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Congrats on the Uncle bit! And the best part is of being an uncle? YOU can spoil it and send it home! When it starts crying, you hand it off to mom or dad! No diaper changes and no feeding unless YOU want to! YAY! Sorry you didn't have an AMAZING time at Dragon*con. It was really nice to see you though. I mean you guys really created something wonderful that I thought only I would have the sense of Humor for. And the best part is? You guys are REAL people. I met Jonhan Vasquez (Invader Zim, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, I Feel Sick etc) And he was pretty cold to his fans. He acted like someone had held a gun to his head and made him come. He didn't even wonder the con after his signings and panels. he basically just went to his room and waited for the next signing or whatever. But to constantly run into you two was great! And who'd have thought that the brains behind the Ventures would be so attractive? Not wormy Thadeus looking guys with bad attitudes and don't smile. You guys were really the high light of the convention and I hope you can make it next year. Especially so you can see our semi-decent job and a "Mostly" functional H.E.L.P.eR. ! So... Comics eh? I like Batman... And X-Men. Okay, that's it. Maybe you'll respond or maybe I will get lost in the shuffle. Either way... Thank you for coming to Dragon*con.

My brother's hung out with Jhonen several times, as he lives in Chicago now. From my understanding, he feels like his fanbase has been dumbed down ever since Hot Topic started selling his stuff and turned his books into faux-teen-goth fad stuff. His fans used to be people who went to comic shops and supported his work because they took the time to find it in the sea of small press books and thought it was better than the rest. Now any a-hole preteen can go to the mall and buy Squee and think they're hip. So I'm not surprised you say he seemed cold and didn't wanna be there. He probably didn't. I'm not defending him, but I must say I understand him. I don't know that I would act the same way, but I certainly don't blame him.

Re: It's Maddening!

That guy's got an ego you can see from space. If he hates conventions and seeing his fans so much he should turn down the money and not go to them. There are other ways to make money. Like writing comics.

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