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I must say that you guys are really hitting your stride with "Twenty Years to Midnight."

It's like you're finally done with the grunt work of establishing everything and you can just concentrate on the story. You combined supporting characters from at least three or four previous episodes just seamlessly.

On the dowside, I suppose that anyone tuning in to this as their first episode might be very lost, but the payoff for those who have seem all of the others is great.

Great, unlike my ability to proofread my posts, that it.

I caught the new episode on the Adult Swim site. A 10+.

You are right the amount of stuff in the episode is amazingly packed in.

The Johnny Quest stuff alone made it worth watching. Now Race is dead, Johnny is a burned out druggie, and all we need is for Dr. Quest to show up sometime. Yes, Haji, but I don't really care about him.

The FF parody is still impressing me with the takes on Sally and Dr. Impossible. The battle scene, with the screws to the face, and fall down to the subway train, were some of the best action visuals the show has produced.

Thank you for giving the smack down to Contact's schmaltzy alien dad ending. That was brilliant.

Ooo, very cool.

You think he reads comments from this journal?

He reads, he comments, sometimes he answers questions. It's pretty sweet.

Saw the line at Comic Con -- if I wasn't working, I'd have been on it. Duty before... something.

Congratulations on the season thus far. Can't wait to see the new episode tonight.

I'm just glad the reruns are spread out. It was really nice of you to think of that so we're not stuck with a five-week break at the end. And I enjoyed seeing the first two episodes of the season again. I still laugh at that opening scene with 21 and 24. And the onesie joke. XD

Have been anxiously awaiting tonight's episode all week! Looking forward to it! :)

Which I'm actually almost grateful for, since I still consider it the worst Tick episode ever written.

*toodles off to imdb*

Do you mean "Sidekicks Don't Kiss"? Because "That Mustache Feeling" is one of my favorites!

No, "The Tick Vs. The Molemen" from season one. IMDB isn't always the most accurate source for twelve year old cartoon production information. I'm proud of all the other episodes, though.

I just wanted to say that I was at the comicon (I was the blonde Triana, if you remember) and I didn't blame you guys a bit. The organizers had a schedule to keep, and I was having fun running around the conference rooms to find you guys.

Thanks again for signing my dvd. All my friends have heard about it incessantly since the con, and I look forward to a season 2 dvd to bring along next year.

And though you probably get junk like this all the time anyway, I wanted to let you know that I drew you two a present

We love you to,


If you have pictures of the costumes at comicon you should post 'em, I'd love to see a doctor girlfriend in real life.. provided it wasn't an ill shaven man in costume i suppose.

Ill-shaven I won't be, but the voice is dead on I assure you. Look out for me at Dragon*Con this year... apparently I'm the Dr. Girlfriend for about 3 groups...!

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Hey, Jackson...thought you might like to see this. It's pictures from our themed Halloween party last year. We kept meaning to send them in to Adult Swim, but never got around to it. For reference, I'm the one dressed as Number 24.

Can't wait for tonight or August 29th, despite the loss of the Mole Men. Even if it's "the worst" like you think, it's still better than anything JJ Abrams has ever done.

I am going to throw up.


I've looked at all the stores for a Doctor Strange T-Shirt, and the only thing I've found is something with Doctor Strange's "symbol" on it. However, I didn't check out Ebay, so there may be something on there.

I already saw the new episode on the AS Fix thing and I've got to tell you, I think it's one of the best episodes ever. IGNORE ME!

Is is just me, or is Dr. Venture getting to be more and more of a jerk as the episodes progress? Not that I'm complaining, he's still very funny.

Nah, he was always that way. [harvesting the twins' kidneys in the first episode? skinning the family dog in the pilot?]

The world needs more Charles Adams.

I LOVE the fact that you got young quest as a psycho junkie with a luger.
HUzzah and KUDOOS!

I wanted to say that I caught tonight's ep, and I adored it. For me, it's the best of this season so far.

And I'm really sorry that I couldn't get to Comicon. I probably wouldn't have dressed up, but if I had, it totally would have been as a really random character. Like that guy in Tag-Sale with the electrical outlet on his chest. Or as Manic 8-Ball.

Again, yours is the only show, (other than, bizarrely enough, Project Runway), that I care about right now. Kudos, and keep 'on trucking, (or whatever it is you creative geniuses do...)

Frighteningly enough, we have the same viewing habits. If you'd included "Deadwood" in the list, I would have been really scared!

You have good taste, Eronake!

Oh, and I'm still waiting for an episode featuring Plug-Face (or Electrical Outlet Guy or whatever he's called).

The Adult Swim panel was the high point of con for me. Well, that and getting you guys to pose Team Venture style at the signing...

What did Dino Stamotopoulis do or say?

Awesome awesome super awesome episode tonight. I absolutely loved everything about it, from Brock's potato shirt to Prof. Impossible's magic ride. I will spend the next week screaming IGNORE ME! to perfect strangers on the street. What a great way to make new friends that will be.

Was it just me, or did this episode run a tad longer than normal? I only watched it once, and I was not really paying attention to the time. Usually they just fly by though, and this one didn't. And I am glad.

Keep up the good work.

What was Dino so belligerent/bitter about? While we're on the topic.. have you guys had any problem with standards and practices? Moral Orel must really be raising the bar of what's considered over the line.

Do NOT worry about reruns during the season; it's very helpful to folks like me who may get pulled away from their TV during the only 30 minutes a week that they really care about. It's all about second chances... and DVD sales.

This week's episode might be my favorite ever - but I say that every week. "IGNORE ME!" and "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" have so much and yet so little in common for us Doctor Who fans.

Good lord, I did not even think about the whole "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" similatity. Now that will be all I hear when I watch it again tonight.

I'm really looking foreward to the new episode tonight! You guys work so hard to entertain people. 200% admirable in my mind. I gotta say, it was great meeting you at ComicCon. I was the crazy girl with the red crazy hair and the crazy eye.

Anyway, hope things are all going well!

You thought the fans at Comic Con were nice? YOU should be one to talk, you guys were awesome. I'm glad you let me and my crazy friends bother you on the balcony.
And the new episode rocks (from what I saw on the Fix). I swear, they just keep getting better as the season goes on.

20 Years to Midnight

Well I love 20 Years to Midnight. I won't say much else, cause I don't want to spoil it. But I was thrilled to pick up on the Ware references. And the "guest appearances" were totally hilarious and most welcomed. So very, very good. Thanks for all your hard work.

Re: 20 Years to Midnight

Wow, I'm sorry, you posted this ages ago and I just found it, but what WERE the Ware references?

It was great meeting you guys and having you sign my DVD. After the signing I was interviewed by Adult Swim and I actually ended up being on one of the bumps about the comic-con (I was the chunky black guy that took his shirt off) Being at the right place at the right time I guess. I'm so glad the new episodes are back and we're finally going to see "20 years to midnight". I don't want to spoil it for any of the fans who read this lj but I heard about the major cameo on tonights episode and I cannot wait! Keep up the good stuff. Go Team Venture!

Any chance of you making it to any conventions on the East coast? Say...Dragon*Con in Atlanta for instance?


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