Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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I'm curious... was there a lot more to this week's episode? I am aware that you probably cut a lot out of each individual script, but What Goes Down seems like the script was three or four times as long.

Also, what were the Wee-Wee Rollers from The Buddy System? Unexplained logo!

I'm sure there must have been about ten more pages of that script when I started (as usual) but the only major thing I remember cutting was a scene in which Orpheus actually visited his Master, who indirectly (as usual) advised him to seek out White's help.

And I have no idea what a Wee-Wee Roller is. You'll have to ask Doc that one. I imagine it's some sort of boys' tumbling or Big Wheel team or something.

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