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We did some brainstorming for a fantasy cast for a Venture Brothers movie, the collected results, with a few blanks can be found here:


Feel free to offer your suggestions.

If Mike Sinterniklaas doesn't play Dean there's officially no Animation God!! He's practically the source for the clone slugs!!!

Sorry to bug you with a silly question, but could you state for the record who Rocket's father is.

It seems there are a few different opinions on the subject.

Re: Rocket's Father

Wouldn't it have to be Professor Impossible? Sally made the urine sample he tested ("Dr. Venture is... pregnant??") before she really started flirting with Venture. It could always be revealed to be someone else in a future episode but as currently written I assumed it was Professor Impossible.


A nice riff on the film, which I remember seeing in the theater when it first came out and being somewhat underwhelmed by the whole "the alien is my dad" thing. Also, is the Grand Galactic Inquisitor meant to have any relation to Galactus? And on a side note, I notice that in your hero parodies you tend more toward the Marvel side than the DC side. No love for the GL Corps?

Keep it up!

I think he's more Watcher than Galactus.

20 Years to Midnight= 22 Minutes of Excellence

Twenty Years to Midnight was quite amazing. I’d heap more gobs of goodness on you but then you’d be covered in crud and my main question wouldn’t filter through the muck I already shoved in your ears. So my question to you, sir, is which episode this year was penned by Mr. Edlund. I haven’t seen an answer to this and I’m tickled to know. Thanks!

Colonel Gentleman

First, let me say that season 2 has exceeded any and all expectations. Truly wonderful in all respects...except one: why did you kill off Col. Gentleman? IMHO, it was totally unneccessary. It didn't further the plot (the boys could've just been in when he wasn't around and found everything by being nosy)- now, we can't have any of this very amusing character or the original team venture unless it's a flashback. For no good reason, you've eliminated a very amusing character.

Unless this is a "Case of the old Fake Coffin"...


Or they could have have him stoned out of his head (still could happen) and the boys didn't know. He needed to have left his cane behind.

Re: Colonel Gentleman (Anonymous) Expand


Anyone think that the reason we haven't seen Hadji is that he's been in Gitmo for the last 4 years?

Hadji is a Indian not a Afghani or Iraqi.

Id bet he was more better student and Dr.Quest started liking him better. Jonny couldn't take the pressure and turned to drugs (sort of like Rusty not living up to his dad.)

Re: Hadji (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Hadji (Anonymous) Expand

Victor Echo November

Oh man, this season just gets better and better AND BETTER...

"It's like someone with a fever is yelling at my pants!"

Since the majority of the viewing public haven't seen "Victor Echo November" yet, I'll post my thoughts below (Spoilers included.)

This was a very, very funny episode.

I laughed hard at "Livejournal" Obviously a vague reference to you having a Livejournal. Though I suppose if the episode was written now, there would be a Myspace reference instead. Heh, that sounds like a great idea for an episode. It'll be dedicated to the Venture family and others on Myspace and they have some hidden identites as well. Perhaps a chain letter would set off some chaos, who knows?

This episode is teh sex.

what ever thats supposed to mean...

Victor Echo November Special Guest

I noticed that Christopher McCulloch did some voices in this episode, how did you guys manage to get a guy with that kind of star power?

Dude! I so just added you! Wow... Weird... You have LJ... Like the Monarch... >.> Uhm... I love Dean? He is like a dorky Dick Grayson. Uhm... *looks around* GO TEAM VENTURE!

just watched "victor echo november" on fix (twice). god damn, it's nice to get all excited about a series and have it actually continues to deliver even after i hype it to myself.

this episode is the first one where i felt any real disappointment... because i'm loving new venture brothers so much i get pretty disappointed when they end.

apologies for ass-kissing, but great job.

Seriously now...what other TV show would be hip enough to make a reference to Livejournal before it becomes old hat?


Monarch and DrG from Comic Con

So, my girlfriend and I were the ones dressed as the monarch and drG at Comic Con. there's no need to apologize to us for our brief encounter at the end of the panel. security was dick to us too, but it makes for a fun story. one of my eyebrows was ripped off in the confusion, yet it seems so fitting. it really was how the monarch would have been treated. we didn't have anything to sign either, aside from the costumes themselves. just wanted to say hello, and thank you. the reaction to the costumes, to your characters, at the con was amazing. you've created something very special. thank you again.

(www.myspace.com/roywageman if you want to see a couple more pics of us)

Doc Hammer has some capital tattoos, not as nice as a tattoo of a plate of perogies (think of the nobility), but still nice.

awesome job plugging Live Journal in the latest episode... i literally fell off my chair.

Thanks for the nod.

Just where is this journal?

did anyone hear the splash sound effect after naked brock shows up in the first toilet stall? cause i heard it on the FIX, but not on tv...

i think standards and practices removed that sound effect.

really killed a good poop joke ;\

Come to think of it, I did not hear the splash. But I was still laughing at Dean identifying Brock as "Naked."

Victor Echo November


I cannot believe how good that was.

I give thise episode an enthusiastic huzzah. Here I go. 'Huzzah'. Let the awesomes rain onward... [and what DID happen with the professor's arm? And I notice... jollyrancher82 is a livejournal... SAVED! What shall happen with it.. hmm... HMM... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...]

Unfortunatly, Jollyrancher82 wasn't a LJ account untill AFTER "Victor. Echo. November." aired.

If you look in its extra information, it shows the account was created: 2006-08-11 22:09:21

I mean, I have no real issue with that.

I just thought it would have been totally awesome to BE that person. What a plug that would have been. Instant internet 15 minutes right there.

But alas.

What the person who created that account should do, is make all of the posts in the tone of the woman from "Victor. Echo. November.", now that would be hilarious.

That was a brilliant episode tonight. Jackson, Doc...this has been a great season so far, and the rest of the season will kick a lot of ass.

(Deleted comment)
Hats off to you guys, Victor Echo November was one of the funniest things I've seen on TV in a loooooong time.

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee

I loved how the stolen Rembrandt painting that PL was trying to sell really is a famous stolen painting:


Oh, and the other paintings on PL's wall seemed to be Vermeer's "The Concert," Rembrandt's "A Lady and Gentleman in Black" and Govaert Flinck's "Landscape with Obelisk" which were also stolen along with "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee." Nice work...details like these raise VB above practically everything else on television.

Wondeful episode! I concur with another poster stating she was sad when it ended. It was one of those episodes you just never wanted to end. Ah, I can't wait until a feature length film is made. *hint hint nudge nudge*

BTW, I'm not sure how busy you are these days, but it was nice when you first started this Livejournal how you would post a blog before or after every new episode. I miss those as gave us a look to what decisions were made behind the production and also gave us a chance to comment on each individual episode. ;) I really should join the adult swim forums...

Victor. Echo. November

One of the best episodes ever. Maybe the best of the season so far. It was just awesome. Last weeks episode was pretty funny too. I liked "IGNORE ME!"

Would I be correct in saying the show employs limited animation much like in anime? And please, I don't want to get flamed for that. Granted the term has negative association for some but frankly I don't even think noticable unless you have an eye for it. I can tell the digital inking and vectorizing is being used to full effect, nothing wrong with that.

And if anything I noticed the animation is LESS limited this year than it was the last. Limited doesn't equal cheap, that's the point I'm trying to get across. The show is very well put together. In fact it's usually during the smaller movements that it's really noticable. But it actually lends to the style.

I of course could be wrong. So limited or no?


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