Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Ah, Mr. Publick! And you brought Hunter back; I bet he's laughing somewhere about this.

More inspired madness! Don't have cable, but we will purchase this on DVD and and enjoy many times, I'm sure. Hope the DVD has the same caliber extras as the previous offerings.


p.s. - Am I the only female on the planet who likes Venture Brothers?

I can assure you that there are at least two of us.

Hardly! I know at least four others, plus myself of course :)

Well, we're up to seven, my sisters! Seven women against a phalanx of men.

Add two more to the count, me and my roommate are counting down the days till season 3!

I love VB. I'm a girl. One of my friends also loved VB, she is a girl as well. And about 4 other girls on my LJ love VB, so I say that there are many more sisters out there. :)

You can add me as well. So it's looks like we might make up a sizable minority of the Venture viewing public.

Also, that preview was amazing. If only I had context to go with those clips. Can't wait for June 1st.

Comicon and similar situations have taught us that we have a heartening number of female fans (especially for a show with only like three female characters in it, one of whom is played by a man), spanning a broad age range. Which is nice.

I'm a lady-type-person and I'm fucking 26 and I love your show like a hobo loves Mad Dog. So yeah. I don't know when 26 started seeming so fucking old to me, but there you go.

Hurray I can actually hear what's going on! Thanks so much, the fan-recorded videos of the panel lost a lot of the dialogue (overpowered by insane laughter of course).

Also, this is yet another gal who's a big fan. Hell I know at least 10 females who adore Venture Brothers. Believe me, we don't require female characters to enjoy or relate to a show... just blackula hunters and necromancers.

I'm a 24-year old girl and a big Venture Brothers fan. Once I had to drop something off at a friend's house, and for the 10 seconds her roommate had the door open, I noticed she was watching the Venture Brothers. After she closed the door, I knocked again. "Are you watching the Venture Brothers?" "Yeah, it's great." "I know." "Cool." Ah, fandom.

Gender ratio in the fandom?

Which is nice.

Oh, yes! I was glad to see all the females here! I hadn't met RL women who had even heard of it, and remember showing an episode to a female friend of mine and her reaction was polite utter puzzlement and not a little revulsion? So, good to see I'm not alone. :)

I had noticed that dearth of female characters, although the themes of the show seem to be primarily buddy relationships, fathers, and the problems of negotiating modern life as a man, so the paucity of female characters isn't weird when you take the show as a whole.

What would you estimate, given the Comicon and similar fan gatherings, the gender ratio is on the fandom?

Some of us lady-type fans are hoping to see some more Mol in the coming season...

...because I'm sure random people requesting it on the internet is sure to have sway. :D

Don't worry...she'll be back. Though you'll have to wait a while.

re:p.s. - No! No, you are not alone.

Of course you're not the only girl! XD I'm a girl, and I'm 16 (started watching since I was 13), and I'm very obsessed with Venture Brothers. Plus, there's a plethora of girls in LJ that love Venture Bros. as well!

There are a great deal of us!

LOL you're kidding, right? I can assure you you are NOT the only female on the planet who likes Venture Brothers, trust me.

For example, there is myself, who now has 4 tattoos of this beloved show on my body forever and ever ;) I have plenty of female friends who adore the show as well. Don't worry, you are NOT alone! ^_^

Of the characters? Logo for Venture Industries?

Dean Venture on my leg, Dean on my back as well, Hank and Dean on my left wrist which says "Love never blows up and gets killed", and Hank and Dean on my right wrist which says "Go Team Venture"

I've got pics if you need proof ;)

chick here as well! Counting down the days!
I must say, DICK MOVE! reminding us of the cliff hanger..."Monarch I'm..." I had almost gotten over the waiting, then there it was again, like lemon in a paper cut of death!

There are girls who LOVE the show.

And I think Dr. Girlfriend might be my favorite animated female character EVER.

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