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The secret files of the Ventureverse

Was really upset to hear I missed sneak-previews of my favorite shows. Caught the very end of Metalocalypse. But atleast I'll be able to enjoy the new season in all its finish glory.

SUPERJAIL is getting a full season! Excellent! How much are you involved in the process? I really fell for the pilot, and David Wain is always good. Here's to future success.

I'm not hugely involved with SuperJail. The creators are friends of mine, and usually I'm the voice of one or two inmates in the background who have like one line a piece, but here and there I've done a couple of slightly bigger roles for them. And I'm only co-writing a little bit of the last few episodes of the season.

ITEM: The Venture Bros. will premier on June 1st.

This makes me so happy... I could cream my pants..

I suggest watching Twin Peaks in its entirety (as many times as possible) to take your mind off of things.

I am more than willing to be patient for my favorite cartoon on the entire planet. In fact, waiting for it is almost kind of delicious. While I'm not suggesting Thursday is better than Friday, it has its merits.

Thanks for posting so many images. I love seeing glimpses of what's coming.

And finally, my housemate is running a superhero GURPS campaign, and he included a device called the "U-ray," which has peaceful applications (it's a surgical device of some kind). I figured you'd get a kick out of that.

Awww... you know we love you, naked or not.

MMMMM deadwood.

Should you ever visit the beautiful land of COLUMBUS OHIO(book your tickets now because I know you want to come) I have all 3 seasons of Deadwood as bait.

I was lucky enough to see the rough cut on [as], and all I can say is thank you, we love you too.

When you guys do get started on putting together the season 3 dvd could you do some of us a huge favor? Put a lot more effort into the audio commentaries. Pretty please? I know in the season 2 audio commentaries it was mentioned that you two hated commentaries but as a fan of the show I really enjoy listening to them and getting new interesting facts and some back story to the episodes. This is the same reason I'm subscribed to your LJ. Again, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

I feel conflicted on the commentaries. I actually find listening to you two just making jokes and reminiscing hilarious, but I'm also really into knowing more about the technical aspects of the show. I'd say the commentary is a balance between the two, mostly siding towards the former. You know what would be great? TWO commentary tracks per episode. You know it'd be worth it!

I enjoyed the brief glimpse into the new season.
It sure beat seeing Calamity Jane taking a Bath.
I can't unsee that.

I wanted to thank you for making this show. I've just found out that my parents are not going to pay for my wedding, (which is a big thing for a woman), and The Venture Brothers (already my favorite show) has been a regular showing every night to help me feel better. And now that I'm paying for my own wedding, my fiance and I are going to use the theme song as our introduction as a new couple at the reception, and after the kiss at the end of the ceremony we're going to do the "Go Team Venture!" pose for pictures.

We love youse guys too :)

The prospect of having a little Monarch & Dr Girlfriend to stand alongside my Blessed Coffecup of Ba'al is an exciting one, but it could be said I don't get out much ;) Roll on the first!

Kid Robot and other quotes

ITEM: Kid Robot has made some miniature Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend figurines, which will be available in mystery packaging along with like 16 other adultswim figurines. So good luck if you decide to buy one. Or two.

They are actually doing an unvailing of the toys at Criminal Records in Downtown Atlanta April 17th. I asked for the whole day off, because... well... I'm a dork like that.

"ITEM: Doc and I will be attending the Venture Bros. panel at the New York Comicon on Saturday, April 18th at 4:00pm. Urbaniak and Sinterniklaas will be joining us, and we're hoping to cajole a couple of other people into dancing into the fire with us. Honorary AstroBase Cadet Ken Plume will be moderating the festivities."
Jame and Mikey? I am VERY jealous. I wanted to go so bad! Maaaaaybe you can convince James to coem to Dragon*con? And perhaps Mike? And yourself? I will give you candies. And Booze! Candies and Booze!

ITEM: Word has it we'll be attending the San Diego Comicon in July this year as well, adultswim having retracted their unofficial boycott. But it's too soon to know what we'll be doing there other than sweating and trying to find affordable Robert McGinnises.

I got notihin. I can't go or I'd say something here. I just have to hope you kids coem to Dragon*con and get candies and booze.

Re: Kid Robot and other quotes

I got notihin. I can't go or I'd say something here. I just have to hope you kids coem to Dragon*con and get candies and booze.

And swag. Lots O' Swag

That wacky Adult Swim!

The flu bites. I had it in February and death seemed like a better option.

Wooo! Season Three! Thanks for the updates. Can't wait.

So why is it they can't air the episodes in order? Am I missing something?

It's for continuity reasons. Because, like idiots, we write them out of order. Doc and I have made a habit of writing the premier episodes together, and because we want them to be good, we usually wait until we've written a few other episodes first, so that we're "warmed up." This season, the way our writing schedules worked out, we didn't have a chance to get to collaborate on the premier episode until we were six scripts into the season already. And we didn't get a chance to collaborate on the one we wanted to be our third story until we were eleven scripts in. Plus, when you're writing, sometimes you know which story you want to go next in the continuity of the season, but you haven't worked out all the kinks yet and it's just not ready to be written--so, having a script due every two weeks, you move on to a less problematic script that you know you can write quickly, even though its story may demand that it run later in the season.

One minute in heaven is better than... wait...

That's alright about the rough cut. Really.
It was like getting a DVD bonus feature as a teaser. Oh wait, that's ... that IS what it was.
I'll have you know that the Orpheus/Killinger scene was a VERY good cliffhanger. The whole thing was very effective and, I believe, featured the words "rough cut" at the bottom of the screen for anybody wondering why there wasn't any music or sound effects.

Incidentally, I'm blown away by the new direction. In the good way.

Re: One minute in heaven is better than... wait...


I wouldn't mind seeing Doc Hammer naked, but I'm a great big perv. So there you go.

We caught about 3/4 of the rough cut. Looking forward to June!

We love you too, JP. Always.

Ooohhh I missed the preview??
I'm psyched that it's coming back on June first though, I dunno how much longer the seasons one and two DVDs will hold me over ;)
What's this SuperJail series?

See, I loved it! I'm a comic artist. I draw my own silly little animations. I'm in love with the process of creating art, so to see the rough cut like this, and be able to compare it with the episode in its final version was a marvelous privilege.

You feel exposed, but I felt like I was able to peel back the skin of the Venture machine and see how it ticks underneath...

on future DVDs I'd love to see a "walk through" extra through an entire episode. From script , to recording through the animatics, through the rough cut, etc. etc. etc.

But that's ust my two cents.

I'm glad we switched the robot to gold, he looks awesome! Prime material for a big honkin action figure, too, if ever I saw one.

I am so glad that you didn't post this yesterday :)

While I can't wait for season three, I'm kind of glad I missed the adult swim preview. I hate spoiling things for myself. =)

I'll see you guys in San Diego, hopefully!

Is that Kim Jong Il behind the couch? The guy on the other end looks a bit like Dr. Zaius...

Thank you so much for posting this. My husband and I are huge fans of the show, and my homemade Venture Bros. "posters" on my office door have really upped my cool points with my students.

To use a cliche, you guys rock!!

Nope...you are looking at Chairman Wow and Omega Ape. But don't get too excited...they don't have speaking parts.

What does Dr. Girlfriend say to the Monarch? I must know! Damn you, blighted march of time! June 1st can't get here fast enough!


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