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The Invisible Hand of Fate

For those of you peak-at-your-Christmas-presents types out there, this week's episode of The Venture Bros. is already viewable online over at the Adult Swim Fix .

I won't spoil it or anything for those of you who'd rather wait until it's on TV Sunday night, but "The Invisible Hand of Fate" was the first episode to be written and produced for season 3, mainly because I originally planned to write it as the penultimate episode of season 2...before the finale got away from us and turned into a two-parter. Given some of the secret histories revealed within, you can well imagine why I would have wanted to shed some light on these particular characters before launching into the finale story. But it was worth the wait, I think.

For the record, I wouldn't have aired this one third in an ideal world, but production deadlines forced our invisible hand. While I'm quite proud of the episode, I worry that throwing another secondary character/flashback-heavy episode at you guys so soon after our Monarch-centric premiere could be a bit confusing--or, worse yet, kind of disappointing--and the episode mightn't get judged fairly on its own merits. But whatever...hopefully you're all into it. And if you're not, there's always next week's episode, "Home Is Where The Hate Is," which is a super-hot Doc & Jackson joint script (and, for no particular reason, probably the most beautifully animated episode of The Venture Bros. ever) and would have aired third if not for the fact that we're still mixing it!

Shirt Club Update:

The Guild of Calamitous Intent shirts and Super-Bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo Subscribers-Only shirts will begin shipping next week. For those of you who ordered and are getting antsy wondering where your shirts are, they're being lovingly crafted at the printer's as I write this, and those overworked folks will be jumping onto the Killinger shirts shortly thereafter. Please allow this LJ post to serve in the place of some mass email--this Shirt Club thing has blown up in a way we never expected, but we will get everyone their shirts as quickly as possible. Our website did warn that they could take 3-5 weeks for delivery, but we plan to stick closer to the 3 than the 5.

One caveat for you 2XL subscribers only: some of you will be getting your super-bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo shirts a little later than others, because we apparently cleaned American Apparel out of all their 2XL white/red ringer tees. But they're making more, and we'll get them to you as soon as possible. Your Guild shirts are right on schedule, though.

I won't spoil the surprise of this coming Sunday's shirt for you, but... those of you who've been craving a little color in your life after two weeks of plain black tees? You're going to get your wish.

And just a friendly reminder to you week-to-week Shirt Club enthusiasts: Orders for each weekly shirt officially close at 11:59pm (EST) Saturday nights!

And speaking of t-shirts... the Adult Swim Store is selling their own Venture Industries logo shirt , which I thoroughly endorse, and which Shirt Club won't be offering our own version of. So if our shirts don't float your sartorial boat, please check out theirs.

Okay, enough of this...I gotta go Hulk. I mean "write."

We Love You,


I haven't watched the new episode yet, but I finally broke down and bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD today. Best 53 dollars and 60 cents I ever spent! The live-action interviews and tour of the Astrobase were enough to make it totally worth it. I also watched the pilot for the first time and was amazed at how far the show has come since then. It seemed like you did at least half the voices, but some of the ones I thought were you were listed under Peter McCulloch. Do you have a brother who sounds exactly like you or something?

Back to the Future References?

Great episode as usual. One nagging question though: Was Billy falling off the toilet, having an epiphany, and also the billboard behind which billy and pete's trailer sit both references to back to the future? That billboard looks awfully familiar.

Re: Back to the Future References?

Not conscious references, no...but I can see where you'd think so. And here I thought I was only ripping off the ending to Romeo Is Bleeding! The billboard is based on a very famous post-war billboard, though.

(Deleted comment)
The episodes just keep getting better- you people are awesome.

Furthermore, I for one haven't watched this show or any other on adultswim for a good 18 months now, that websites just way too frickin' convenient/ADHD friendly.

You just saved me an email, my good man. Good to hear my mailman isn't stealing my shirts.

Haven't seen it yet. Will tomorrow when I have time to kill before work. But two words to sum up my mood:


Why can't people outside the USA view videos on the Adult Swim website?

It makes me sad:(

It's only episode three, and already season 3 is all I could have ever hoped for.

It really sucks being an overseas fan (England) and having to wait to see them (but thankfully the internet does great Avi rips on torrent. Last weeks was amazing, especially the cereal scene. I hope you do more dream style stuff) and i will be watching this episode on Monday hopefully. Also my friend is making a Henchmen plushie for me which i will show you. Looks amazing so far, no legs but soon to be finished.

Also don't worry, i've personally wanted to know about Billy ever since the episode Victor Echo November. "That weird midget who won a bunch of money on Card sharks"

Can I watch LAST weeks episode online? My TIVO didn't tape it :(((

All the season 03 episodes are still available on the [as] website, yes.

I wish I had understood more about the shirt club when it started. I would have loved and cherished a Guild shirt. :/

"I worry that throwing another secondary character/flashback-heavy episode at you guys so soon after our Monarch-centric premiere could be a bit confusing--or, worse yet, kind of disappointing--and the episode mightn't get judged fairly on its own merits."

That can never be a concern in anything that has Village People G.I. Joe.

Besides, all the cameos wee awesome and now we know the real connection between Billy and Phantom Limb.

Personally, I'm loving the back story episodes. I wouldn't mind seeing one with Orpheus and Trina's mom right before the divorce.

"Home is where the Hate is"

Is that an explicit Gil-Scott Heron reference, or just a coincidence?

Great episode. I can see why you wanted to have the second non-main-cast episode later, but this worked out. And hey, plenty of Brock, so it had more of the main cast than the season opener.

Now for the spoilery comments:

I'm going to take this episode as further proof that Myra is the boys' Mom. I probably shouldn't doubt it at all, but Brock and Rusty did deny it at the end of "I Know why the Caged Bird Kills."

I love that at the beginning Pete seems like he's not really Billy's friend, he's just been spying on the little guy all these years. Then at the end we learn that Pete really does care, he's just the kind of jerk who will knock his friend unconscious for convenience.

Something about HELPeR holding the boys as babies is really adorable. They're freaky looking babies, but HELPeR is weirdly maternal for an expressionless robot.

I noticed that the new opening doesn't have any villains at all in the background, unlike the old one. Are we going to see the Monarch oriented opening again? There's something neat about shows that don't do the same opening every week.

Oh, and another (spoilery) question. Did you guys always have an inkling of the quiz show origin in mind for Billy? "Quizboy" is such a strange thing for Billy to call himself, yet this episode made it make perfect sense.

I love White's weapon of choice.

It was a beautifully crafted episode.
I'm glad the revelations didn't come to light during season 2. The speculation by other characters was made even funnier by going completely unanswered at that time.
I definitely see what you mean in regards to its placement so close to another expository episode, but as a stand-alone, it was terrific.

Another fantastic episode. Loved everything about it, especially seeing more of Myra! I really hope she's the boys' mom; they could do a lot worse. I love her.

Extra conspiracy points for Bilderberg Group reference. :D

My closed-captioning said "Build-A-Bear Group"!

Just watched it on [adult swim].com, will watch it Sunday and buy it, as I have the first two, from iTunes. Already bought the DVD sets.

If I could afford the t-shirts, I'd buy them, too.

As I am NOT a Nielson "family", money is the only way I can demonstrate to the powers that be my support for you, Doc, the rest of Astrobase Go in the only way that really gets noticed: Money.

That said, I am loving Season three. The backstory episodes are just fine with me, I love knowing more about the characters.

I hope we'll see more of 'Conjectural Technologies' and exactly what it is Pete and Billy actually DO.

Thanks for one of the best series on TV. I can't think of another cartoon series that not only holds up to repeated viewings, but actually improves with repeated viewings, especially as each season adds to the previous one by revealing new information and aspects of the characters.

And, if I might suggest?

I know it's a pain in the ass, but more and varied merchandise, please!

Guild and Venture Industries stickers and maybe embroidered logos would be great, as would the "Guild Handbook" notebook that Doc mentioned on his Deviant Art site a while back.

Also, and I can't begin to imagine the hell you'd have to go through to get the rights and permissions cleared, releasing hires (600 DPI or greater) color GIFs or Illustrator files of the diverse logo and character graphics would be very cool for those of us who would like to make our own gear for our own use, I.E., a Cafe Press one shot of the Guild Handbook for example.

Again, thanks. Venture Bros. is always a highlight of the week for me.

You, sirs, have been men after my heart since season 01. Every season new season has been better than the last.

This episode was beautiful and funny and sad and poignant. I really have no other words to express my love for it, just know that this fluttering in my chest (that I've had since hearing that this episode was coming up this week) has yet to go away and that there's always a single tear falling down my cheek every time I watch the ending.

This episode answered a lot of questions, but at the same time left several new ones (especially in regards to Billy and Peter). Please, please tell me that these too will be covered. Please.

I have to agree that it is a bit jarring to see another flashback-heavy episode so soon after the premiere, but the story structure is amazing. So many questions have been answered and more have been presented. On a sidenote, I love how much of Col. Gathers' undercover work involves dressing in drag, it's those little in-character touches that make VB one of the best shows on TV.

On a fangirl note, though, I'm continually surprised by how attractively the VB men have been drawn this season, especially Dr. Fantomas. Did you always have an idea of what they would look like pre-costumed aggression?

I agree completely! Fantomas looked quite dashing in his professorial days, and I also enjoyed seeing The Monarch sans cowl in Shadowman 9. Great re-designs on all of the characters' younger versions.

I just caught up with episode two...holy shit that was great. The whole "father complex" thing was so fucking funny. I think I need to watch it again tonight.

That changes everything!

I wouldn't worry about having another flashback heavy episode this early. That was my favorite episode so far this season.

Also, I wanted to say I really like the changes in the opening credits. Just because.

Oh my god I can't wait. <3 <3 <3 <3

It's called "Venture Bros."

But despite the title, I don't think anyone minds you guys taking the time to flesh out the other characters. I know some of my personal favourites seem to focus on the larger group in general. I like seeing the original Team Venture, Super Villians, White and Quizboy and J.J.'s Team Venture getting face time. You have so many wonderful characters that you can take time away from the main cast to let us in on the wonderful world that is Venture.

That being said... now that you guys are getting all comfy with production and are signed for Season 4 already, what are the odds of us getting a spin off of some sort? :)

(Deleted comment)
"V.B. S^3"

gotta love the nuance. you guys are magical


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