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A Little Update About Shirt Club

Just a few words for you Shirt Club subscribers and enthusiasts, since I've been getting a lot of questions about it here in the comments section...

Though Shirt Club has been running extremely smoothly--especially considering the haste with which we established it and the unbelievable volume of orders we've received--we have experienced some unexpected and unavoidable production delays with some of the shirts, leaving some of you shirtless, baffled and maybe even a little hurt.

For instance, we actually blew out American Apparel's entire nation-wide stock of eggplant ringer tees with our Billy Quizboy T-Shirt. So, while most of those orders shipped, some of you won't receive yours until American Apparel makes more and gets them to us, which we're told will be this week.

The Rusty's Day Camp shirts experienced a slightly different problem: American Apparel shipped us nine boxes of navy t-shirts with white rings instead of our full order of white t-shirts with navy rings. So we had to delay the print job on that shirt, and we'll be starting it next week.

A very small percentage of the Sgt. Hatred t-shirts were printed with misaligned logos, so rather than send crooked designs to people, we're having some of them re-printed.

Lastly, a tiny minority of you loyal Subscribers are still waiting on your Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo bonus shirts. Again, this is because American Apparel didn't have quite enough of them in stock at the time we ordered them.

And so, we humbly apologize to all of you affected by these shortages and delays. We appreciate your patience, we haven't forgotten about you, and we fully intend to honor each and every order just as soon as supplies become available.

Hopefully this post answers most of your questions, but in the future, the best place for you to direct any Shirt Club-related correspondence is vbshirtclub@gmail.com. But please...DO NOT email us at that address unless you're a Shirt Club customer with a legitimate Shirt Club issue! It is not a mailbox for fan mail, complaints about the show, or requests for internships, interviews or answers to your burning questions about Dr. Girlfriend's gender!

...but enough about business...

While you wait for your Shirt Club shirts to arrive (and by the way, you are soooo gonna want this Sunday's offering!), why not while away the hours enjoying our latest episode? The delightful, Doc Hammer-penned "Tears Of A Sea Cow" (formerly "Murder O'Clock"), is already available for online viewing at adultswim.com...

We Love You,


P.S. Some of you out there have found a way, intentional or not, to coax a full subscription order out of PayPal. Don't even try it! Your money will be returned immediately and the order will not be honored! Subscriptions were only available for a limited time for the specific reason that we do not make a habit of over-printing these intentionally ultra-limited-edition t-shirts. So we cannot honor orders for expired shirts because there simply aren't any extras.

P.P.S. Don't be suckered by eBay offers on official Shirt Club shirts. I've seen the same seller hawking ten copies of the same shirt in like four different sizes, and no individual ever ordered that many of any of them. Not saying for sure they're fake, but it's pretty damn likely. And come on...no shirt is worth $75. Okay, maybe that sleeveless New York t-shirt that John Lennon actually wore, but that's about it.

What I want to know is where you keep finding all these appendageless torso people to model your shirt club shirts. ...Or are they all related to Hamilton G. Phantomos?

Sweet, I think I got one of the defects today. My Rusty's Day Camp Shirt is white with black rings and a black logo.

If it actually is an error, I'm keeping it anyways. More rarity for me. :P

My friend, I regret to inform you may be color blind. While the Day Camp shirts did indeed turn out a darker blue (i.e. navy) than the image on the website, none of them were printed in black.


im sorry if this has been answered before, but is there any idea on when the season 3 dvd is going to be released?

ive seen every episode so far but i am dying to watch a few of the episodes again.


Please tell me there will be a CD released with the Ventronic theme tune, it's amazing.

while on the subject, dig the swinging theme that Doe and Cardholder get -- on the fix with a pair of good headphones or what have you -- when they are sitting in Jonas' office.

Go team soundtrack!

ComicCon Video up on AdultSwim

Probably have already seen this, but here's a quick link to Jackson's appearance at ComicCon...


There's a ridiculously funny (and kind of surreal) back-and-forth between #24 and...#24. Really, really funny.

Re: ComicCon Video up on AdultSwim


I am loving this latest season of V.B. My friends and I would love to see an episode dedicated to The Rusty Venture Show featuring the young Rusty,Jonas Sr., and the rest of Team Venture. That would be super hot great!
Please keep up the back stories as it is great to learn more about all of the characters in the V.B. universe. Keep up the good work!

Song you're listening to...

...Nice. I haven't heard it in years.

Greetings, sir. First-time poster, and I'm one of those lame-asses that only signed up for LJ so I could leave you a comment. Super-sorry. :)

Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. I've loved the show since season one. I first saw "Sargasso" but got hooked with "Tag Sale" on a later viewing. I've really been enjoying this season, with Dr. Quymn having taken it's place as my new favorite episode. (Also loved and will USE the expression "It's like being sucked off by an angel.")

Just wanted to throw a question out there. I've noticed your attention to the show's details--almost on the level of "Lost." My question is this... Do you ever feel like the details get a bit TOO deep and people may not know what the hell you're talking about? I mean, those of us who're rabid love it, but a casual viewer may wander into an episode at random and have no idea what the Guild or OSI is all about--I know it's happened to my brother in the past.

Thanks again for your hard work. I hope you manage to work a vacation or two in there somewhere. Also, really like the beard you were sporting at Comic-Con. (And I'm saying that in a completely heterosexual way.)

(Deleted comment)

ORDER of the TRIAD shirts arrived!

Thank you, guys!

My package of shirts (2) for the
ORDER of the TRIAD arrived yesterday!

So AWESOME I can NOT tell you.

If I had to complain about anything (and what is the internet good for if people can't use it to nitpick stuff they love), then I would have wished for the "real" color scheme (the red graphic with yellow "glow") for the shirts, instead of the sedate 2-tone grey.

I know that the 2-tone grey may still be considered ONE color at the printer (percentages of color are STILL that color), so it's more cost effective than two separate colors.
But damn... how cool would the yellow glowy effect have looked over a blood-red graphic?

Anyway, I LOVE 'em and will wear one until it turns to dust.
The other gets locked safely away - either until the day that it is required to step up for duty, or forever kept for posterity.

Depends on how long I live, I guess.



Re: ORDER of the TRIAD shirts arrived!

Actually, that's a full-on 2-color printing job. Black and light gray. There's no white in a black ink, so you'd never get a true gray by using a percentage of black--you'd get a halftone that looks like gray, but of course wouldn't look like anything against an asphalt-colored shirt.

I don't know if anyone has asked you this yet, but what ever happened to rocket impossible? he just kinda disappeared. not that I miss him, but I keep expecting him to pop up.

Re: rocket impossible

Someone asked on the last page. Jackson's reply was, "If you had a baby, would you bring him to a cocktail party? How about a giant robot fight?"

International Viewers!!

Just to start things off I wanna say well done on making one of the greatest shows ever!! Seriously, the show is awesome!

But, unfortunatley, as an international fan of the show, I have to download the latest season from torrent sites just to see it! This sucks, cause I'm not really a fan of the whole piracy thing! So my question to you mr. Publick is will the dvds ever be released in europe? I'd buy the dvds in heartbeat if they were available in region 2 format!!

Again thanks for a great show!

My Dean! shirt arrived yesterday, and I'm still pondering just where the hell I can possibly wear this outside.

Adult Swim splash page?

Hey do you guys have any creative input in the splash page for adultswim.com? Every week they do a VB rendering for the new episodes, and I absolutely love them...it's like a different mint waiting for me on my pillow every week, signaling impending coitus. Seriously, they're beautiful little works of art that deserve some form of archiving. Second question - IS there an archive?

Re: Adult Swim splash page?

We have nothing to do with those, no. They're the sole product of adultswim.com's capable and creative art team, and I really like quite a few of them myself. I have no clue if there's an archive of them anywhere, though. You'd be better off asking the adultswim.com message boards...

Just watched the latest episode on [adultswim]

Jeebus! JEEBUS!

This is insane! It just keeps getting better.

There are depths to Rusty I hadn't imagined possible.

Thank you. Thank you and Doc Hammer for this wonderful series.

The voice acting is superb. The writing is superb. The animation is, well, superb.

No spoilers, but this episode will make a lot of people very happy.

A few errors in new episode ORB...

JP not to nit-pick here BUT I noticed a few errors in the newest episode. Early on when Pete White hits the return button on the computer keyboard he is clearly shown hitting the shift key. And when White falls into Brock's room he looses a shoe and it's the right one that is shown w/out it and when Hank hands it to him it's the left. LOVE THE SHOW BTW!

Yours w/WAAAAY to much time on his hands Ron Bonham!

Re: A few errors in new episode ORB...

Oh boy...

Maaaan... I love fantastic reveals, and this episode did wonders.

So that's the Half Jackal. Finally know what Doc was talking about when he said that Mike Sinterniklaas did the voice.....after spilling water.

Just saw an interview featuring you at ComiCon on adultswim.com

Bro, what's with the beard? You kind of look like the "lite" version of Chuck Norris, nothing wrong with it at all, makes you all the more man like.

I saw a k on Hank Venture when he's digging through the hole... there isn't a code on the show is there?

(Deleted comment)
The riddle solving was neat, with better than average clues and deduction. Of course, now there's a big mystery about who inserted all those clues into the Rusty Venture Show.

I also really liked that there was a generation before Dr. Venture Sr. I wasn't clear on the date, but I got the impression that it was too early to be Jonas' father, so that would mean this lifestyle has been passed down for quite a while.

Seeing different people playing the parts of Team Venture Classic was interesting. That old show is getting more and more intriguing.

What the-- HOLY shhh-- oh, MAN!

I could not be more thrilled with "Orb." Amazing everything. But I particularly loved the vintage film stock look and gorgeous music during the oldey-timey adventurer scenes. When the screen faded from Brock to that battle-ravaged dirigible, it sorta took my breath away.

Similar compliments to the incredibly cool "Rusty Venture" credit sequence.

Thank you. We love you right back.

You...carpetbagger. Stop. I'll give you what for!

And now, to another level!

I asked for a glimpse at the Rusty Venture Show, and one week later ... presto!

This season's DVD will be run back and forth and over and over, much like Billy Quizboy at the beginning of the episode. I had to watch the episode twice tonight just to make sure I didn't miss anything ... and I know I'll find more.

How typical is it of the life you've crafted for Rusty Venture that his youth was the subject of a television series, but much like so many failed child stars in the real world, the adult Rusty has to resort to trading off his "fame" by running a lame day camp instead of profiting from the sale of the DVDs of the series.

And yes, I get a kick out of how the "real-life" young-Rusty adventures depict a much more terrified youngster than the small-nosed Rusty cartoon character that had to be created because the "real thing" lacked that Venture pizzazz.

So now, I speculate that if not this season, then next, we will see the thread of history continue until it's revealed that the Monarch is indeed a Venture brother, too. Hmmmmm?

I too, just viewed Orb on adultswim.com.

I too, could not stop myself from watching it twice.

This is quite possibly the best episode of Venture Bros. EVER. You guys haven't made me this happy since the season 2 2-part ender. I can't begin to describe the squee I'm feeling here. Could have something to do with intoxication. Anyway - I think it's spectacular that you're finally introducing something that could potentially tie the whole show together and give it a meaningful ending.

I also agree - it's delectable that Rusty (demented, disillusioned, selfish Rusty) is the only one in a long line of Ventures who's managed the right response to Orb.

There's no way the Monarch's not related to the Ventures. That 2 shot of the Monarch and Rusty standing together at the wedding? Holy crap. And J.J.'s line "I guess fratricide runs in the family"? However, I'm going to be a little unorthodox here and say: Please drag this out as long as you can. It is gold. We thrive on our suffering. Something like that is an end-of-show reveal, and I expect no less from you guys.

Now I have to ask:



There's no driver in that car, but who else would keep her ears open for a Brock Samson termination order -- THAT'S HER JOB, DAMMIT!

OMG- it's a compliment.

I just watched ORB and I really can't help but wonder if you make this stuff up as you go along or if you have been planning this from the beginning- hence the best part of the show-- you take the once trivial details and explode them into importance. Ever since this season came about I've been watching the last two seasons for clues to what is next. it's like watching an episode of full house expecting uncle joe to be the real father or something, it's insane. the best part of your show is how everything ties together. I can't even wait for season four. godspeed.

OK, I have to ask. Am i supposed to have figured out what Dr. Girlfriend said to the Monarch at the end of season 2? Or is it still a secret?

I've been wondering about that, too...it seemed like the first episode of the season didn't really address it, but I was thinking maybe I just missed it, and I'd find out when the DVD comes out on the commentary or something.


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