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The Season 3 preview piece we showed at the NY Comicon is now up, in all it's non-bootlegged, widescreen, crystal-clear, fully audible glory over at QUICK STOP ENTERTAINMENT . Or, you can watch it below (I think...I've never embedded a video before).

Don't watch it if you don't want to ruin anything for yourselves...

It should be noted that, while an entertaining group of clips, this piece is by no means a "best of Season 3" reel. Doc only had three and a half completed episodes to cull from at the time he put this together.

Production updates and more about our Comicon experience to come in a later post...

We Love You,

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What's the classical piece playing at the beginning?

I wish I could find some girls here in the UK who are into The Venture Brothers (sigh). The trouble is - it's only on at about 1AM.
JP - any idea when the new season will be coming to Bravo in the UK? Annoyingly I don't think the channel is widescreen let alone HD (not that I have an HDTV anyway).
The preview looks absolutely incredible - many laugh out loud moments just in that short compilation.This new season is really going to make my summer.
I realise it must be exhausting for you to keep creating material of such high quality, but it really is worth it. The Venture Brothers deserves far more recognition than it seems to get. Perhaps if it did get more recognition and you got the budget you deserve, Colbert wouldn't have been quite so sniffy about coming back. I mean I've enjoyed his work on The Venture Brothers (and Harvey Birdman), but I find it harder to laugh now,knowing about his attitude. Honestly, performers should appreciate quality.

It's a Mahler piece Doc cut up a bit. I forget which one, though.

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