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I love you guys, and even though I watched the episode originally on Friday, I had to rewatch it tonight thats how good it was! Keep up the good work my friends!!

Somewhat embarrassingly...I've seen this episode at least three times, and I've also ruined the best two-three lines for my best friend and my little brother. In any other circumstance I would think I was evil, but this show is so good that it doesn't matter--the context does so much, and it's still so funny on the third watch. Probably on the fourth, too.

Really quality episode, and I just wanted to say how big a fan I am.

Great episode once again! I personally have no problem if you guys make dozens of Star Wars references each season because they're still funny as hell. But now I'm curious, will the Bowie references be reduced this season as well?

I say, the more Bowie the better.

I don't care man, I always dig the Star Wars references.

Great as usual, keep it up!

word publick!

this is probably my favorite episode of the venture series. i love kissinger and he was a RIOT in this episode! great great great!!!

i just wish the t-shirt of the week was kissinger's mask on black. that'd be aweesome.

As if I didn't adore you enough already, you're playing one of my favourite Love & Rockets songs. ♥

Another awesome episode, and I'm glad to hear the shirt club is doing so well. I know I got my order in!

I for one was very happy to have Dr. Killinger back. He's just too perfect.

And the Thad Jr. ipod ad was a nice little hoot of a joke as well.

Thanks for being back, and I wouldn't worry about that Family Guy lead in too much. You guys' show is 100% more fun to watch.

(Deleted comment)
Killinger is great. For some reason I found it deeply satisfying to see the Magic Murder Bag finally murder someone.

Also, Killinger's appearance last season makes more sense now. At the time it seemed weird that he would be helping both the villains and the heroes (well, they're technically heroes). Now it seems like that was all part of a greater plan.

Part of me kinda wanted to see Doc actually sign the papers and give villainy a try for a season. He could go back to being a super scientist after he failed at the villainy. I know it would never happen, but I'm always the guy who wants to see a show do something completely crazy and redefine everything. The few times it has actually happened haven't have been bad enough to show why most writers don't do that.

It occurs to me that despite the main cast's lives being exceedingly stable, there actually is a lot of change in Monarch and crew. They're pretty much becoming a b-cast that has a continuing storyline. Did you guys ever think that would happen when you started the show, or did these character just get more and more interesting as you went along?

We had no idea The Monarch would keep coming back so much when we started, no...and even less of an idea that Dr. Girlfriend would develop and the henchmen would get personalities...or that Moppets would happen. I think by the end of season 1 we pretty much saw them as co-main cast members, though.

I wanna see the 8th grade haircut!

Seriously though, I love the way the season is progressing. We take the time to see the aftermath of The Monarch/Dr Girlfriend wedding...although I will point out like so many of my fellow rabid fans that we STILL don't know what Dr Girlfriend said to The Monarch! You keep us dangling...DANGLING!

The whole idea of Rusty ALMOST becoming...well...can't say it because it hasn't technically aired on the west coast yet...but you know what I mean. That was so COOL! Our dear Doctor Killinger has just become more interesting, Rusty's past and neurosys, the Alchemsit's new hair style...you've got me hanging and I love it.

Great writing as always! WE LOVE YOU TOO!

OH! And I'm curious to know how difficult it was to get the Dr Venture Sr Killinger Penis bit passed the censors. You guys never cease to amaze me!

to sum it up: UNF UNF HRNNGHF.

Y-you just based an entire episode around the best, most hottest-est character in the series besides Orpheus...

You and the staff are as gods among men, and can do no wrong.

Just to, y'know, give you the FYI.

I agree, this script was excellent.

Being told that there would be no Star Wars references made this one kinda special, you know? It seemed both surprising and yet... unavoidable.

Caught that SW reference!!!

I'll keep this quick - I've been diagnosed with carpel tunnel; bad for typing.

Loved the premiere, and I loved tonight's episode. I guessed it was your's within the first minute. It's fun to know the difference between you and Doc's styles.

Congrats on a successful premiere and shirt subs.
much love,

(Deleted comment)
I had no idea that Astrobase was in NYC.

We're neighbours!

"Or, in this case, a day to get our shit together."

Surely you mean to get your shirt together.

And boy do we love you. Great episode. Great-tastic even or fanta-rific. If only I could have laughed more loudly, but the roommate was a'sleeping.

And I will have you know that my heart sang at hearing which episode is coming next. It may very well be the first and only one I will resort to watching early on the website. I love those nimrods that much.

This was a spectacular episode, really well done. The story was great. It's so good to see Triana and Dr. O. I just love how everyone was pitching in to impress the big G-man.

Why the rush to get Season 4 in production? (I'm assuming it's AS who is rushing, not you guys.) I mean, I'm sure the network would like to have less than 12 months between seasons, but isn't it awfully confusing trying to produce two seasons at once? Not to mention an inhuman amount of work for you and Doc.

Another episode made of pure unfiltered awesome. It's so good to see a character like Dr. Henry Killinger get fleshed out and made more real. (Ooh, given the scene with the senior Dr. Venture perhaps "fleshed out" is not the best choice of phrase here.) Love the new looks at the Venture Compound, too.

(Deleted comment)
Last time I checked you and Doc were still not on the "special guest" list for the San Diego Comicon.


I dunno. Adult Swim usually makes their San Diego plans very late, though.

At commercial in my first go of Episode 2 right now.

So far I really enjoy it. But my DVR fucked up my recording so I will have to try again at 3:00 a.m.
Fucking technology.

i think adult swim was running everything early tonight? i turned on the channel exactly at 11:30pm and had already missed the intro. had to catch up online during the first commercial.

this episode was really striking. i've always taken the series rather seriously, but i felt this episode was kind of... more overtly serious/taking itself seriously than usual (in a good way; as in "taking its own concerns/characters/themes seriously enough to just jump into them without irony"). and the just-pre-credits joke really worked for me.

i'm kind of at a loss for words (but still annoyingly posting i guess). season 3 is like a really good book, so it's burning me to not be able to read on. i can see why you were especially proud of writing this one. thanks for all the great work(:.

speaking of the family guy lead-in, it's nice to see someone getting more and more popular, but, instead of just phoning it in and repeating themselves, staying true to the spirit of the series while working harder and getting better. i, for one, really appreciate it.

More Triana with sexy blue lipstick please.

Am I alone in thinking Dr. Henry Killinger kicked all sorts of ass?

Also am I wrong or did I spot "Batman: The Movie" (1966, not Burton) reference with regards to the scene related to the picture you posted at the top?

if they had been re-hydrated and started speaking with the wrong voices... then absolutely

It was nice to see the Doc decided against arching his brother.

It was also nice to see that that's kinda what he should be doing. It's an interesting idea.


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