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The secret files of the Ventureverse

Definitely looking forward to meeting the 4 of you at the con it will be one of the highlights of my weekend.

I didn't see it! It didn't happen!

I cannot wait for June 1st! I'm sad I missed the rough cut episode on April first!

I really hope you guys can make it to San Diego Comicon, I'd really like to see you all :D

OMG Monarch figure! I must get it! :O

I can't even begin to tell you how tight my pants got just being overwhelmed with the sexiness of your 'naked' 11 minute preview. I'm all awash in my manliness yet squealing like a titelated female ocelot at the news of new Venture Sibness.

elated as i was/am over new venture brothers, that clip looked like shit! i was feeling hesitant about the new season for a day or two afterwards. i think this post has laid that fear to bed, but i always get nervous about the new seasons. it's my favorite show on television, bar none, and i can't stand the thought of a bad season forcing to just throw my television out the window once and for all.

i really hope you do show up b/c that would be the highlight of the trip. depending on the day, my sister and i will be dressed up as sailor scouts or something else(we haven't agreed on the second and third day yet).

Well I now have a reason to live this summer. Thanks a a lot for ruining my "Suicido de Mayo" plans.

Good stuff. You guys rule. Try not to kill yourselves too much, we all know season 3, and everything else, will be amazing.

Double Dangit!

I got so jazzed about the NYC panel and then I realized I work that weekend. MWrerhg. Its in the evening too.

Hrn, I'm definitely going to try and scam someone into taking those hours. It is a TRAVESTY that I have not had the opportunity to shout my love for all the hard work you guys have done that has brought me endless enjoyment.

Also, since you're not yet on the production of the DVD? Plllleeease don't force yourselves to do on topic stuff. The show is great, I love hearing about it, but you guys have such entertaining stories and random bits of information that I'd hate to miss out on that because you're trying to force talk about production issues.

So that's just my humble, bullshit means nothing request. You guys are amazing, an I'm about to start couch surfing till I enter grad school in the fall, but I've already started picking up the stuff needed for a super awesome Astrobase pick-me-up care package for you and Doc.

So, I am to believe there are NO naked pics of you and Doc in the intarwebs?

Guess it's not my lucky day then.

Jackson, you sir, are a tantalizer!
A tantalizer I say!

They showed your naked pictures on the two o'clock running, perfectionists indeed. :P

I've really liked what I've seen so far of the backgrounds and new character designs. It's also really exciting to see reoccurring characters like the Action Man and Kano making a comeback as well. (Captain Gentleman's memoirs published?) Your guys' hard work is paying off, and I can hardly wait for the new season. Stay frosty and post when you can, man. Always a good read.

I can't wait for the new season!

Your hard work will not go unrewarded!

*shares the love*

Love, love, LOVE you too. One of the best animated shows on the air.... period.

Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well!!!
Deadwood rocks!!!! I've found it to be the best thing to watch after a hard days work.

Awesome post.
Keep it up! You make the only intelligent cartoon that exists. Take your time, don't wear yourself out. It's not better to burn out than fade away, Neil Young lied!
You should try and include those comic con panel discussions on this dvd if you are already planning it.

It's too bad those action figures that kidrobot is doing are random so you never know what you're getting.
I hardly want 5 squidbillies and not a single Dr Girlfriend. but I'll probably rack up the credit card debt in an attempt to get one anyways. But you should try putting out your own figures or talk to kevin smith about where he gets all his done. He has nice vinyl ones.
Seriously I'd be shocked if you are still reading this if you even started seeing as how its about a hundred and six comments down. But seriously you are "teh sex" when it comes to cartoons (maybe as a person too i dunno)

Also I want a Venture Brothers shirt so bad!
Like that one Paris Hilton was caught wearing all those years ago... But like most fans I have more the physique of Number 21 so I'd hope for a xxl. but seriously you need to hire some internet guy to make you guys rich from t-shirts and action figures!!

Oh my god. You made my freakin' night. Oh and the rough cut, come on, don't be so hard on yourself, you know it was AMAZING. Keep up the great work, wish I could come see you guys at Comicon.

You damn optimists.

Lalalal I'm a fancy optimist look at me succeed at life!

Great something exciting and stupid happens and it has to happen on AMERICAN television.

I'm not foreign or crazy or some shit I'm just Canadian.

If they're not too spoilery, is there any chance we could get a list of the episode names?

I enjoy making up imaginary storylines based on the name alone.

looks good man, keep it coming

I love the animation for that show. I mean, I love your guys' animation because of the realism, but I also love SuperJail's animation because of the cartooniness. It's so crisp and fun.
I think I heard your voice several times, but you do such a good job of doing diverse voice work, I can only find hints. It was like I heard General Manhower twice! :D

Awesome! I'm looking forward to June 1!

No worries about the long time lag between posts. It makes in all the sweeter to see one.

I'm sorry hear that Colbert is gone, I must admit that the Impossible episodes were some of my favorites. One request with that situstion: for the love of all creatures great and small, don't get someone else who as a voice the is similar to fill in. It is just a mistake. Have we learned nothing from the Muppets? Bryan Hensen's Kermit is not Jim's. And the Yoda's that are not Franks Oz, Yuck!
Please don't do there Jackson.

Too late.

I mean, I love Stephen Colbert. And who knows? Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get him back some day. But Professor Impossible's no Kermit, man. He's a character who's only been in two episodes so far (three if you count the pilot--where he was voiced by someone else), so I can't get all precious about his voice like that. And I'm not gonna let some actor's schedule keep me from doing more with the character if I have ideas for him, you know? Just roll with it!

Well, time to go get cable again. . .


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