Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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I just wanted to say man. That you guys are doing a great smug fuggin job on VB and i really love the show man. What got me into your show was the (pre) pilot episode when they come to nyc (where i currently reside and gave you plus 10 points already) and then the entire episode...of how the japanese guy wanted dr. ventures death beam..for...those reasons lmfao. Yeah ever since i saw that episode...i wanted to see more of your show and lo and behold we have a first season on DVD and a second season kicking ass!

BTW...the DVD cover art...is truly...IMHO...is truly...amazing. Well done...i tried looking in a lot of places in NYC for your DVD and nearly everyone was sold out Circuit City, J & R, Best Buy. But i got your DVD!

Thanks guys for making such an extravagant show!

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