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Awesome to see a new rendering, yet not so awesome on you missing your plane.

Are you still going to try to get to Bermuda?

(Deleted comment)
Oh no!

Well, your loss is our gain. :)

Sorry you missed your plane...but thanks for the little piece of Venture just the same ^_^

~Much love, Crittle~

It's a good thing that you didn't make that plane, because there's no one flying it.

What you need to do is hijack a bus and tell them to take it straight to Bermuda.

Hey, it worked on Monty Python.

It did work on Python. Bermuda, sounds lovely.

I didn't get a chance to go downtown today, so here's one I made in Maya.

Wait, how can we tell that the cartoon plane is headed to Bermuda? I think you're trying to pull a fast one on us.

Wait, this makes no sense!
How can a cartoon plane make up for a missed plane!
This is just plane wrong and plane crazy.

I needed a pick-me-up. Thank you.

Where's the flight computer? :D

It's hidden by the front console overlay I didn't include in the image.

We love you Jackson.

When does S3 start? I am seriously jonesing here. I'm sure I could Wikipedia it or something, but might as well ask while I'm here.

I'm actually not sure. Late spring, I think. We don't start delivering finished episodes to the network until January, and then it's one every two weeks after that. Usually they wait until we have 7 or 8 of them finished before airing the first one (they have to wait until we have at least six, because our premier is the sixth episode we're making). So that puts us into at least April, maybe later.

oohh the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

OK so totally irrelevant, but I´m sitting here watching a show on public television on the Bermuda Triangle when I get a msg that this journal was updated. SPOOKY.
Maybe it was a good thing you missed that plane today...fate or something.

that is just not good for business

I'm a newish fan via the DVDs. I saw the entry and it took me a second to remember who you were. Please make more genius.

Awww. Were you going on vacation? I hope you can make another flight!

If only we all had an experimental supersonic aircraft that our dad made for us to galavant around the world in.

Just drive to Bermuda...not much a fan of planes.
I get all giddy when you post the art! Thanks for sharing that with us before it hits the tv screen! It really is a treat. I call people in from other rooms to see your posts.
Have a great weekend, sir!

Sorry you missed your plane, but awesome cockpit!

These backgrounds just get sexier every season, I swear.

Was the plane you missed also a super-sonic experimental one?

Stupid question, but how fast is it for you to whip up a nice bit of digital art like that?

It makes me cry.

Depends. The background design department draws it up in pencil, "inks" it (or "color traps" it) in Flash, and then the color department will spend a day or two painting it. This one got lavished with special attention, since it's one of our major, iconic and recurring locations. I would say, on average, the paintings for our more elaborate or important backgrounds usually take two days.

Who told you you could go on vacation? I ain't seen me no Season 3 yet. Back to work art-monkey and make with the funny!

Who said it was a vacation? This is an important business trip, involving much killing of chickens and chanting. If they don't appease the right gods, then the title sequence plays in the wrong aspect ratio.


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