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Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well!

Poor Brock. I suspect he'd never thought he'd have to deal with apparently-insane midgets.

Holy Rabid Quiz-Boy!

Congrats on the milestone just in time for turkey day. Thanks for all the hard work prepping the new season - enjoy your well deserved break.

Uh...we love you too? I mean, we want to love you, but our heart has been broken before and we just don't want to commit to something that big right now. We want to love you though, and we will with time, just let us get there on our own.

Worth the wait, no doubt! I, for one, can't wait to see the outcome of the Billy vs. Brock fracas.

I must say, waiting until June will be painful. But everything else was great to read. Happy Holidays pal!

Dude! Rockin' icon, mind if I steal it?

More Billy Quizboy hopefully means more Pete White, and that's worth waiting 'til June for. Thanks for the update!

This is better than Black Friday, thank you.

Definitely something to give thanks for!

It'll be worth the wait, I'm sure! Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I'm ok then, cuz I thought it was originally gonna be June anyway! lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm glad to see that Billy and White didn't face the same fate as a certain underland dictator.

And if waiting till June means getting the best stuff you guys can put out, then by all means, I can wait patiently.

Happy Thanksgiving Jackson!

Happy thanksgiving.

But look at me not being thankful, I'm curious instead...

since there's going to be little to no downtime between season 3 and 4 does this mean the DVD for 3 will be pushed back? Or that the bonus features (okay the commentary I care the most about but the other stuff is rad too) will suffer?

Just curious because sadly I'm not near a TV regularly, so my venture consuming habits often occur after the DVD has been launched. I know, shun me. But, cable ranks low on the scale of things needed to live. But a venture bros DVD ranks fairly high.

Well, it means the DVD would definitely have to wait until fall at the earliest, since it couldn't come out before the season was finished airing. As for its production, we'll probably start earlier than usual and work on it while we're doing post-production on season 3. The commentary won't suffer (and let's be honest...the commentary on the first two DVDs leaves much to be desired) because it's the easiest and fastest thing to do. I don't what it means in terms of other bonus materials, though.

In the meantime, there's always iTunes, right?

June is fine. Anywhere in the summer, actually, is infinitely preferred.

Ooooo...Thanks for the third season news! It made borrowing the boyfriend's highly squirrely satellite net connection worth it today. :)

I can't wait!!!

Happy Turkey Day, fellas!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Mr. Publick! I always get so excited when I read one of these updates, yaaay! ^_^ Although June...hmm, well, I guess that could be a good thing...Season 3 could start right around my birthday, just like Season 2...wait, I can't remember if it was Season 2 started then or came out on dvd then...one of those. Either way it was awesome lol.
I have a question for you if you don't mind....is Venture Bros. still animated using cell animation, or is it all computer stuff now? Ya know...cells that maybe one day....a huge fan like myself might wanna buy all the Dean and Hanks ones out there...I'd do it too, if I could. Trust me. Just wondering. Thanks, and enjoy your holidays!
~Much love, Crittle~

Whether lunging for Brock's jugular or lunging for the Charmin, a frenzied Billy is always a welcome sight.

Happy Thanksgiving Jackson!

June? x_x Great Christ.

In the spirit of the holiday, I'm quite thankful to know the new season is infact still on it's way. I'll wait with bated breath until then.

Happy Thanksgiving Señor Publick.

Mega win for not spelling it "baited."

But when's the DVD release? 'cause I don't have cable . . .

happy turkey day!

It's great to hear from you! I gotta ask: are you guys not members of the WGA?

I am, Doc isn't. VB doesn't fall under Guild jurisdiction, as it's a NY based, low budget animated production.

have a tryptophantastic thanksgiving.

can't wait til june. instead of an mst3k turkey day marathon, i may just have to roll through a season of venture bros.


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