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Uuuuhg I dunno if I should wait till Sunday or give in and watch it now!!!

I just missed my first episode ever last week! Hopefully I won't miss another.
You guys gonna be giving interviews at ComicCon? I've been talking with Dawn over at CN/[AS] but she's not responding.
Thought I'd go directly to the source. I'll let you guys pick out most of the questions...

I don't really know what my schedule is going to be at Comicon...but it sounds pretty full. And Doc won't be there at all. Who are you anyway?

I was just wondering, did you have the idea for the shirt club while you were writing season 3 or did you guys just come up with the club after you finished? Any plans for a season 4 club?

And I must say, I've been enjoying season 3 more than anything right now.

I have pondered these same questions as well as of recient!

....Jackson? ;)

I Regret not snagging TGoCI shirt at the very beginning. Nothing has quite struck me as the 'one that got away' so far other than that one :(.

i think the shirt of the month club is the best idea that anyone has had about anything. and season 3 is fantastic.

i'm going to wait until sunday night to watch the episode, because that's the only thing on sundays to look forward to anymore.

The reappearance of G.U.A.R.D.O. and the fact that you actually made the beige "Dean!" shirt has me a little worried that we're going to see the "Oh no it's G.U.A.R.D.O.!" shirt that was mentioned in the Season 2 commentaries.

I'm assuming that same G.U.A.R.D.O scene contained Doc's slip-up on the "no Star Wars reference" rule. Did he really try to deny that one? Because that was way worse than yours.

That is indeed the disputed Star Wars reference. In his defense, he didn't directly quote a Star Wars movie verbatim the way I did. But I'm still calling it a tie, and I'm on your side with this one.

(Deleted comment)
Well if these delays in Shirt Club mean more communications... um... bring 'em on?? (Although it's the hubby who waits for his shirt every week, not me!)

Nice call on the music.
On the commentaries on the last season either you or Doc--might have been Doc--said you would quit smoking. Have you? Either of you?
And if you have, do you have any tips?

P.S. I've loved this season. "Doctor is Sin," "Quymn" (sp?), "What Goes...etc." "Buddy System" too."

Neither of us has quit yet. I half-heartedly tried Chantix about a year and a half ago just to see what effect it would have on me, and I found I smoked a lot less and suffered fewer "cigarette hangovers." I got the distinct impression that, had I committed to quitting at that time, it would have helped immensely. But I also hear people have flipped out on that stuff. I would love to quit now--the addiction part is just really awful and I've been smoking heavily lately--but things are too stressful to try to pull that off right now.

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Fear not, intrepid writer! Your product is astounding and, as always, you have us in your hypnotic grasp. We shall wait patiently for this bounty of quality product. Rain your cottony glory upon us!
No, no, no. We love YOU.

Love, luck, and lollipops,
Miranda K. Selene
(Pirate Queen, Blade Goddess)

I just watched the new episode. I think it may be favorite of the season, so far. It made me laugh more than any other episode. I don't think I will be able to figure out the shirt though. I have been able to guess the shirts up until now. I'm sure i'll love it and have to have it, especially since you seem to think we are going to love it. Thanks again for all the hard work you and Doc put into this amazing show!!

p.s. Current Music: "Girls & Boys" -- Blur -- Love you
p.p.s. "no shirt is worth $75. Okay, maybe that sleeveless New York t-shirt that John Lennon actually wore, but that's about it." -- Love you even more!

The Monarch's activity with GUARDO was truly disturbing. Now I'm not so sure I want to know what made the Monarch hate Rusty. It might be private.

Wow. I just watched the episode on the fix. Doc's an insane genuis.

Oh man! I'm loving these new episodes, especially this one! The plot development is lovely. By the way, are we eventually gonna get H.E.L.P.e.R. panties somewhere?

One reason I didn't become a subscriber was -

No XXXL or XXLT shirts. Not everyone is short. And I still bought 3 of the 7 offered - and I would have bought shirt 1 and 2 in a heartbeat if I knew about them.

I have a relative cool variation of the "Blood Judo" shirt I would like your blessing on.

Re: One reason I didn't become a subscriber was -

what does "short" have to do with it? i'm 5'10" and the mediums do me just fine.

(Deleted comment)
In our defense, we only did a single ink pass on that shirt to keep the design light (I hate t-shirts where the ink is so thick you feel like you're wearing a rubber glove taped to your chest) and we almost tried for an intentionally "distressed" look. But that does sound vaguely faulty, depending on how you washed it and the extent of the damage. Best to contact vbshirtclub@gmail.com if you truly feel you've been gypped.

$75 for t-shirt? Ok, if you think that you NEED to blow that much cash on a t-shirt, then you should come here to WA and buy me drinks! ^_^

really? screwing the robot?

this episode was fantastic. the exchanges between the hencmen and the boys were amazing.

Also, I don't know if you and doc have had the time to watch anything. But Dr. Horrible just updated with the last act and it honestly feels like a live action Venture Bros with song. At least to me, I figure you and Doc might get a kick out of it too. I never remember you two mentioning anything else by Whedon, so maybe you hate him and now, by proxy, hate ME for mentioning him on your blog. Double Damnit.

I noticed they thanked Ben Edlund in the credits for Dr. Horrible, so I'd presume they're at least aware of each other.

Just saw tears of a sea cow on Adultswim.com

Great ep, great work.

Why does The Monarch hate Thadeus so much?

Spoiler Alert, will the monarch be arching his new enemy longer than the "trial period" ?

I just realized, that was the first 100% Urbaniakless episode. I take it that with his living in California, you decided to cut his workload by a little bit.

Not intentionally, no. We just realized this season that after 30 some-odd episodes, not every one of them needs to have every main character in it. And coming up with "something for Doc and Brock to do" in a story that doesn't need to be about them is a much phonier way to write than just going where the story wants to take you.

Oh man, thanks for being so AWESOME! I must have gone through this entire series about eight times by now and STILL am not tired of it because there are always new tiny subtleties to discover and feel gleeful about.

PLEASE include a "HANK!" shirt in the lineup at some point for my sister.

I'm dressing up as Dr. Girlfriend this Halloween and will send you pics when I finish sewing the costume!

I already miss Dr Dewgong :(

I get misty-eyed every time I think of that gentle sea cow.

Not that you would want to invest that much time into it, but if you DO want to protect the Venture Brothers characters from fake merchandise, you can join eBay's VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) program, and once approved, all you have to do is e-mail eBay with a link to an auction for fake merchandise, and they will end it for you.

any news on the ladies xl guild tees? I am getting annoyed with the husband lording his tee over me atm!

T-shirt club was a grand idea, a lot of our friends had no idea about the venture bros and have gone out to buy the dvds to find out what the hell our t-shirts are all about.

Also any idea when season 3 will air in the uk?

last i heared adult swim stopped airing over here so i dont think were gonna see season 3 fo a while.

haHA! No complaints here.

I'm one of those waiting too. I kind of figured with some of the unusual colors you're choosing that there might be stock issues. Thanks for letting us know.

Also, thanks for the warning on the eBay stuff. I know most of the magnets and odd design t-shirts were bootleg, but I assumed the Shirt Club designs were just the work of an enterprising individual. Apparently too enterprising.

Thank you for everything.


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