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Deadwood-isms will certainly be a lot trickier to work in than all those The Wire-isms that I absorbed during my last spell of free time. But crap...how badass would it be to get Ian McShane to do a voice? How amazing is he on that show?!

Would Ian McShane really be that hard to get for the show? I mean, he did agree to do Agent Cody Banks.

Ian McShane is quite awesome. However, I would be far more elated to see a cameo of Wu.

If you could get Ian McShane to do a voice on the show, I would be the happiest fangirl ever. I adored Deadwood. He was brilliant on that show.

Ian Mcshane/Calamity Jane team-up. His character talks over her any time she starts to say 'cocksucker'.

"That's one in a row fer you, Wild Hank!"

How badass? Seriously badass. I'm pretty sure that the pure badassitude of a McShane/Warburton showdown would melt televisions everywhere.

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