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Fuck, yes. And we love you, too.

Aaaand, the last thing you want to hear is more requests but...

Have you guys been invited to attend Dragon*Con in August? It would be superfabulous to have a whole crew there.

Thirding! Pleeeeease? I am batting my eyelashes winningly at my monitor.

AND I'm loving these pictures. I laughed out loud at Sally nude. Lordy.

oh motherfuck yes!!!!


Well, I hope you do get some time off.

And I will be at New York Comic-con, hopefully with a Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend to be signed.

Even though it was a super rough cut, it was a heck of a thing to see. Work in progress... uh.. works are always great to see, because it always makes me appreciate the hard work that is put into something.

Your show is easily my favorite on the Adult Swim line up. The cockeyed juxtapositioning of love of jet age fiction along side the snarky contemporary irony really rings a little bell in me. The work you guys have done with the characters is fantastic too. Rusty and Co. aren't just silly people to laugh at, but people we can empathize with because of our own occasional massive screw-ups. I can't wait until June 1st.

Thanks again for the fantastic show.

Yes, I was heartbroken to know this morning that I missed the preview. It's been a long drought for us VB fans.

However, I'm sure they'll be much better enjoyed in their fully finalized form.

I'm glad to hear that you guys might make it back to San Diego this summer, the stack of reasons for going seem to be piling up. Hopefully this time they'll be able to gauge the demand for signings and manage the lines better when it comes to the adult swim booth. I've been lucky enough to wrangle sketches from you the last two times you've done signings. The second I never properly thanked you for because of the deluge of people behind me and the fact that I asked for Dr. Orpheus. So, really Thank You.

Do you think any Deadwood-isms might slip their way into any of Season 4 then? A "Hooplehead" here, or a random cameo by Al Swearengen?

Deadwood-isms will certainly be a lot trickier to work in than all those The Wire-isms that I absorbed during my last spell of free time. But crap...how badass would it be to get Ian McShane to do a voice? How amazing is he on that show?!

I completely understand not wanting to post about crap you've been soaking in. I really do appreciate the updates as I am sure the entire fan base does.

It is hard to wait so long for one of the best shows on TV, so the updates help.

Man, I just watched Munich again last weekend. So awesome. And it's like everybody just forgot about it, or something.

I know what you mean. I can't stop watching that damn thing every time it's on HBO (I even just finished the book it's based on). I don't know why it was the Most Forgotten-About movie of 2006, but Zodiac just inherited its crown for 2007.

Even when the end product is sheer pleasure and pride...work is still work. And not working is definitely bliss.

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing your ten-month baby and what new trials and tribulations await the crew.


Just for the record...

They actually aired it on Monday night at 12:15 (so it would fall on April 1). I watched my tape of that block earlier tonight and, while I recognize it was missing a lot of elements, it reminded me how excited I am to be so close to the premiere of season three.

And I love that Dr. Killinger is back and that got to see his Magic Murder Bag in action.

It's odd...no matter how tired or fed up you with working on projects...we all seem to turn to Livejournal to let it all out.

We has shoulders...you may cry on them. We love you too!

Somehow, in the midst of all of this, Doc and I are also expected to begin writing season 4 and producing the DVD set for the not-even-finished-yet season 3. And we've both been doing a little moonlighting--Doc's been making music and I'm doing some voices and a little writing for adultswim's forthcoming SuperJail series. It's been a busy month, yes...

I WANNA HELP! I don't know how I would...but I wanna help! I guess, as a creepy internet fangirl, the best i can do is cheer you guys on and wait with drool and a head full of Venture Bros season 1 and 2 quotes for the 3rd season. Yay run on sentences!

You have my unconditional moral support!

It's funny, I figured that airing wasn't your decision - or you would have given us a heads-up. My condolances .... I certainly know how I feel when people look through my sketchbook at the unfinished bits without my say-so .... and this has got to be a lot worse.

Thanks for keeping us posted, even though you're looking busy as all the levels of hell. We love you, too.

That was actually (adultswim head) Mike Lazzo's excuse when I called him on Monday: "We didn't tell you about it because you would have posted it in your little blog!" That and because "you would have told us not to do it!"

My only question is... what sorts of music does JJ listen to on his iPod? I assume that Apple was kind enough to let him keep the one from the ad.

Also, tell me that was indeed an Annie joke, Brock as Punjab, and that I wasn't just imagining it.

It would be awesome if you guys could make it to WizardWorld in June.

I can't wait to get my hands on a Monarch and a Dr. Girlfriend!


Any idea when/where they're out? I have friends that work at AS, but I hate asking them about shows they're not involved with.

PS - Come to Dragon*Con this year! The AS panel line last year was so freaking sick I skipped going because I was in Atlanta in September in PVC!

It always makes me so happy when you post!

Thank you for being awesome.

Whoa there. That's Saturday, April 19th. I honestly felt a flash of panic because the 18th is the only day I can't make it to NYCC. And I guess the fact that I actually felt that level of panic makes me extra sad.

... Unless the "Saturday" part is the mistake. In which case, I must return to my state of panic.

Woah now, there goes the reason for my post. Except to reassure you that the Saturday part is NOT the mistake.
Take solace in the full schedule finally being released today: http://www.nycomiccon.com/images/100453/2008_PDFs/panels.pdf

Saturday the 19th at 4pm it is! See you in room 1E15.

Even if you felt exposed, Mr. Publick, I thought your rough cut was a work of beauty, in all it's naked glory! It was especially wonderful to a person who has been longing for new Venture. Your long hard hours of work and lack of sleep/personal time are much appreciated, and I'll see you and Doc at New York Comicon!

Much love, Crittle

Edited at 2008-04-03 06:15 am (UTC)

That kind of bugged me too.. I mean, as fans we're kind of protective over what we like. I had the feeling that if the good folks at AstroBase Go! had meant for that to be seen, there would have been some mention of it. Somewhere. But hey, if you're cool then all's well. Unless Doc is drafting a cease-and-desist.

Cheers and thanks for all the laughs :o)

Oh man I'm sad I missed it! In a way... since you seem to feel bad about it, I'm also a bit glad I didn't see it at the same time.

Never-the-less, I think it's safe to say we all appreciate the great work you do and all the time you put in to make this show awesome! We're all here because we love the final product that you're striving for, so thank you very much for working so hard!

Very bummed that I missed it. That being said, anything Venture related is awesome, even rough cuts. I seriously can't wait until Season 3 airs. I'm considering having an all-night Venture Bros. Marathon prior to it to get me pumped. Anyone else down?

I also missed the airing but I caught superjail and am definately excited for it.

Knowing that it wasnt in HD or even a full episode is comforting, thanks for the update and thanks for the great show.

Oh man, Superjail blew my mind! I love the animation. Its like an acid trip!(I would imagine)

Seeing the rough cut definitely got me amped for more Venture. My friends and I have already planned out our watch party for the premier! (Except for time, of course, because Adult Swim constantly moves things around...)

I want to start off by thanking you

For making the best damn show on television. My friends and I made a weekly ritual of gathering together and watching the show every Sunday. It was our version of church. We would see each other and remind the other one that we would see them there. We would sit with bated breath as we anticipated the magic that comes from Brother Publick and Deacon Hammer. We were never let down. Each episode better than the last. You guys have given my friends and I so much joy and I thought you should know that. Hell, I still have the Astro-Base Go shirt hanging in my closet that I only wore once. Keep up the phenomenal work.

As for Deadwood, weren't they supposed to make a couple of movies to tie up all the loose ends?(rumor?) I met a guy named Al Swearengen before, but he didn't drink or drop F-bombs nearly as much.

Ever watch Carnivale?

Re: I want to start off by thanking you

I heard about the Deadwood movies, too, but my investigations on the internets tell me that it's probably a dead project now, unfortunately.

Never watched Carnivale, no. It struck me is forced weirdness, somehow--like Big Fish without the charm or something. But I'll give it a chance. I think HBO advertises their series so relentlessly that I'm immediately turned off and avoid them on purpose. But then half the time, when I discover them several seasons in (as I did with The Sopranos, The Wire, and Deadwood,) I become an obsessive fan. But I still don't want to touch Big Love with a ten foot pole.


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