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The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Yes, I was heartbroken to know this morning that I missed the preview. It's been a long drought for us VB fans.

However, I'm sure they'll be much better enjoyed in their fully finalized form.

I'm glad to hear that you guys might make it back to San Diego this summer, the stack of reasons for going seem to be piling up. Hopefully this time they'll be able to gauge the demand for signings and manage the lines better when it comes to the adult swim booth. I've been lucky enough to wrangle sketches from you the last two times you've done signings. The second I never properly thanked you for because of the deluge of people behind me and the fact that I asked for Dr. Orpheus. So, really Thank You.

Do you think any Deadwood-isms might slip their way into any of Season 4 then? A "Hooplehead" here, or a random cameo by Al Swearengen?

Deadwood-isms will certainly be a lot trickier to work in than all those The Wire-isms that I absorbed during my last spell of free time. But crap...how badass would it be to get Ian McShane to do a voice? How amazing is he on that show?!

Would Ian McShane really be that hard to get for the show? I mean, he did agree to do Agent Cody Banks.

Ian McShane is quite awesome. However, I would be far more elated to see a cameo of Wu.

If you could get Ian McShane to do a voice on the show, I would be the happiest fangirl ever. I adored Deadwood. He was brilliant on that show.

Ian Mcshane/Calamity Jane team-up. His character talks over her any time she starts to say 'cocksucker'.

"That's one in a row fer you, Wild Hank!"

How badass? Seriously badass. I'm pretty sure that the pure badassitude of a McShane/Warburton showdown would melt televisions everywhere.

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