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Been a long time since we rock n' rolled...

Things have been both busy and not. We're still doing post-production on this season's episodes, but that keeps Doc far busier than me. Really I just go in for retakes and the final two days of editing, plus the sound mixes, so I have a lot more time on my hands. Attempting to fill it with side projects, home improvement, and research for a possible non-Venture screenplay, but I'm sort of in that withdrawal phase I go through at the end of any protracted period of intense work--I kind of don't know what to do with my down time and just get depressed and lethargic. Probably my body's and mind's way of telling me I need to recuperate from such a difficult season. So even though a relatively speedy Season 3 pickup is blowin' in the wind (if not official yet), it will probably be a little while before we regroup, get our heads together, and start writing more episodes.

Doc and I have just returned from DragonCon in Atlanta...and boy, are our arms tired. Mostly from signing things and waving to one another from across crowded rooms with one hand while holding a cell phone with the other, into which we're shouting "over here! I'm over here. To the left...Where did you go?!" While not quite as fun and diverse as the San Diego Comicon for me (I'm more of a comics guy than a dragon guy, I have to say), it was once again our pleasure to meet some of our more die-hard fans, particularly the Henchwench herself, founder and purveyor of The People's Republic of Venture. Aside from setting up a Venture fan booth and spreading the good word via all manner of stickers, flyers and lunchboxes bought on her own dime, she took the time to make us each a little care baggie filled with fattening snacks and hard to find soft drinks. We also received gifts of drawings from several fans, took pictures with dozens more, and had our picture taken with a guy dressed chillingly accurately like Doctor Venture, who seemed blessedly ignorant of our identities and more than a little put off by our intrusion upon his DragonCon duties (for overblown coverage of this minor event, go to adultswim.com).

We did a pair of well-received panel discussions--one solely for Venture Bros. (which I barely made it to, having missed my earlier flight down there and gotten on standby for a later one) and one en masse Adult Swim panel with a bunch of the other creative minds behind all of your other favorite snarky late night cartoons.

The highlight of the convention was definitely the needcoffee.com film festival on Saturday night--a marathon of strange short films and cartoons orchestrated by Honorary Astrobase Cadet Ken Plume, in which we unveiled to a ravenous crowd the splendor that is "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills," an upcoming Venture Bros. episode that won't see air for several more weeks. Aside from that, we enjoyed hanging out with the Williams Street kids on their own turf, and thrilled to Dana Snyder's tales of skullduggery and racketeering down in the "Walk of Fame" (the room where dozens of C list actors peddle their signatures for $20 or more). My greatest score was a t-shirt featuring an drawing of character actor Tom Atkins and simply the word "Atkins," which Tom personally fetched from the display wall behind him at great personal risk atop an unstable folding chair.

I don't personally have any pictures from DragonCon, but Doc has more patience with this kind of thing than I (and fewer qualms about seeing bad pictures of himself) so check out his myspace "soulbot" page in the next few days, and I'm just betting he'll have culled some from the interweb to display on his blog therein.


I contributed a fully painted "Dunny" figure to Kid Robot's "Paint Ball" charity auction to benefit the Save the Children Federation. Basically, they send out a bunch of blank, white figures to some "celebrities" and graffitti artists, who then tart them up with spray paint and paint markers and what have you. Then they auction these off. For whatever reason (I have no one to blame but myself), I was under the mistaken belief these things were only like two or three inches tall and thought "no problem." When mine arrived, it was nearly two feet in height. So if you want the only hand-painted piece of Venture Bros. "merchandise" (actually, the only piece of Venture Bros. merchandise, period.) and you'd like to help out a good cause, go bid on it on eBay. Or tell a rich friend who loves charity to do so and then have him/her give it to you because you just gave them a tax write-off.


We're on iTunes!

I know I'm late in pointing this out, but it's been a while since I posted, and that's kind of a big deal. The customer reviews have thusfar been glowing (except for a handful of illiterates who will only be satisfied if iTunes starts selling episodes of Inuyasha) and hopefully we're reaching a whole new audience.

We've recently turned in "Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?" and "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills" and are presently editing Ben Edlund's contribution to the season, "¡Viva Los Muertos!" which is a bitch because the first few scenes are very long, continuous pieces of animation, so fixing anything that's wrong with them requires tedious rendering time just to see if our fixes worked. And the overseas studio apparently suffered some sort of massive system crash, so retakes have been coming in slowly.

Just today, however, we received Korea's first take of the season finale episode. Looks pretty good--full of action, secret revelations, surprise guest stars, and all the usual cast of lovable cartoon pals. Spent the day calling retakes, of course, but that's nothing new.

We were back with "Fallen Arches" last weekend, and this Sunday we're premiering "Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?" featuring the return of Bud Manstrong, which nobody asked for, but you're getting it. Then we're in reruns for a week, followed by "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills" and the last three episodes of the season, but good god we're going to be cutting it really close on those last two...so keep your fingers crossed or there could be more reruns in our mutual televised future.

In response to some of the queries posted on this journal (and elsewhere) "Victor. Echo. November" was indeed produced before "Assassinanny 911" and it was only later we chose the order the episodes were to run in (we did--not the network--so blame us). For some of them, it was obvious--"Powerless in the Face of Death" had to run first, "Hate Floats" second--but most of the others could run in any old order, with some exceptions along the way. We thought about the storylines, the characters' development, the little bits of season story arc; we thought about which ones packed the biggest punch; we decided to alternate Doc's episodes and mine as much as possible, and to alternate Monarch and non-Monarch episodes to keep him from getting played out. The one little detail we forgot about in regards to these two episodes was Kim, Triana's techno-Goth friend. She's obviously met Hank and Dean already in "Assassinanny 911," which aired a month ago, but is only just being introduced to them in last night's episode. Our bad. Neither of us picked up on it till the former episode aired, at which point Doc, just as guilty as I, cried "foul!" because he didn't want me to get credit for his Fred from Scooby Doo joke, which I'd unintentionally scooped him on...when it was meant as a "callback." Oh, well...

In retrospect, "Love-Bheits" (the first episode produced this season) probably should have aired before "20 Years to Midnight" because of the reference to the Impossible family dressing up as the Fantastic Four, since I doubt they'd be engaging in a whole lot of fun family interaction after the latter's events.

As for your questions regarding "20 Years to Midnight" and Jonas Jr.'s "sourpussin'," the answer is: he feels guilty for taking advantage of a junky and writing him a fake prescription just to get what he wanted out of him. There were originally a couple more lines to that scene which explained that a little better, but the episode was a good deal over time and we had to cut something. We thought his moral dilemma was self-explanatory, given the ruse he and the Captain put on in their prior scene, but I guess not. To put it in perspective, that script was 6 pages over the limit; the original audio slug was about four minutes too long; and the finished animation was about a minute too long. Something had to go, and now we've got two scenes for the "deleted scenes" special feature in the season 2 DVD.

We just started talking to the network about the dvd project and are tossing around special features and packaging ideas with an eye toward a March release, I think (don't quote me on this...these things always change). The deleted scenes should generally be a bit more compelling on the next set than they were on the Season 1 set, since Doc's being really good about saving all the original animation in separate files this time for just that purpose. Also, Dave Paterson has been doing full 5.1 Surround Sound mixes for each episode in addition to the standard TV stereo mix, so the DVDs should sound great, as God intended them to.

Lastly...I'M AN UNCLE!

This li'l pink dynamo came into the world last Friday, and though my brother claims she looks like neither him nor his wife, her baby pictures, to me, are strikingly similar to both his and mine. Pray she doesn't inherit whatever recessive gene granted me my forehead...

We love you,

P.S. Check out the movie Brick, which just came out on DVD or is about to. It's pretty great.

but we love your forehead!


She's the cutest! Congrats to the family. :)

On the topic of Dragon*Con...I was drinking with a guy Sunday night who had taken it upon himself to "confiscate" all available HIV Awareness pamphlets from some hotel lobby and "inform" every con-goer he could about the subject. While drunk. He claimed he cornered you and Doc in an elevator, pressed the subject of AC Slater's opinion on HIV, and probably pissed you both off. He was sorely embarrassed that, in his drunken convention loving stupor, he didn't recognize either of you until his entirely sober friend later informed him of his faux pas.

Holy shit! Tom Atkins! He was fucking awesome in Night Of The Creeps.

(Brick was indeed very good.)

Oh my god, I can't tell you how awesome it is that the Season 2 DVD will (hopefully) be coming out as soon as March. Love how the current season is going so far, though I'll admit to wanting to see LOTS more of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. I hope they get lots of action in the season finale.

PS: Are we ever going to learn anything about Mom Venture?

You will get both of your wishes in "I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills." Sort of.

i love you and i want you inside of me.

In retrospect, "Love-Bheits" (the first episode produced this season) probably should have aired before "20 Years to Midnight" because of the reference to the Impossible family dressing up as the Fantastic Four, since I doubt they'd be engaging in a whole lot of fun family interaction after the latter's events.

I actually figured that it wasn't necessarily Richard, Susan, Ned, and Cody who went to the costume party, just Richard and three of his Impossible Industries employees we haven't seen (or really needed to see).

I hate to say it, but I hostly don't expect that degree of continuity from this show. Doctor Venture loses an arm, H.E.L.P.eR get's wild styling or is destroyed, and with all the crazy irreparable harm that's done, the next show starts where it wants.

Also, nobody said you have to air a show in chronological order.

I'm so glad you and doc were at Dragon Con... Hope to see ya next year!!!

So are you going to turn your niece into a Girl Adventurer and totally traumatize her in the style of "Rusty"? Or is she going to find the kill switch on Soulbot?

I can't see why anyone would be confused about that part in "20 years to midnight". It seemed pretty clear Jonas Venture Jr. wrote Jonny a bunch of fake prescriptions.

(Deleted comment)
Sadly, slim to none. My camera's battery was dead the day I finished it and had to drop it off at Kid Robot, and I only managed to squeak off a couple of not high quality pictures of it at the opening tonight (one of which is the pic in my journal). I am a terrible archivist when it comes to my own work.

Fallen Arches may have been the greatest 20-some minutes of my life to date. Thank you.

Yes, that was definitely the best episode so far.

Good to see ya at the Con, my man...and congrats on being an uncle. Caught BRICK last night, coincidentally, and loved the hell out of it. And snce you're too lazy to do it....here's a shot for your viewing pleasure:

I be the one on the left. I.e. the cat with that little wrestling website.

Peace be wid ya....


Here's me with all the jealousy. Look deeply into my jealousy.

There are days that I really resent being poor and stuck in Michigan.

Actually, I quite like your forehead. Who's saying mean things about your forehead?

I don't think he mentioned that anybody was saying anything about his forehead. He just mentioned his own forehead. You are "projecting". So what have YOU heard?


Just out of curiousity, if you were going to imagine Dr. Venture in reality, what would his facial hair look like? Goatee? Weird neck-beard with pointy chin thing?

I only ask because the answer could have some Halloween related consequences. If it's a neck beard I'd better stop shaving soonish

Have you seen Ed Norton lately? He's totally turning into Doc Venture. :) He'd be perfect...

And I think Doc probably manscapes his facial hair pretty meticulously. He just seems the type to spend an hour in the bathroom looking "perfect." So I wouldn't bother growing out anything on the neck. He'd think neck hair is gauche.

Re: Tangent (Anonymous) Expand
I'll chime in my thanks about the con appearances. You two were fantastic, as was 'Caged Bird', though I have to admit, that 'short' about the music stylings of Ludwig Von Duck or whatever the fuck his name was proved to be a test of pure mettle.

That being said, it was still worth it.

To Brick, it is out on DVD and if you can find it kicking around, they issues a Brick 'slang' dictionary a while back. The movie is great without it, but getting some clarity on the lingo helps quite a bit.

nothing important

grats on your newly found unclehood first off, awesome dunny 2nd (but dear god how i want some REAL venture toys soon) and 3rd off awesome friggin season, after how much i loved season 1 i was sure 1 of 2 things would happen, A the show would get cancled since adult swim as far as i can tell is in fact run by 3 year old chimps, or B it would totally suck, glad neither happened (and with the talk of season 3 maybe even the chimps are learning). i did have one question for you, i've been a collector of animation art for a long time now and i was wondering if you guys were ever planning on making some venture production art available, i'd asume there are only sketeches of the show as i don't think it's cel animated. owning my very own Baron Underbite sketch would be even cooler then my very own Baron Underbite action figure (which have i mentioned i NEEEEED to be made soon :-P) anyway thanks for reading if you did and keep up the awesomeness

Always wonderful to hear from you, and get the inside scoop on your daily grind.

I continue to rage feverishly over every new Venture Bros. esisode that airs, and continue to DVR every single one of them. So I will have my very own (kind of) complete Season 2 before it is actually released on DVD. And you can bet that they wont be removed from my DVR (to my own will!) until I have that sweet piece of plastic and cardboard in my sweaty little palms.

Your niece is quite cute. I have a little one of my own, which is why I have not made the trek to see you folks at any of the cons. Maybe if there is some Seattle based con in the future, I will have to make it with the sole purpose of praising you with compliments on one of the greatest television shows ever created, but of course, you already know that.

Anyway, have a great one and keep up the wonderful work on the Venture Bros.

Congrats on the niece. She looks pink and healthy. And you're going to love being an uncle. You get to play with the kids and have fun, and then when they get all stinky you can just hand them back.

And thank you so much for finding the time to attend Dragon*Con. You and Doc really made it a wonderful experience. Your panels were great, fun and interesting. And I think everyone appreciated how open and friendly you were. I've already started working on a new badge design for next year and other table projects. And progress continues on the H.E.L.P.eR. I mentioned (except I forgot to say that he's only 4' tall due to travel issues and should be radio controlled). I was also thrilled by all the comic artists who kept coming by the table talking about how much they love Venture Bros.

Thanks again for everything. :)

Conratulations on unclehood! Making up words is a gift you get as an uncle, so no one can fight you on it or have to take on the League of Uncles' lawyers. Let me tell you this, those lawyers are vicious.

Congratulations on the niece. :)

BTW, "Fallen Arches" was hilarious.

Glad to hear about a possible 3rd season. Congrats!!

Will it be possible for the 2nd season episodes to be shown in the correct production order when it arrives on DVD next year? You know have the episodes arranged via production order rather than airdate? Because Arrested Development also suffered from that same fate. Some of the Season 1 episodes aired out of production order, and that's a show you have to see in the correct production order rather than how it aired on FOX (the episodes on G4 air via how it aired on FOX). Luckily the DVD's have the correct production order.

"Firefly" did the same thing, but that was totally a network decision. *shakes angry fist at Fox* Damn you Fox.

You don't speak up often, but when you do you're a goldmine of info. Glad to hear that the second DVD and third season are on something of a fast track -- I'm guesssing the swift sales of Volume One aided in those decisions.

Speaking of DVDs (and clumsy transitions), I picked up The Tick last week and have been watching for your (other) name in the credits, but it hasn't popped up yet. (Of course, I'm parceling out the episodes, so I'm only in the middle of disc one.) When did you start working on the show? Also, do you know why the "Mole Men" episode you wrote was left off the set?

Here's how it went down: The first season was originally going to be a six episode test run, or a mid-season kind of thing or something. Ben was out in L.A. producing those episodes when I was in N.Y. writing for a Tick spin-off comic book (having been hired precisely because Ben would be too busy on the cartoon to make any more Tick comics for the foreseeable future). At some point Fox decided to up the order to a full 13 episodes, so Ben asked me to write one--"The Tick Vs. The Mole Men"--which, as you know, is not included on the set (I also did my first storyboard ever for that episode). So I came onto the show mid-way through season one (around 1994). I still don't know the exact reason why the episode has been excluded. I'm told it's a copyright issue, but have no other details about it. Speculation has been that Cindy Crawford, who is loosely parodied in that episode, objected--but I have absolutely no confirmation of that. It could be for any number of reasons one would never suspect.

(Deleted comment)
Karma Tornado (Anonymous) Expand
Glad to hear things are going well- I, um, haven't had cable for a couple years now, and while I guess I could watch the eps online, I just haven't had the patience for it. But all of my online buds adore the second season, so I'm very glad to hear about the DVD release. Keep us posted, please, as my wallet is just aching to open and spew its contents on a Best Buy counter for some more sweet, sweet Venturing.

Brick is indeed teh awesome. Everybody should buy the DVD, and then buy another one, in case the first DVD is unable to fulfill it's duties of being brilliant 24/7.

Zombieland: an online horror novel

Hell yes, Brick. It has been really sad seeing the same 20 copies of it sitting on the shelf at work while Bring it on 3: Direct to DVD sells like dick cream.

brick was o.k.

Brick was an interesting exercise in language, but o.k. otherwise. Brick loses it's lustre on the second viewing and actually becomes sort-of lame.


I am so thankful you are on iTunes that I fall asleep to the show every night on my iPod.

And not that I have fanboy'd it up... I will run away in shame.

Grats on your uncle-ness! So far season two has kept me rolling on the floor and exhorting my minion to watch.

I have to say though season one left us with a lasting and what will probably be eternal quote:

"It's like two ninjas taped together to form one giant ninja."

I laugh out loud every time I say that.

Best. Line. Ever.

That's one of my favorite lines ever, too. Penned by Doc Hammer, who also wrote the Lizzie Borden Vs. Anne Frank argument that probably ties it for first place in my book.


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