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will you be doing something like this at NYCC?

The Comicon panel will be me, Doc, Urbaniak and Sinterniklaas and we'll probably screen a short montage of clips from the upcoming season. We won't be screening an entire episode there because we only get an hour at Comicon and it's a much larger crowd--which means there will probably be more questions from the audience, and there's a greater likelihood that someone will be there with a camera phone and post the whole damn thing on YouTube.

The ASIFA event will be more intimate and longer, and since their events usually draw an audience of professional and aspirant animators, we'll be talking more specifically about the work itself, which I'm hoping they're respectful enough not to spoil on the internet.

Somebody bring a camera and post this on the youtube.

Totally post video of this somewhere. Or at least post some notes. Team Venture commands it :)

(Deleted comment)
The pure joy I felt as I found out you posted a new entry was ruined by the fact that I can never go to these darn events you guys have.

I'm still excited for season 3 though!

Damn living in the middle of the continent! Damn it to hell.

I'll just be locked in my room, eating rats and twitching until the new season starts.


Season 3 can't come soon enough.

Could you maybe do this on a night I'm not delivering pizzas? Maybe I'll even bring you a free pizza. KTHXBYE

This sounds great.. I'd totally ditch work and drive from Boston - but I need a job to buy your DVDs.

Though this group sounds really nifty; I'm thinking of joining it just for my love of animation :o)

This is way cool! I love checking to see who has posted new shit on the LJ only to find that it's information on the Venture Bros. You wanna Hi8 that shit and put it on youtube so us folks in Califor-niy-yay can enjoy it?

NY--sweet! We hardly get stuff here to go to on the east coast.

wait! the network previewed an episode?!?


I wrote up a transcript of the "The Doctor is Sin" preview here.
Hope Jackson and Doc don't mind.

....so much anger. Haha.

Tuesday is my class heavy day (8am-9pm WOO!) and I have so many things to turn in tomorrow (hence why I'm up at 3:30 in the morning)

if it weren't for the fact that i HAD to be there to turn papers and projects in i would definitely be ditching school to drive the 5 hrs up and see this.

One day I'm going to actually get to thank you fine folks in person for supplying me with endless hours of entertainment. If I wind up at grad school in NYC in the fall, and I haven't managed to achieve such a thing, I'll probably just camp out near the Astrobase to do just that.

Maybe that came off a little creepy. Okay, super sorry. I'll just send treats instead... and... love.

Ah mannnnn......

(in my worst child impression)


btw, June cant come soon enough :(

I might try to see this today. If not I'm going to comic con on saturday to meet you all.

Please stop having such good taste in music along with all of your other talents. I like to have at least one thing to hate about people.

Oh, you are doing most events on the East Coasts where I can't easily access them. Dunno if that counts tho.

Hey Jackson... Can I expect to see you in November in FL as wel??

I'm 3,000 miles away, so I better start in right away with the holding my thumb out for seedy men in dirty white vans with blacked out windows.

I'm jealous. There, I've said it.

oh noes!!
it couldnt have taken place LAST YEAR
when I worked on 14th street!!!
Oh, No! it had to be THIS YEAR, now that i live and work in




Aw man, if I didn't have to work I'd totally hop a train to check this out.

...I'm totally effin' hitting that!



Thanks for the heads up! Wish I could be there.

In totally unrelated news, I was watching Law & Order w/ my fiancee & saw the name "James Urbaniak" in the opening credits & was bouncing in my seat.

It turns out he played this perv who installed mini webcams in toilets & accidentally catches some kid being molested, but it was too funny to hear lines you would imagine hearing on a TV cop show about some "pee cam" being said by good ol Doc Venture. I was rolling! :D

Which ep was this? Regular Law and Order or SVU? I hope it wasn't CI. . .

Have you guys ever looked at attending Emerald City Comicon? The Pacific NW wants to worship at the alter of Venture too!

seriously last minute man, youre killing me, I can't get out of work on that short of notice.

Come to CT so I can see this.

and as much as [as] screwed the pooch by releasing 11min of that ep. It pretty much renewed my undying lust for season three.

can anyone else say "Emmy?"

This would be an excellent time to be Nightcrawler. because there is no way I can get from CO to NY in less than a day.

You all want to come to SEATTLE...I will buy you beer or coffee or a glass of water...whatever your poison is.

See? See? Come to Emerald City Comicon!!

I'm crying. Totally crying.

You make me sad I don't live in NY (or at least within commuting distance.) :(

can't go wish i could.


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