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Contest Over (Sorry)
I must apologize for failing to make an official post about the fact that the joint "Guess the Celebrity Cameo"/ "Who's Secret Lair Is This?" contest is over. The winners submitted their correct answers roughly five minutes after the the contest began. A number of you have continued to submit guesses all month, and I have silently let you suffer. I apologize.

Nothing more to report. Too swamped with pre-production on this season's finale, and post-production on the second episode of the season to upload fancy art or craft amusing production anecdotes. More soon.

Still love you,

P.S. The correct answers were:

1. Dick Cavett, Sammy Davis Jr., Aleister Crowley
2. The room belongs to the pink gentleman in the white wheelchair at the far left.

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SO excited for the new season!

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