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Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

I found their disgust a bit odd since those girls seem to be British and here in the U of K we don't routinely mutilate newborn boys' genitals (unless for religious reasons) so 'uncut' is the norm. torgo_x, nobody would point at you and mock you here (well, not for that reason anyway ;) )

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

nobody would point at you [my dong] and mock you here

Dude, I'm totally moving there now.  I already live somewhere with actually worse weather. Glaswegian it is, seriously.

in the U of K we don't routinely mutilate newborn boys' genitals (unless for religious reasons)

Ya know, I didn't want to say "mutilation", because I think most US people think that making a big deal of it is to dwell on a cringe-inducing topic. "Hey, on the topic of your soon-to-be-born son's tiny genitals... [blah blah blah]... infection! And that's why I am thankful/resentful to my parents about my being circumcised/not!! Hey, have we been introduced? My name is SEAN!"

But incidentally, if the topic came up, my tiebreaker is "If it's such a good idea, how come Asia and Europe and mostly Canada don't do it?  It's not like 'oh, Canadians and Swedes, they're filthy filthy people' or something."
Or I nonchalantly mention how a friend of mine's son had a "botched circumcision" and within about twenty seconds of details ("and they ended up having to stitch thru the..."), people are turning white as a sheet, and then I can do "...for life. And aaaaaactualleh, that's more common than you'd think. We did a thing about it in stats class as the very model of shady statistics: Underreporting or mixed reporting because of inconsistent followup, and doctors and malpractice insurance, and whatnot, all a big hubbub. And where's the other bottle, I want to try some of that beaujolais", while people are tinting from white to green.

And thus and thence:


But anyway, we're nattering on about dongs, IN THE LIVEJOURNAL OF A CARTOONIST. Albeit one whose show is about dongs, a lot, and whose name is about jacking it in public.

Let's go get stoned and watch some more cartoons.

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

I think it's just because the word "smegma" inspires terrible thoughts.

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