Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Great episode. I can see why you wanted to have the second non-main-cast episode later, but this worked out. And hey, plenty of Brock, so it had more of the main cast than the season opener.

Now for the spoilery comments:

I'm going to take this episode as further proof that Myra is the boys' Mom. I probably shouldn't doubt it at all, but Brock and Rusty did deny it at the end of "I Know why the Caged Bird Kills."

I love that at the beginning Pete seems like he's not really Billy's friend, he's just been spying on the little guy all these years. Then at the end we learn that Pete really does care, he's just the kind of jerk who will knock his friend unconscious for convenience.

Something about HELPeR holding the boys as babies is really adorable. They're freaky looking babies, but HELPeR is weirdly maternal for an expressionless robot.

I noticed that the new opening doesn't have any villains at all in the background, unlike the old one. Are we going to see the Monarch oriented opening again? There's something neat about shows that don't do the same opening every week.

Oh, and another (spoilery) question. Did you guys always have an inkling of the quiz show origin in mind for Billy? "Quizboy" is such a strange thing for Billy to call himself, yet this episode made it make perfect sense.

Given the Quizboy name, we definitely always knew he was a former quiz champion, yeah.

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