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I too, just viewed Orb on adultswim.com.

I too, could not stop myself from watching it twice.

This is quite possibly the best episode of Venture Bros. EVER. You guys haven't made me this happy since the season 2 2-part ender. I can't begin to describe the squee I'm feeling here. Could have something to do with intoxication. Anyway - I think it's spectacular that you're finally introducing something that could potentially tie the whole show together and give it a meaningful ending.

I also agree - it's delectable that Rusty (demented, disillusioned, selfish Rusty) is the only one in a long line of Ventures who's managed the right response to Orb.

There's no way the Monarch's not related to the Ventures. That 2 shot of the Monarch and Rusty standing together at the wedding? Holy crap. And J.J.'s line "I guess fratricide runs in the family"? However, I'm going to be a little unorthodox here and say: Please drag this out as long as you can. It is gold. We thrive on our suffering. Something like that is an end-of-show reveal, and I expect no less from you guys.

Now I have to ask:



There's no driver in that car, but who else would keep her ears open for a Brock Samson termination order -- THAT'S HER JOB, DAMMIT!

I'm not saying that the Monarch isn't related to the Ventures (the only thing we know about his parents was that they died, and Malcolm isn't a reliable source for that time of his life in my opinion), but what Jonas Jr. was referring to is how he tried to kill Doc, and then Doc "tried" to kill him (as Brock almost crushed his head).

And Molotov's going to be somewhere in episodes 38 & 39 "The Family that Slays Together, Stays Together". Y'see, I've got inside access to the VB pre-production via Jackson Publick's Livejournal (impressive, I know). And he has occasionally posted pictures from upcoming episodes, and the only two left are one w/ Molotov & one w/ the Lepidopterists (Mr. Doe & Mr. Cardholder).

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