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The secret files of the Ventureverse

So, what are the answers?! Dear God Man! It haunts my dreams... Well, not really, but I'd like to know.

SO excited for the new season!

Even your quickie posts fill me with joy because I know that you are alive and making more delightful cartoons for me. <3

I'm sure your silence gave meaning to the lives of many this month..

I still love you too...
*hides in your closet...sniffs your clothes*

Seriously though, we are all looking very forward to Season 3! I've been not too up-to-date on anything lately...did you guys find a voice for Mr. Impossible or did Colbert come back? Or would you have to kill us if you told us?

Sadly, I filled in for Mr. Colbert myself, since he only had six lines and we were getting down to the wire on the deadline for that episode. Though I ended up sounding more like Dr. Benton Quest than Prof. Impossible, honestly. Whether I keep my tracks or I find someone to ADR the lines between now and the air date remains to be seen...

But.. but... fake nose! Science! I swear Tycho Brahe was there! Damn you Jackson!

I don't know who you're seeing in that shot with a fake nose, but, for the record, Tycho already made his cameo in The Venture Bros.</>--he was amongst the scientists gathered at the U.N. science conference.

Cannot WAIT for the new season. I've gotten the man-thing hooked, and if there aren't new episodes, I don't know how I will lure him to my house to lay eggs in his face make out!

I hope you and Doc and everyone else can make it to NY Comic Con again this year...they claim they're planning on doing another VB panel like last year since it was such a big hit. Of course this is just rumors I've heard, never know if it's 100% true or not. The con's in April this year though instead of Feb. I hope they invite you all back again and I really hope you all can make it...that was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had last year!

Thanks for letting us know you're still alive and still love us.....you know I'll always love you! ^_~
~Much love, Crittle~ <3

Apology not accepted. RELEASE THE BUTTERFLIES!!!

(Deleted comment)
I hope sincerely you make references to the testicular torsion episode. As much as humanly possible.

Thats odd, allowing suffering doesn't seem like something the creator of Venture Brother's would do.....

Danke Schon, Herr Publick!

Where does Catclops get those precious little cigarettes?

Obviously, he hand-rolls them.

I will wait until forever for the next season! just make it rule!

Those answers make sense. It still sucks that Stephen Colbert is not reprising his minor role. Regardless, I can't wait until the third season starts.

I was not paying attention, and completely failed to notice that there was a contest.

However, I did get this avatar out of it.

i guess this means i have to paper mache myself a sweet venture bros jacket...sadface.

It's just good to see an update! I've missed you, JP!

Since you're the only person I can actually directly contact in this biz, I'm going to ask my random question here. If you watch pilots or really early episodes of shows, the characters tend to look different from later episodes (e.g. The Simpsons, Metalocalypse, and yes, VB). They seem to "settle" into a more form and fit product later. I was wondering why this is -- here are my possible theories:
- The animators are temporary for the pilots, and are different from the full-time animators hired once a contract is secured.
- Since animation is not a simple task, it takes time for animators to find the right balance of proportion in the characters, and once they get practice, they start producing more consistent drawings.

Thanks, and I agree with the above comment that small updates rock.

Some of the changes to the look of the show have been the result a conscious effort to hone the style--a symptom of my constant tinkering and attempts to "get it right." When you make a pilot, you're inventing the look of an entire world in just a few short months. You make 22 minutes, not knowing if there'll ever be any more episodes, and having no clue what those episodes will hold in store if they ever materialize.

Perhaps an even simpler explanation is that everything evolves. Even if I drew every frame of the Venture Bros. myself, it would still look different today than it did in its pilot, and in the hands of a revolving crew of a dozen or more artists over the course of four or five years it's unavoidable.

No Distance Left To Run

Great song. Actually I really like the whole '13' album. If you like a little bit of the british music, Jackson, let me recommend a little bit of the Super Furry Animals to you. Most overlooked band there is methinks.

Re: No Distance Left To Run


Super Science & Sleuthing...

Thanks for recommending "Soon I Will Be Invincible" & "The Boy Detective Fails" in earlier entries they were highly entertaining and felt like they could exist in the Ventureverse. The conversation leading up to "Do it, boy. Beat them hollow." between Baron Ether and Dr. Impossible gave me shivers, as a long time Comic fan I loved his observations on how both the Heroes and Villains lives and deeds were ridiculous.

Not sure if you've heard of it or not, but you might enjoy the Wold Newton Universe originally setup by Philip Jose Farmer. I just got finished reading "Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography of Lord Greystoke" and couldn't believe the level of fandom and the amount of research that he put into it, quite a Herculean effort. I've been reading Win Eckert's webpage and watching convention panel/discussion's from Wold Newton contributors on youtube, fascinating stuff.

Can't wait for Seasons 3 & 4, Go Team Venture!

I'm curious if you picked up any of the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation DVD sets. If not, I would HIGHLY recommend Stingray. It might be the only children's program where marionettes drink Johnny Walker before piloting a nuclear submarine. And all the design, music, etc, is very mid-sixties!But then you New York types are always hep to all this old stuff!

Okay, I usually don't like dnace remixes, but this is well done, and the video highlights the show's coolness.


Will Eisner's Spirit

Am I completely off...or did I see the Spirit in the cast of characters? Actually, it looks more like Gary Cole dressed as the Spirit, but still..


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