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The Invisible Hand of Fate

For those of you peak-at-your-Christmas-presents types out there, this week's episode of The Venture Bros. is already viewable online over at the Adult Swim Fix .

I won't spoil it or anything for those of you who'd rather wait until it's on TV Sunday night, but "The Invisible Hand of Fate" was the first episode to be written and produced for season 3, mainly because I originally planned to write it as the penultimate episode of season 2...before the finale got away from us and turned into a two-parter. Given some of the secret histories revealed within, you can well imagine why I would have wanted to shed some light on these particular characters before launching into the finale story. But it was worth the wait, I think.

For the record, I wouldn't have aired this one third in an ideal world, but production deadlines forced our invisible hand. While I'm quite proud of the episode, I worry that throwing another secondary character/flashback-heavy episode at you guys so soon after our Monarch-centric premiere could be a bit confusing--or, worse yet, kind of disappointing--and the episode mightn't get judged fairly on its own merits. But whatever...hopefully you're all into it. And if you're not, there's always next week's episode, "Home Is Where The Hate Is," which is a super-hot Doc & Jackson joint script (and, for no particular reason, probably the most beautifully animated episode of The Venture Bros. ever) and would have aired third if not for the fact that we're still mixing it!

Shirt Club Update:

The Guild of Calamitous Intent shirts and Super-Bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo Subscribers-Only shirts will begin shipping next week. For those of you who ordered and are getting antsy wondering where your shirts are, they're being lovingly crafted at the printer's as I write this, and those overworked folks will be jumping onto the Killinger shirts shortly thereafter. Please allow this LJ post to serve in the place of some mass email--this Shirt Club thing has blown up in a way we never expected, but we will get everyone their shirts as quickly as possible. Our website did warn that they could take 3-5 weeks for delivery, but we plan to stick closer to the 3 than the 5.

One caveat for you 2XL subscribers only: some of you will be getting your super-bonus Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo shirts a little later than others, because we apparently cleaned American Apparel out of all their 2XL white/red ringer tees. But they're making more, and we'll get them to you as soon as possible. Your Guild shirts are right on schedule, though.

I won't spoil the surprise of this coming Sunday's shirt for you, but... those of you who've been craving a little color in your life after two weeks of plain black tees? You're going to get your wish.

And just a friendly reminder to you week-to-week Shirt Club enthusiasts: Orders for each weekly shirt officially close at 11:59pm (EST) Saturday nights!

And speaking of t-shirts... the Adult Swim Store is selling their own Venture Industries logo shirt , which I thoroughly endorse, and which Shirt Club won't be offering our own version of. So if our shirts don't float your sartorial boat, please check out theirs.

Okay, enough of this...I gotta go Hulk. I mean "write."

We Love You,


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Loved the episode! Funny and sad, great backstories, cameos and more--makes me a very happy fan!

Hey, I adore Billy, so I'm completely fine with this! Thanks for an awesome show to look forward to.

is there anyway to get ahold of past t shirts?

I found out about it a little late and I think I'd kill someone for the guild of CI shirt.

seriously, I'll suck yo dick.

I'll take sloppy seconds

I found the site on week 2.

I'll pay extra for a guild of CI shirt.

I'm really enjoying the new season so far. Keep up the great work!

This week's episode was fantastic. I hope you guys do more Billy and Peter White episodes.

It could just be me, but I found this episode particularly jarring to the way I had understood the timeline, particularly after The Doctor is Sin.

Killinger wanted Brock to pay two years of back rent, which I took to mean that Brock had only been staying there for that long, since, you know, that is what rent is. But with this, has he actually been there a full... what, eighteen? Nineteen years?

I always thought he made it through the end of the Cold War out in the field :(

Anyone know rent laws? XD It could be that you are only allowed to ask for up to 2 years back rent or something like that. Would check but I need a nap...

For me, this was both the funniest episode of the season so far and the most depressing VB ever. It's one thing to follow the lifetime of failure in the Monarch and Dr. Venture, but Billy... god, poor li'l guy. I look forward to seeing where Billy and White go from here.

This episode was so wonderful, my love for Pete and Billy has grown tenfold. I'm glad you shared that information about why this is airing third. I was beginning to wonder if this season was going to be all backstory.

Next week is going to be even prettier? The first three episodes have looked so amazing, the artists must be working their asses off.

The artists did indeed work their asses off this season. I'm not sure why "Home Is Where The Hate Is" is so damn pretty...some magical alchemy of really attractive background paintings from us and some outstanding character animation from the overseas studio, who even surprised us with an impressive little CG element for one scene.

patience is a virtue, especially when the reward is so worth receiving.

I am excited about this episode, the tv spots make it seem really worth while.

You guys haven't disappointed in two seasons, that's a pretty good run.

All-around great news!

oh man...I think Ill wait til Sunday though reading the comments from the ppl who've watched is aggravating my want-to-be-spoiled button...must resist...

This season has been great so far, very worth the wait, you guys are doing awesome!

Long-time fan, first-time commenter

This was a killer-good episode. I have enjoyed all three, no doubt--backstory floats my boat, plus more Jonny Quest references! Yessss!!--but this episode really seemed to be right on as far as the theme of the series. EVERYONE in it fails.

Also: the babies in HELPeR's arms looked *hilariously* malformed. Or maybe I just don't know what babies look like.

I don't know what I'm saying. This show is amazing. That will be all.

I just finished watching the third episode, and absolutely LOVED it.

I also have a crush on White now, thanks.

If your answer is yes, then say nothng...

I have a feeling Prof. Soriyama (sp?) has a bigger role to play in future flashback episodes, am I correct?

That's bloody good soup!

That was one of the best episodes of not only the Venture Bros., but of any show I've ever followed on a continual basis. To those who remember the unfilled gaps in the Venture Bros. timeline, this episode is the ultimate pay-off. It was so well-written and heartfelt, and it touched all the right notes. I honestly got really chocked up at the end and almost cried. Seriously.

You and Doc really know how to craft episodes and make perfectly flawed characters that make you care about them and want to see them week after week, if not day after day. Thank you for creating and working on this show.

I know it's worth the wait, which is why I'm waiting to watch it on TV, but part of me still wants to take a sneak peak at the ol' internetz version of the new episode. I won't, though, because if ebay's taught me anything in life -- and it's taught me so so much -- it's that patience is a virtue.

Looking forward to the new shirt, but I've got to say, there's nothing wrong with black T-shirts. Hey, it's like using all the colors. At once. And that's efficient! Or something.

So far the best episode of the season.

I enjoyed one little freeze-frame bit, the VB Season 3 gag on the chalkboard. who came up with that?

I for one apologize for my antsy email inquiry.

The new episode completely floored me. It was fantastic, one of my favorites by far! It's such a relief to know that the third season is going to be killer.

Congrat's and great writing!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Also hopefully OSI gets another episode. That was the best part of that episode. And yet so much ground needs to be covered too. More foes for the OSI (Cobra Commander) Stuff like that.

And, trying not to give too much away, the Race Bannon scene is incredible.

I couldn't wait. I watched it. But I'm claiming that being an [as] H.E.L.P.eR. and preventing spoilers is my lame excuse for doing it. I loved every minute and was more than happy to see some of my favorite characters in action.

Quick question, I just gotta know if "Fantomas" is it a tip of the hat to Allain & Souvestre's character?

It absolutely is--finally we reference someone in the public domain!

I am by no means disapponted with the flow of this season. I am totally digging the flashback episodes! I feel this one was MINDBLOWING because so much cool stuff was happening.

I know that wasn't very poetic, but it was from the heart ^_^

P.S. 8TH GRADE HAIRCUT, gentlemen. But keep it coming


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