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I want to start off by thanking you

For making the best damn show on television. My friends and I made a weekly ritual of gathering together and watching the show every Sunday. It was our version of church. We would see each other and remind the other one that we would see them there. We would sit with bated breath as we anticipated the magic that comes from Brother Publick and Deacon Hammer. We were never let down. Each episode better than the last. You guys have given my friends and I so much joy and I thought you should know that. Hell, I still have the Astro-Base Go shirt hanging in my closet that I only wore once. Keep up the phenomenal work.

As for Deadwood, weren't they supposed to make a couple of movies to tie up all the loose ends?(rumor?) I met a guy named Al Swearengen before, but he didn't drink or drop F-bombs nearly as much.

Ever watch Carnivale?

Re: I want to start off by thanking you

I heard about the Deadwood movies, too, but my investigations on the internets tell me that it's probably a dead project now, unfortunately.

Never watched Carnivale, no. It struck me is forced weirdness, somehow--like Big Fish without the charm or something. But I'll give it a chance. I think HBO advertises their series so relentlessly that I'm immediately turned off and avoid them on purpose. But then half the time, when I discover them several seasons in (as I did with The Sopranos, The Wire, and Deadwood,) I become an obsessive fan. But I still don't want to touch Big Love with a ten foot pole.

Re: I want to start off by thanking you

I think that part of my draw for Carnivale was that it had Clancy Brown and I've had a man-crush on him since Highlander. Somehow, him being an troubled preacher seemed right to me. I'll tell you one thing about the show is that it made me want to shower. It being set during the Dustbowl with everybody being sweaty and dirty. If you do watch it, I hope you like it, because I would feel bad for wasting your time.
Now if you ever want to get an achievement for watching a show, go for Stargate SG-1. It's like a whole week of your life gone, literally.

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