Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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My girlfriend wants to know about something she noticed in the first episode of the series.

During the musical montage at the beginning, we see Dr. Venture's brother trying out his new arm. Is he testing his arm out for use on "himself"? I didn't notice it, but she brought up "Is he practicing to beat off as a way to test out his new arm?"

I thought it was hilarious and that I wouldn't put it past you all. We watched the episode again, and I looked at it. It's pretty close, but not close enough in my opinion. I suggested that since the language barrier is different to Korea they may not have gotten the joke and didn't do it correctly?

Is she way off on this or is she a keeper? Well, she's a keeper because she'll watch The Venture Brothers with me... but how did her keen eyes do on this one?

Unintentional. But I noticed it looked like that when it came back from overseas, too, so I guess that's what he's doing now.

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