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The secret files of the Ventureverse

It'll be worth the wait!

You guys are putting out the best show on TV, no need to rush yourselves.

It should be very interesting to see what got cut out...

Season 3 is almost over? It feels like it just started.

Brian K. Vaughn is amazing. It sucks that Y: The Last Man (the movie) seems to be in production hell.

would you consider pursuing Will Arnett as voice talent for a villain on the show? i've been waiting to here that guy spit pure evil since the first arrested development and there's no better mix of comedy and drama than your stuff.

also if you're ever hard up for talent and cash, i work for free: http://switchpod.com/users/yahweh/feed.xml

OMG yes, please use Will Arnett!!!

Also, I loved last weeks episode. We just sat there, stunned, for minutes after it ended, trying to absorbed everything that just happened! Wow.

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How come Adult Swim stuff never goes to syndication? It'd be neat to see old Venture Bros episodes on the local Fox affiliate after a Season 7 episode of The Simpsons.

Generally a show has to reach either five seasons or 100 episodes to be in syndication. Granted, there are exceptions, but those are few and far between.

I look forward to seeing you at D*C again. The convention's con suite will be hosting a wedding reception for the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend this year as their party theme. It's on Sunday at 3pm. :)

OMG, the Guild stole someone's gift to you! That stinks. :(

Everybody needs a break sometimes. Don't worry, we'll be waiting when you're all rested up and ready to go.

Who steals a gift? Granted, thievery is wrong no matter the provenance of the item, but come on now. I wonder for our world.

Yay now I have an excuse to watch the Venture Brothers early this week.

Also, I just wanted to say, you have a wonderful taste in music.

I am waiting with bated breath, both for my Order of the Triad shirt and for seeing you and Doc at Dragon*Con. Go Team Venture!

*cry* thank you for deciding to attend dragon con! i saw doc hammer listed on the website a few weeks ago, but i didnt know you would come too. and thank you so much for not making us wait another full year for season 4. oh, bless you!! i am so pleased!

Please tell me you got Kevin Conroy to sing.

I don't care what anybody says. The episode of Justice League where Wonder Woman was turned into a pig and Batman sang at the end was A. MAZ. ING.

Despite my love for Y the Last Man and Runaways, I'm only recently discovering Ex Machina as well. I've decided to read it as the hardcovers come out. The first volume is pretty spectacular.

Even though this glorious season is soon to end, I look forward to the off-topic commentary on the DVD set.

My sincerest thanks to you and Doc for making TV worth watching.

Thank you for all your hard work, it really is paying off and it's been another fabulous ride.

Season 3 has been epic, sucks that its almost over but I cant wait for the 2 part finale! You guys rock so hard for doing this!!

I'm all tingly for the finale...


Season three has been fantastic, so I can only assume the finale will be even better. Shirt Club was an amazing addition to the funness of this season (you really should do a short featurette on the DVD if theres still time!) Speaking of the DVD, sit closer to the microphone on the commentaries this year!

Dr. GF shirt is amazing. I just got it this morning, and wow, the facial detail is amazing. The picture on astrobasego does not do this shirt justice.

We love you too!

PS: Monarch shirt this or next week I hope!
PPS: Rocked my Rusty Day Camp shirt to the Radiohead concert last Monday. Go Team Rusty!

Re: I'm all tingly for the finale...

Adult Swim has a Monarch t-shirt for sale in their online store, so we won't be doing one in Shirt Club (I swear we were going to make the exact same one before we saw theirs, though!)

Seeya at D*C! I'll be the one chasing you to audition for the live action Dr. Girlfriend role :P

Honey, you got the part in my book.

I'm smart enough to chose a good season 4 later over an immediate one regardless of what it does to you guys. Looking forward to Season 3 DVD.

(Deleted comment)
I love Hank with the foil on his head. :)

How about a push for more episodes during season 5? Or is that asking too much? Pwease? o.o

More episodes would just mean a longer wait between seasons.

I can't wait!!!
Oh, and will there be a Christmas special this year???

No Christmas special this year, sorry.

Patton Oswalt has a huge geek chubby for The Venture Bros.

Out of all of the comedians playing the attorneys on The Root Of All Evil he's my favorite.

as a data point:

i think this is your strongest season so far. it's really fantastic.

I really must agree with Gillan, your plot and character development has truly been something to behold.
I certainly hope that you and Doc and everyone else involved realize just how smart and talented you all are.


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