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Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

Actually, ya know, if I go to the doctor and ask to have a good piece of my dong sliced off, he will ask why– and it would actually, literally, absolutely be worth it just to see the expression on his face when I say "because of, you know, the cartoon people."

Okay, I've totally gotta go do it now.

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

"It's a Doberman. Let it have its ears!"

But seriously, Nancy and Drew stuff their bras. They wouldn't know what's "ew" and what's totally unproblematic when it comes to... "dongs." That and the "ew" about epilepsy were my favorite lines that episode (with the exception of "Go Team... Boobies"), so I welcome their lack of sensitivity.

The fine people at the Republic of Venture were wondering whether the boys hadn't been circumcised after being recently cloned, since in "Are You There God," Dr. V tells Hank not to brag about his circumcision.

Look at us, questioning penis continuity...

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

Well, okay, this one's for the PRoVs...as we all must realize, the Hank of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean" was a different Hank body than the one presently running around being Hank. Somehow during the life of that particular Hank, he managed to get himself circumcised, through means never explained. Let's assume now that all fresh clones would emerge from their gooey tanks au natural and uncircumcised, just as a newborn babe would, since you could no more clone a cosmetic surgical procedure than you could a haircut. So, until "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman" you had two uncut Venture boys running around. I like to think that, through some twist of fate, Hanks throughout time just seem to have a habit of getting into predicaments which leave them circumcised. And then they like to brag about it.

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

cool, i also wondered if this was maybe supposed to be an older adventure, from before the season one episodes, where the circumcision that Hank should "stop bragging to his brother about" occured. It's equally as funny that Hank just has a knack for winning the circumcision lottery.

Some other things that made me wonder about this adventure's place on the timeline was Dean never mentioning Trianna when snubbing Hank's excitement about the twins -- but i've come to accept that what we see in an episode is not meant to show
every single thing that necesarily happened.

Also, i don't remember the exact conversation between Doc and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in "Home is Where the Hate is," but based on Doc's nineteen year comment before his lovemaking session to Dr. Quymn, is it safe to say that he's accepted nothing happened that night with 'Charlene?'

happy to be mulling this stuff over, such a great show.

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

Sure, not everything we see onscreen is necessarily everything that happened...that 22 minute episode spans a couple of days, after all.

And Dean was a little too busy to be worrying about Triana specifically, though it's conceivable that the thought of her was at least one of the twenty or so horrible thoughts going through his head while he was being accosted by the girls.

And yes...it is extremely safe to say that nothing happened between Doc and "Charlene." We thought that was clear (to the audience) in the original episode in which nothing happened between them, way back in season one, even if it wasn't clear to Dr. Venture or, at the time, The Monarch. Doc (Hammer) and I never fail to be surprised, confused, amazed (and occasionally annoyed) by all the message board speculation surrounding that moment. Give Dr. Girlfriend a little more credit...she's so out of Dr. Venture's league!

Re: Nancy and Drew go "ew"

I never thought anything went on after she injected him with metamorphosizing stuff. I've always thought that was made clear.

I was only referring to Dr. Venture's perception of something happening or not. In "Home is Where the Hate is" it seemed that he was coming around to the idea of it being nothing, and then in "Dr. Quymn" his comments suggest that he went ahead and erased that bit of action from the realm of actualy happening.

So, yeah. Clearly i'm very hung up on what a fictional cartoon character believes really happened in a cartoon about things that don't really happen. quitely walking away...

On The Continuity and Conservation of Dongs

Lucille from "Arrested Development" winking

Re: On The Continuity and Conservation of Dongs

I wonder how I can talk you out of ever making that face again.

Re: On The Continuity and Conservation of Dongs

ANNYONG 안녕 bear

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