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Adult Swim splash page?

Hey do you guys have any creative input in the splash page for adultswim.com? Every week they do a VB rendering for the new episodes, and I absolutely love them...it's like a different mint waiting for me on my pillow every week, signaling impending coitus. Seriously, they're beautiful little works of art that deserve some form of archiving. Second question - IS there an archive?

Re: Adult Swim splash page?

We have nothing to do with those, no. They're the sole product of adultswim.com's capable and creative art team, and I really like quite a few of them myself. I have no clue if there's an archive of them anywhere, though. You'd be better off asking the adultswim.com message boards...

Re: Adult Swim splash page?

I'm eMailing everyone I possibly can to demand a Dr. Mrs. The Monarch t-shirt (in her new Queen Butterfly outfit).

I am relentless and annoyingly persistent.

And make with the #21/#24 shirt already... you know you'll eventually have to do one.

Re: Adult Swim splash page?

I'm sure that most will agree that the dashing Henchman #1 should be on it as well. :P

Re: Adult Swim splash page?

Haha... good call.

How about #21 and #24 on the front, shoulder to shoulder, arms folded in a typical 'Hero-pose' (perhaps even in silhouette) and a tiny little #1 on the sleeve or on the back just under the neck?

I feel like he should be there, but marginalised... ;)

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