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The Invisible Hand of Fate

For those of you peak-at-your-Christmas-presents types out there, this week's episode of The Venture Bros. is already viewable online over at the Adult Swim Fix .

I won't spoil it or anything for those of you who'd rather wait until it's on TV Sunday night, but "The Invisible Hand of Fate" was the first episode to be written and produced for season 3, mainly because I originally planned to write it as the penultimate episode of season 2...before the finale got away from us and turned into a two-parter. Given some of the secret histories revealed within, you can well imagine why I would have wanted to shed some light on these particular characters before launching into the finale story. But it was worth the wait, I think.

For the record, I wouldn't have aired this one third in an ideal world, but production deadlines forced our invisible hand. While I'm quite proud of the episode, I worry that throwing another secondary character/flashback-heavy episode at you guys so soon after our Monarch-centric premiere could be a bit confusing--or, worse yet, kind of disappointing--and the episode mightn't get judged fairly on its own merits. But whatever...hopefully you're all into it. And if you're not, there's always next week's episode, "Home Is Where The Hate Is," which is a super-hot Doc & Jackson joint script (and, for no particular reason, probably the most beautifully animated episode of The Venture Bros. ever) and would have aired third if not for the fact that we're still mixing it!

Shirt Club Update:

The Guild of Calamitous Intent shirts and Super-Bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo Subscribers-Only shirts will begin shipping next week. For those of you who ordered and are getting antsy wondering where your shirts are, they're being lovingly crafted at the printer's as I write this, and those overworked folks will be jumping onto the Killinger shirts shortly thereafter. Please allow this LJ post to serve in the place of some mass email--this Shirt Club thing has blown up in a way we never expected, but we will get everyone their shirts as quickly as possible. Our website did warn that they could take 3-5 weeks for delivery, but we plan to stick closer to the 3 than the 5.

One caveat for you 2XL subscribers only: some of you will be getting your super-bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo shirts a little later than others, because we apparently cleaned American Apparel out of all their 2XL white/red ringer tees. But they're making more, and we'll get them to you as soon as possible. Your Guild shirts are right on schedule, though.

I won't spoil the surprise of this coming Sunday's shirt for you, but... those of you who've been craving a little color in your life after two weeks of plain black tees? You're going to get your wish.

And just a friendly reminder to you week-to-week Shirt Club enthusiasts: Orders for each weekly shirt officially close at 11:59pm (EST) Saturday nights!

And speaking of t-shirts... the Adult Swim Store is selling their own Venture Industries logo shirt , which I thoroughly endorse, and which Shirt Club won't be offering our own version of. So if our shirts don't float your sartorial boat, please check out theirs.

Okay, enough of this...I gotta go Hulk. I mean "write."

We Love You,



The one thing after watching last weeks ep over and over again, did the multi-limbed villain Brock chased around have a name? Because if he did, I'm sure it was amazingly amusing.

Re: Super-Random-Question!

No official name, but privately I've been calling him "Sri Lankan Devil Bird."

I'm up for some hot Doc/Jackson script writing action. We shall movie together tonight, my friend, I'm seeing The Happening.

I love all the different character tie-ins. This episode is like a present to those of us who really know the series backwards and forwards now. :)

I'm sure the shirt this week will be awesome. I dream of a shirt featuring The Nozzle.

I have not seen this weeks episode yet. I say yet because i will probably cave and watch it online (and will definitely watch Sunday of course.) I just wanted to comment on your music choice again. Last week it was Elliott Smith and this week its John Lennon. You sir are a man after my own musical heart!

Well, thank you. But I must confess, I let iTunes run on "shuffle" mode while I type, and whatever song is playing when I'm about to hit the "Post to Journal" button is the one that I write in the little box at the bottom. Despite the randomness of this, many of them have turned out to be hysterically thematically appropriate.

I think the new episode has generated a broader reaction of emotions in me than any other in the run of the series (though last week's climax unveil of the supervillain bit left me pleasantly shocked).

Howver, the implied infiltration of OSI at the end of the episode is a pretty serious implication. I certainly hope this leads somewhere larger later in the season...

quick comment about shirts...

Even though the Adult Swim Store has their own Venture Industries logoed shirt, it only comes in small and large. So please don't rule out that as a shirt possibility for the future (but maybe make it cooler!)

Waiting for my... I mean my hubbys t-shirts in the mail (I guess it will have to be a belated father's day present)!

I love you guys so much. Thanks for news on the shirts, cuz I was one of those people starting to get kinda antsy heh. The newest episode is freakin' awesome, and all I can say is....squeeeeee baby boys!!! ^________^ Of course there were so many other things awesome with it but, that's the first thing that comes to my mind...which I guess is kinda sad since they were there for like, half a second lol. Anyway, love the season so far and you all rock! :D


Because I don't like waiting for until Sunday night at whatever time to get my Venture Brothers fix, I just finished watching the new episode. I can see you why you guys wanted to get it out there before the previous season finale, I had wondered when you were going to reveal the origins of Billy and Phantom Limb that you'd sort of alluded to previously, I recall. That said, as I remember shit like that, I am quite the fan of mythology episodes such as this one, although I thought the one with the Monarch was better.

(Deleted comment)
Nope. That was J.G. Thirlwell singing his own OSI tune. I really really wanted to sing it (well, okay...my first choice would have been Shirley Bassey) but it didn't work out that way.

(Deleted comment)

Loved the foreshadowing...

...With Hunter's "I wish I'd been born with-!" and choice of 'disguise'. (Again.)

The G.I.Joe as-it-should-have-been part rocked very hard. (Imagine what the parent action groups would have done to Hasbro if the cartoon really had Joe and Cobra shooting hell out of one-another!)

I don't care what the HAL-9000 like voice said, if I were Billy I would have tried like crazy to keep the furniture between me and anything called "The Nozzle".

(Deleted comment)
so, this seems to be the season where all the mysteries are solved?

I don't mind the episodes that focus on 'secondary' characters, their stories are just as interesting to me as the ventures' stories

If that orange haired OSI agent was who I think it was and the title of the next episode means what I think it means I'd say the order of the episodes is working out fine. And this episode was great. A FAR stronger flashback episode than the premier, which itself was confusing and (I'm sorry) disappointing. It worried me but the episodes last two episodes are absolutely amazing. The comment you made earlier about CG has me a bit worried though.

It makes me sad that the videos on the Adult Swim website don't work outside of the States. Still, I'll be patient and wait to see the episode. Very excited, though!

Just as I'm excited for the shirts - thank you for the update about those. :) Nice to know what the deal is, because I've been curious! I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am for this shirt club. Especially since I have a sneaking suspicion that about a bunch of my friends either are members or will buy the shirts they like most, week-to-week, so then we'll all match. We'll match! How cool?

"Do not move while THE NOZZLE calibrates."

My GF and I were tollilng at that.

For an hour afterwords, we would randomly say "......THE NOZZZLE...."


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