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Nothing to Report
Nothing much doing in Venture World this week. Just felt like posting some sketches of terror suspects done for the most recent episode's newspaper exposition sequence (some of them used, some not) because I rarely post my own work. And I've been in a doodling mood lately, now that I don't have to do any professional drawing for a while, so it kind of complements that.

As for the show, Doc and I are editing the second to last episode, "Showdown at Cremation Creek," which we have a tight deadline on for obvious reasons. Made tighter still because Doc still has a lot of "censoring" to do on the previous episode before it goes to final output for the network (yes, more penises to blur and black out, and some female parts this time, too. Full frontal male nudity somehow became the running thing this season. A step up from season one's urine gags...). And we have to record a song for this one, super-quick.

The Dunny I painted for Kid Robot's Paint Ball Auction seems to have fetched a respectable price, so thanks to whoever bid on that.

Other than that, I'm just reading and watching a lot of movies lately. The Illusionist was a big disappointment...mostly because it was so unimaginatively shot. Then again, I watched a DVD of The Parallax View the night before, in which every single shot is a lingering, beautifully composed image, so perhaps I was a little too hard on it. Still, I'm betting The Prestige, which comes out next month, will be much better (I just can't resist a turn-of-the-century magician movie, and I read the book years ago). I liked Inside Man, though.

We Love You,

P.S. UPDATE: A while ago, adultswim.com sent us some questions which were apparently sent in by viewers and those who frequent their website. Doc and I have answered them, and you can view said answers HERE.

That is a seriously awesome picture. I really hope you'll consider posting more of your drawings in the future :D

I felt the same way about The Illusionist.

I am really looking forward to The Prestige. How can you go wrong? It's Batman vs Wolverine...as uber-magicians!

... with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla! The Prestige could possibly explode at the seams with the amount of nifty they're packing in there.

The Parallax View is such an amazing little neo-noir/paranoia movie.

Terrorist or Super Villain?

Is the guy in the middle some relation to Torrid?

In regards to nudity and curse words - will they be accessable on the DVD? Just askin'...

(index fingers to temples, willing season three into existence)

First urination, now nudity... imagine what you'll come up with for the running gag in season three.

Is that Martian Manhunter as a terrorist suspect? Talk about illegal aliens.

Sunday night can't come soon enough. And don't think it wasn't painful going Venture-less last night.


You don't know me, but I recently sent a business-related e-mail to the "goteamventure" address on your webiste. Do you personally receive those e-mails? It would have been from Brandon Jerwa.


i'm holding out for the science of sleep. michel never disappoints.

When do we get an unrated DVD with the nudity unblurred? :)

I hope never. The exact size of Brock's penis is best left a mystery.

(Deleted comment)
I was actually kinda disappointed in Inside Man. The acting was strong, but it was a two hour plus movie for a story you basically could've gotten across in forty minutes. I expected more, especially from that group. (And what the hell was Willem Dafoe doing there? Did he just show up bored one day and they threw him a cop uniform?) High hopes for The Prestige, though.

Niec picture. Keep 'em coming!

We love you back JP!

...ok, it's a lame post. Doesn't make it any less true.

If you loved us you'd give us uncensored DVD's.

Keep up the great work!

I second this sentiment. Personally, I need to see precisely what Brock is packing, since I have officially had a sex dream featuring him (mullet included *shudder*)...

Awesome pic. The guy on the most-left looks like Martian Manhunter to me, ha.

(Deleted comment)
Hah wow, I got Dormammu flashbacks there! Thats awesome.
I'm really looking forward to the Prestige - It's got a great cast, I love steampunk stuff - and hell, Bowie is playing Nikola Tesla!


Super mega robot punch awesome.

That's all I got to say.

Woohoo! Keep up th e great work.. and you guys hould look into coming to MTAC even if it's just as fans... It's in Middle Tennessee and great fun.

If you enjoy turn of the century books concerning magic and such, you might consider reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It's set during the Napoleonic wars. Christopher Hampton (who did Dangerous Liaisons, or at least adapted the screenplay) is adapting it for a film right now.

I was daunted by the 800 pages, but it really was a quick read. The writing style is very accessible and the story is imaginative., the characters really relatable. The humor is very dry British Wit. I think TIME named it book of the year or at least placed it on the list of books of the year.

Second-to-last episode...gah...

When would we hear of any hope for another season?

Most definatly an awesome "doodle" there as you call it.

Funny, your doodles look only as the things in my imagine do, then I try to draw them out myself, and bam! I have "12 oz. Mouse" all over 100 different pieces of paper. *sigh*

Always wonderful to hear from you.

I'm off to work now, otherwise I would post much, much more.

Thank you for being you.

I was wondering when they were gonna bring those questions up and share them! And ya know, I thought and thought of what I wanted to ask you, and when I finally decided, the send in your question thing was over. Bummer, I'm too slow. If you don't mind and aren't too busy to reply, I can ask you here though!
I posted my question on the venture lj community here and got a pretty damn good response to with people's personal opinions...but I want to know the TRUE answers...since you and Doc would know heh.

SO....what kind of music would the Venture characters listen to? What's Dean, Hank, Brock and Dr. Venture into? Or any of the other characters as well, though I'm especially interested in those 4. Please let me know if you get a chance! THANKS!

~Luv, Crittle~

Funny you should ask. Doc and I put together iTunes playlists for Dr. Venture, Brock, the boys and the Monarch recently, because iTunes was supposedly going to put them on their site as "celebrity playlists" in support of The Venture Bros. episodes being available for download. But it fell through when we learned they don't post playlists for fictional characters (the notable exception being one of the characters from Pixar's Cars, which made the cut for obvious reasons.

On the whole, Dr. Venture listened to a lot of bad prog rock and lamer, late-career entries from rockers who were once great. Brock of course loves Led Zeppelin, but since iTunes doesn't have any, we put a lot of classic rock, some metal and some blues rock stuff on there. The Monarch is big on new wave. And the boys had the most ecclectic list, which included theme songs from Star Wars, The A Team, and Flash Gordon, as well as some Eminem and pop hip hop, a Muppets Christmas song, Elton John and Avril Lavigne. Everyone had one Bowie song on their list as well. For Doc it was Bowie's "Dancing in the Street" duet with Mick Jagger, for Brock it was "She Shook Me Cold," the boys were into "Scary Monsters" and the Monarch of course chose "Word on a Wing."

(Deleted comment)
Bad Company (Anonymous) Expand
I actually liked The Illusionist.

If you're looking for something, to doodle, you can always do some hoboes.

I have to say, I love your art and also hope you show some more of it in the furutre. Oh and thanks for reminding me about The Illusionsit. I rally for the return of top hats to be commonplace in everyday fashion.

Aside from the somewhat simple camera angles, what did you think about the story/performances in the Illusionist?

I was surprisingly impressed by the movie, and I went in expecting it to be pretty crappy. I thought the stark/straightforward shooting helped bring out the performances of the actors. [More imaginative shooting might have made it feel a little too busy, but that could just be my way of thinking.]

Very nice sketches! I love the variety of facial structures and the details on each one, they each have so much personality packed in.

Don't get me wrong...a simply shot movie can be great. But this one seemed to pride itself so much on its stylized colors and overall After Effects-filtered look that it almost seemed like a crutch for unimaginative direction. The performances were mostly very good. Ed Norton was excellent, if a little detached, and the always-great Paul Giamatti was his usual great, but Jessica Biel--by no fault of her acting necessarily--seemed out of place. She's got kind of an impossibly modern face or something, I don't know...I just didn't buy her. Mostly, though, I found it really cartoonish. The performances seemed very stagey, very much like everyone was half-kidding, even though they were entertaining. And the story was corny fairy tale stuff, with a "twist" I saw coming the entire time. To be fair, however, I have to say I was very tired, not in the best of moods, and saw the film on a very small screen...so perhaps on a different day, in a different theater, I would have been in the right state of mind to enjoy it as a simple little fairy tale, I dunno.

good selection of questions on [as].
better than the usual "i'm-trying-reallyreallyreallyentirely-hard-to-be-clever"
slew of postings.

the answers, on the other hand... kidding!
no less than creative and intriguing.

Nice set of drawings. I guess they're generic one-shot characters that won't ever make another appearance on the show. Will there be funny headlines as well? or stories written by names of people who work on the show?

As for the Inside Man, I haven't seen it. But the commercials for it were good because of the line "THIS AIN'T NO BANK ROBBERY!!" THat should be on t-shirts. THat's how great that line is.


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