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***UPDATE!!! All Shirt Club shirts will now be available in both Mens' and Womens' styles, contrary to the information stated in our original "Fine Print" disclaimer (which has since been updated)!!! No more excuses, ladies--join the club!!!!

(What are you staring at? CLICK IT!)

P.S. We Love You.

I love you, too, guys. You're awesome.

Had to say, that is an absolutely brilliant icon! * wants *

omg icon love. if it was good enough for ted williams, it's good enough for dr. orpheus ;o)

You guys better not create too many awesome shirts. I already need this week's.

oh my god
oh my god
oh my god

coolest thing ever

thank you!

YES! (Punches fists into the air.)

(Deleted comment)
...i'm so conflicted! I barely have any money to go to San Diego Comic-con to promote my book, and now you throw t-shirt club out there... and...well...!


You guys are super smart. This is a totally fab idea! If i had money to throw around, I'd totally subscribe to the t-shirt club.


I'll be picking up a shirt or 2 here and there.


Well... I convinced the husband to subscribe for me.

I'm sure this will bite me in the ass later for when I want a dress or something fancy [or going to Cali. Hopefully not!] BUT, I will have one of kind shirts, from my all time favorite show, and that makes me super happy.

super-duper love here. <3

As a marketing tactic this is great. Rest assured, my ramen noodle money is going to these shirts. A gal can survive on saltines and Venture Brothers alone and I shall prove it!

This is a terrible ploy to relieve me of my hard earned dollars.

Terrible, and masterfully crafted— I'm game for this.


This is SO awesome!! But I don't have $250 for 14 shirts, but how do I know which shirts are the coolest? I really like the first one but what if I like the next one better or one even further down? What do I do?

hmmm you cunning bastard.

this begins just as i'm due for my gubahment check to roll in.

well played.

Ow! My Amex is already hurting!

Oh well, you deserve money, so... bring it on.

Truly the awesomest idea ever. What about a special ComicCon-themed shirt for CC week too as a super-special extra bonus?

My honest to god reaction was "HOLY SHIT!"

How I love you guys! This is a brilliant idea. I wish I could afford to subscribe but I'm sure I'll end up buying a hefty number of shirts anyhow.


I am so poor, this is not fair.

Oh, my God. I can physically feel the pain of my wallet, but this is so amazing.

I hate/love you guys.

i love you guys so fucking much for this....my boyfriend hates you so fucking much for this....i promised i'd pay him back though ;) Go Team Venture! ^_^

FINALLY something worthy of my tax refund.

Fantastic shirts... huzzah!

"FINALLY something worthy of my tax refund."

You totally read my mind.

(Deleted comment)
Oh god, how mean! What if I buy one, and then a better one comes out the next week? What if you're really mean and save the best for last? Wait if I wait for the last one, and it's actually not as good as a previous one... Augh! I can only really afford one! D:

Despite the psychological torture, I love this!


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