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The secret files of the Ventureverse

this is awesome. the GI Joe intro parody is astonishing.
I just watched 3 separate intros on Youtube, and you really nailed how fucking absurd those things were.
also, your music choice is one of my favourite songs. the new Ladytron disc is streaming on their myspace. GOOD AS HELL.

The panel was absolutely fantastic! It really made our first trip to NYC memorable. We even got an unexpected treat - while waiting in line for the panel, we met Rachel Simon. She was amazing - not only did she chat with us, she seemed very excited to have some of the VB swag we were passing out on behalf of PRoV. Please tell her that Fan Chocolates Girl and her husband were absolutely delighted to meet her, as were Triana, Lady Au Pair, and Dr. Girlfriend.

Now here is the question that I was too chicken to stand up and ask at the panel: You do so many voices on the show. How many of them are altered in some way, or are they all left exactly as you record them? Dr. Killinger, King Gorilla, and Ward are a few that spring to mind.

Re: Belated panel question

None of the ones you named are altered, I don't think (it's possible King Gorilla was pitched down once, but I don't think so). The only ones we've played with so far are Truckules (pitched down) and the sales clerk who sold Doc Dean's red speedsuit (pitched up). But this season, Doc and I do the voices for the Murderous Moppets'--who never spoke before--and they get pitched higher.

Seeing this in all its original glory, without a column blocking my way, is just awesome in a can.

In addition, I was the guy who asked "Who would win in a fight between 21 and 24". You folks settled a bet between me and a friend. I won by the by

And yes, we did realize that our nerdiness increased quadratically when we argued over a hypothetical battle between two nerds who argue over hypothetical battles.

But yeah, you guys are awesome-tastic.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You have just given back a little of my hope in humanity.

venture brothers dvd

hey jackson is there any chance of a british release of the venture brothers DVD's (or blu-ray), ive looked everywhere and i cant find them. huge fan by the way, you and doc are the greatest writers ever

Great bit of work you've done there. I can hardly wait for the new season. So this seasons going to be 22 episodes right? I mean, that's what I just made up. You wouldn't want to let us all down would you?

Thanks for sharing and I hope that you guys get to tell all the stories you want in the Venture Universe. Godspeed friend.

Only 13 episodes this season. However, they signed a two year contrat this time, so things should go smoother for getting the next year going.

Thanks for that, looks like a good third season.
Gotta get me a nossel.
GI Joe parody! It just keep getting better.

i was just wondering.. is the monarch actually diabolical? the henchmen totally act like he is, but i mean really he doesn't seem that way at all (obviously?). my boyfriend hypothesized that in the future we will find out that rusty and the monarch are actually brothers and team up against phantom limb.. but i guess well see about that.
also, what is the deal with quick stop entertainment? is that affiliated in anyway with kevin smith?

Depends on your definition of "diabolical," I guess. He's certainly amoral. I mean, he has murdered or injured many of his own henchmen, to say nothing of Captain Sunshine's precious Wonder Boy. And he does spend his day plotting Rusty's demise, so...he seems like a pretty diabolical, if laughable guy overall.

And yes, Quick Stop is affiliated with Kevin Smith. I think he owns it or something.

I'm so glad Hunter Gathers is back. I love your Thompson impression, it's not just the delivery, it's the writing. "Happy birthday Frankenstein!" makes me laugh so hard I have to pause the dvd every time.
I have so many questions;

1.Will Kim ever call Dr. Girlfriend?
2.Does Catclops crap out of the back of his head?
3.Will Hank ever learn to play Brock's old bass?
4.What's HELPER's problem with Zeppelin?
5.Will we see any half-ant-half-Brock, tiny warriors.
6.Does Dr. Orpheus' ex-wife ever visit Triana?
7.Can we look forward to any more "Wilhelm Screams"?
8.Did Colnel Gentleman really die, or was he just in an opium daze?
9.Was Profesor Imposible ever able to return to normal size?
10.When was the first time the metal detector had to be hooked up to the toilet?
11.Did Venture-stein ever get any?
12.Is Mr. White "all man"?
13.Did the henchman who got his face tattooed survive the battle/will we see him again?

"2.Does Catclops crap out of the back of his head?"

Wow. That's not a question I ever would have thought of.

Absolutely cannot wait for new episodes. I told a few members of my Rocky Horror cast about the bootlegged preview and they flipped. (then had to bust out with the Return to Spider-Skull Island on my Archos)

As awesome as I hoped...

I am so happy this is coming back the day before my 35th birthday.

My wife and I are huge fans of the show, so much so that I brought our 2nd season DVD with me to the NYCC this year...but couldn't make it into the panel and then there was this kind of mob scene going on between your where your panel was and the Robot Chicken guys and I got caught in a moshpit of angry sweaty geeks held in check by the fire marshals.
For two hours...

So, that happened.

But, later that night I bumped into you and Urbaniak walking back from the show and was one or the tasteless, jerky masses who just walked up and interjected a "Thank you" or five as you were minding your own business.
Sorry 'bout that. Hope you both didn't mind too much.
I'll try to keep better form if I see you in San Diego...

Is the Sergeant Hatred episode coming?

You ask that like there's only going to be one.

I don't suppose you'd be opened to ideas?
I thought up what I think is a great villian.

I read this on Yahoo news today and said, "hay, that's a Venture episode!"


Re: Reality imitates art

posted this myself over at mr. urbaniak's live journal, was going to do the same here but it seem i've been beaten to the punch.

XBox Live Episodes out of order

Alright, so being the relative latecomer to the Venture Brothers fandom universe, this may have been addressed sometime in the past. So if this is old info, my apologies.

I got my first exposure to the show because a friend of mine recommended it, and I downloaded an episode via XBox Live. Loved it. Kept getting more episodes. Hooray for digital distro, and all that Jazz.

My only problem was that the episode numbers are incorrectly listed on the XBox Live store. As a result, the explosive "season finale" for season 1 shows up sometime in the middle of the season, thus losing a lot of the impact of that final scene. (Obviously, continuity issues were abound.)

Anyway, I don't know how many others will find the Venture Brothers via the digital distribution route (I'm like the only person I know who doesn't have cable, so my getting hooked on it this way might be an anomoly), but they're taking a great story and telling it out or order. Which sucks.

Since artists tend to care about the vision of their work a little more than the guys who are producing and selling it, I thought you might want to know.

Re: XBox Live Episodes out of order

I believe that the episodes there were listed in their production order as opposed to their broadcast order.

Just saw this bit of news the other day...

a sign that the arrival of Venture Season 3 is in the air?


How do I get the T-shirt that just says "Dean!" in brown lettering?
What about the G.U.A.R.D.O. shirt?
Can you make this happen?

p.s. I can't wait until season 3 starts.

Your journal is beautiful!

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