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The secret files of the Ventureverse

There's just something about those chairs... I wonder how comfortable they'd be? I have issues with headrests.

might be for the better

i'd hate for you to accidentally get caught in the Triangle. i'm impatient enough as it is.

The airline should have held the plane for you! Don't they know who you are? You're Jackson friggin' Publick (or that name that's actually on your passport)
I say put them on a list of airlines that need a smack in the mouth.

is this the X-X1? because it looks like it has a lounge.

Neat plane interior - too bad you had to miss a flight, though.

Is there any interesting backstory to the missed flight, or is it just one of those workaday inconveniences that crop up now and again?

Well, at least if the plane crashes on the way to Bremuda you wouldn't have been on it.

Just returned from my school's Halloween party. There was a Monarch, a different guy from last year, who came with a Dr. Girlfriend. I dare say he got more applause than the Mooninites.

The art school crowd loves you.

Oh dear, it appears that even Jackson Publick knows about the *chans.

Speaking of which, excellent picture, Spooky.

Wow, that looks incredible!

On a totally unrelated matter, we were dicussing Metalocalypse on SomethingAwful.com's forums, and we started talking about how we wished Deathklok existed in the VB world.

We figure that Rusty and Broc would be big Snakes and Barrels fans, and #24(the fat one?) would love Dr Rockso in an ironic indie way, and #21(the tall one?) would berate him for it.

Jonas Jr would be responsible for the creation of the Dethbus, dethcopter, and much of Mordland.

this past year, i convinced my feller to be as obsessed with venture brothers as i am... and for halloween he is officially sporting the first brock costume i've seen... hors were spent sculpting an upper body and a glorious blonde curly mullet. i'm molotov. of course. we're over 6ft so thought we could sort of pull off looking ass-kickyish. the other night a small gal dressed as a vampire got so excited she lost all her vampire teeth... yes. it's that exciting. i also was allowed with a very real looking air gun into a club without being checked. so basically, i think maybe i should be an assassin.


i wish i missed a plane to bermuda. but no. i'm designing dvd menus for anime. not at all like bermuda.

you need an area for people to post their venture brothers halloween costumes. i drew my fleshy reveals to avoid joining the masses of females exposing their boobs for halloween and it is awesome and needs to be seen by the people!

I hate to be that guy that says you should..., but when I saw this pic it came to me. you guys need to write a Choose your own Adventure Venture Brothers Comic. Then make it into a make your own episode game.

Even though Season 3 won't start for awhile, this puts my inner fangirl at ease. Can't wait!

Bermuda, eh? Are you actually taking a well needed vacation, or was this strictly business?

I've got "Hate Floats" playing on my iPod while I'm grading papers...I *heart* this show.

One thing I'd like to ask--who writes the subtitles? I've noticed some discrepancies, and I'll admit that I find them irritating. "Grab-eye" in the subtitles, but what I hear (and frankly, what makes more sense) is "crab-eye." Thoughts?

Better than when they're in the bathroom and Hank implores Dean to "quit wailing on my jug." Speaking as a former court reporter, I can attest to how hard subtitles can be to do, but...yeah.


I know you said you're bringing a lot of characters back for season 3, but I'm curious if we'll ever see Mecha-Shiva again.

Awesome cartoon picture!


Okay, so this blogger I don't know found a 1977 JC Penny catalogue in his father's attic and posted pictures. (It's all worksafe, it really is a 1977 JC Penny catalogue.) Scroll down to "Here's how to get your ass kicked on the golf course" - and now we know where Professor Venture got his first "speedsuit."

It also has many other pictures of horrific awesomeness, of course. ^_^

Freaking thank you for that. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. That link was excellent.

is the WGA strike going to effect Venture Brothers or would it if you guys still had writing to do? are you guys guild members? aside from the guild of calamitous intent of course

I'm a Guild member (though not one in good standing--I think I still owe them dues from when I worked on The Tick), Doc is not, but Venture Bros. is not a Guild show, so we'd be cool either way.

I heard a rumor about a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I don't normally place much stock in rumors, but this is one I'd like to be true, so I thought I'd ask for verification.

It's been said that you will be surprising your loyal fans with a Christmas Special-type episode of the Venture Brothers sometime next month, which, as everybody knows, is long before the next season is due to air.


I'm asking also because we canceled our cable after the Season 2 finale; there was no longer any point to paying for television. We're planning on having it reconnected for Season 3. But I might do it early for a Christmas Special.


Jasper Samson Layton-Guthier
was born on 08/26/07. Note the middle name. We tried various components of your and Doc's names, but they didn't have the same ring when placed next to "Jasper".
Maybe it was the name, but he has grown three and a half inches and doubled his weight since being born, and has developed a grip of iron. He is in the 100th percentile for nearly every size, weight, and strength measurement, and wearing 1-year-old's clothes already. If this continues, he will be killing guys with his bare hands before he gets into preschool. We're hopeful, anyhow.

So thanks for the show. And the freak-baby.


Re: I heard a rumor about a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

Make sure you don't cut his hair.

Congrats on finishing season 3! i can't wait to watch em!

I remember when I first heard of the upcoming Venture Brothers pilot featuring music by J.G. Thirlwell. Naturally I was a bit wary as I am a HUGE Thirlwell fan. I wondered if any show could truly live up to his compositions, but not only was I impressed with his reworking of his all ready released material, but the show itself was smartly written, perfectly voice acted, and HEE-Larious!

So when the first series began airing with his original scores i kept hoping and praying that there will be a cd of his amazing work. Please tell me that my prayers weren't for naught!

Venture Brothers Trading Cards

Sign the petition if you realize how freaking awesome that would be.


Any guests in season three?

Will there be any celebrity guests (real or impersonated) in season three?
Y'all should get John Paul Jones [Led Zeppelin] to guest as a vilain who Brock can't bring himself to kill.
Thanks for the new picture. Keep up the great work

Re: Any guests in season three?

The other night I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about guest appearances and even overt pop culture references on incredible shows like the Venture Bros. Sometimes they work (Edgar Allen Poe in Season Two was incredible!), sometimes they really -really- work (having the Mystery Machine crew, but reworking the characters into something more fantastic is still one of my favorite VB episodes)...but then you kind of cross the line into annoying, 'it's lost it's shine' territory. Like Family Guy. Ok, I take that back. That show never had shine, but the point is that the writing on VB is strong enough to not have to rely on guest appearances. Sure, it definitely works sometimes, but I'd rather the effort spent on working John Paul Jones up into a villain (which actually wouldn't be that hard - doesn't he have wooden teeth or something?) spent on developing 3 great new, original characters. King Gorilla? Tiny Jesus? Come on - way better than a guest appearance from say, Lou Reed or Billy Zoom. Then again...

Alright, now I'm confused. Thanks.

Brock's Dodge Charger Art - Season 2 DVD

Hey gang,
A few months ago Jackson sold some of his originals from the Season 2 DVD on eBay, including a cool 2 pack of Brock's Charger and Brock in the inflatable tuxedo. I bought this with the intention of splitting it with a friend, but he backed out:( All I ever wanted was the tuxedo piece, so cool as the Charger is, I feel sorta guilty holding onto it with so little of Jackson's art out there and no huge obsessive love for it like i have for the tuxedo piece(which is the bomb diggity!!)

I didn't want to repost this on eBay since that seemed sorta insulting to Jackson(it wasn't meant to be "flipped"!) and I'd feel REALLY guilty if it sold for drastically more than the original auction(since the money SHOULD go to Jackson's vacation fund). So since this seemed like the only place I knew of with Jackson fans, this was the only place worth mentioning it.

Here's a link for anyone interested:

Sorry again for the slightly OT post!

Just wondering if there will be any Christmas songs that will be released from you guys this year?


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