Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Is is just me, or is Dr. Venture getting to be more and more of a jerk as the episodes progress? Not that I'm complaining, he's still very funny.

Nah, he was always that way. [harvesting the twins' kidneys in the first episode? skinning the family dog in the pilot?]

His life has gone downhill a bit. I'd be pretty pissy if my unborn-fetus-symbiote of a brother popped out and had 2 college degrees in a matter of weeks when I couldn't finish college.

What's interesting about him is that it's not that he's becoming more of a jerk--just more of a realistic jerk. I love how he throws a hissy fit whenever anyone seems to be able to do a job more competantly than he can--a list that pretty much includes everyone.

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