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The secret files of the Ventureverse

Awesome! Props to all of them-this season was spectacular.

I certainly can't wait till April now...

I bought copies of season one for all of my friends at 9 bucks each. X-Mas is totally freakin' covered. THANK YOU!

Thanks for making my favorite show.

season two is halarious episode after halarious episode... so cant wait till season 2!!

I'm new to the whole VB scene. After many friends harping on me, I finally watched some Season 1 eps on OnDemand. Then watched them again. And again. And again. Then got a crush on Dr. Venture. Then almost wept openly in public when my local video store had already rented the boxset to someone else this week.

Amazon.com here I come! :) Thanks guys, for making my winter bearable. :)

thanks for the amazon tip.
i couldn't wait so i got mine when it came out.
but now i know what to get folks for xmas. :)

I can't wait to buy Season 2 on DVD :D

Please tell every person on that list that Crittle loves them!!! :D Thanks for an awesome Season Two, and for getting the new dvds out so quickly! And I'm especially happy to see Mike S. included in the commentary now, I'm all super excited for that!! Much love, and come February...I have a suprise for you all! Go team Venture! ~Crittle~ ^-^

So what's up with no VB on the fix? I am a humble workingman and can't stay up to the unholy hour that Adult Swim schedules you guys to air.

(Pausing to say VB is the shizznite, all praise it's ineffable name, ohm.)

Am I missing episodes?

I'm dry.....DRY, MAN! *shakes you by the collar*

And being dry frankly sucks.


Multiple copies of season 1 just purcahsed. They will be distributed among my minions.

Thank you for making a wonderful show- my husband & I are huge VB fans.
Wishing you a loverly eve!

You guys did a great job with season 2. I thought that the characters had so much more to them than they did in the first season. I am excited for the next dvd to come out and prospect of a big plan!

The one and only problem with Venture Bros.: Not enough.

Thank you for creating a brillaint show that I quote on a daily basis. Usually three times, in my Henchmen 24 voice. Give or take.

I'm with everyone else--season two was spectacular.


Question: You know what you guys need now?

Answer: An assistant to handle all the pain in the ass crap you guys are too busy for.

we've recorded commentary for every episode (some with James Urbaniak and Mike Sinterniklaas as our very special guests) which we can guarantee will be even less entertaining and more off-topic than the last set's

you're crazy!!! ;) the season 1 DVD commentary is AWESOME!!! but i still wanna hear your brock impersonations... xoxoxo

Date marked! Can't wait for it.

That season finale was amazing. I almost threw the remote at the tv when the show ended. I was like, "Damnit! Can't end yet!" Especially since I hadn't realized I was watching the season finale until it was over.

David Bowie, man. David fuckin Bowie. Nice.

Another Avatar and Venture Brothers fan? Wow.

Thank you list of people, thank you JP, and thanks to Amazon for making the DVD set now the most affordable AND the most awesome gift of the holiday season.
Shame about having less bad costumes. That was awesome.
OH YES, and thank YOU for introducing another generation of people to Klaus Nomi! For this treat I supply a CATPARTY.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I was super-excited for season two to come out, and I had a big list of expectations, but you entirely blew me away! :) Keep up the AMAZING work!

Thank you for the best show on TV and my favorite all time! also thanks to the VB crew, all those you've listed and to all the fans who've been watching and buying the season 1 DVD. Top 50!!!

I can't wait to hold Season 2 in my tiny little hands!

Care to comment on this (or is it hush-hush?) :


This is listed at the bottom/middle of the page in marker.

"Venture (26)"

Season 3 with 26 eps or season 3 & 4 - 13 eps a piece???

I think Venture (26) refers to the 26th episode of Venture Bros-the second season finale.

Re: Scientastic!!! (Anonymous) Expand
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 was freakin' aweSOME!!! And well worth the wait, too, (though it sorely tested our endurance). Can't wait for the DVD!

lovely current music choice.

keep up the good work:). i had ridiculously high expectations for this season (throwing around "best show on tv" to everyone i know and such), and wasn't disappointed at all--which is a pretty big deal if you think about most times one has high expectations. dvd sounds awesome too:). thanks! and like the last person to post before me wrote, way to go on the semi-obscure smiths listening, even if it was just the semantic content of the title you posted it for.

Thanks for putting in all the hard work and brilliance. You've really created one of the best things on TV ever. I can't wait to buy the season 2 DVD.
Keep up the great work. :)


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