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The Season 3 preview piece we showed at the NY Comicon is now up, in all it's non-bootlegged, widescreen, crystal-clear, fully audible glory over at QUICK STOP ENTERTAINMENT . Or, you can watch it below (I think...I've never embedded a video before).

Don't watch it if you don't want to ruin anything for yourselves...

It should be noted that, while an entertaining group of clips, this piece is by no means a "best of Season 3" reel. Doc only had three and a half completed episodes to cull from at the time he put this together.

Production updates and more about our Comicon experience to come in a later post...

We Love You,

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Hardly! I know at least four others, plus myself of course :)

Well, we're up to seven, my sisters! Seven women against a phalanx of men.

Add two more to the count, me and my roommate are counting down the days till season 3!

I love VB. I'm a girl. One of my friends also loved VB, she is a girl as well. And about 4 other girls on my LJ love VB, so I say that there are many more sisters out there. :)

You can add me as well. So it's looks like we might make up a sizable minority of the Venture viewing public.

Also, that preview was amazing. If only I had context to go with those clips. Can't wait for June 1st.

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