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Oh tell me about it. No Country and There Will Be Blood were both great movies, but 15 years from now Zodiac is going to be what film students are studying. It's a bizarre shame that so few people are paying attention to it right now.

while I've not seen Zodiac, the endless tension and utter lack of release of said tension of There Will Be Blood makes it unprecedented in major-release films. there's never been anything like it.

Well, if unrelieved tension is your thing, then you will definitely love Zodiac. A three hour movie about three obsessive protagonists who never ever catch the killer? Run, don't walk!

but it's based on reality. perhaps on some level, that's even scarier, I suppose.

hmm, and directed by David Fincher, no less. Zodiac is my favourite serial killer, perhaps I'll look into it when i have funding once more.

Even more astonishing - that the viewer can be transfixed for well over two hours when they ALREADY KNOW how it's going to end. I couldn't believe I didn't even notice the time passing. Absolutely wonderful work.

And I add my chorus: thanks for the updates, however sporadic...I am so excited for the new season!! (And my local bar, which features Adult Swim Sundays, will certainly be happy to regain my frequent patronage as well...although I like Frisky Dingo quite a bit, it's not enough to get me there every week...yeah, I don't have cable of my own)

Yeah, I know what you mean. While I wouldn't say that Zodiac does the same thing I will say that it treats that theme of tension in a similar way. Zodiac spends a lot its running time exploring what happens when you get wound up in the tension of something and aren't given a release for it. Managing to stretch that theme out across over two hours and studying it in-depth without loosing most of the audience is part of what makes it such a great movie. If you're into unconventional narratives you'll enjoy it.

Apropos of nothing, but goddamn but last year was a good year for movies.

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