What a lovely idea! I'll gladly participate in the postcard sending. :) Hope you guys at AstroBase are all doing well, it's good to hear from you. <3

Postcards from Iceland, coming up! :)

Best wishes to Ken and his mom, thanks for sharing this!

Ken and family,

My family knows what you're going through, you have our deepest sympathy. I'm also a two-time 3Day walker and one of my fundraising tools was funny buttons with varying degrees of off-color humor...do you think your mom or anyone in your family would like some? My defense mechanism is humor, but I know that others not so much. Anyway, postcard is definitely on the way (very cool idea, by the way) and if you like the button idea ping me back and I'll shoot you some. Good luck and keep fighting like a girl. :)


oh and just in case that post gets misread.. the walk is over, I met my fundraising I'm not trying to sell these. I just have a ton of button making stuff and my 82 year old grandma liked my "*&^! Cancer" button earlier this year when she was bit by the bitch...so thought I'd share the love. And like I said, varying degrees of off-color :)

Even encouragement and hope from total strangers can pick someone up on any given day. I will gladly send a postcard... maybe even two.

That's horrible. My mother passed away 5 years ago today from breast cancer she fought it for 9 years and never went into remission. It's really difficult seeing a loved one go through all that.

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