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The secret files of the Ventureverse

Just wanted to say thanks for putting out a fantastic show. I love the Venture Bros. and I'm trying to get my friends into them. It's a great animated show. Honestly, the hardest I've ever laughed came from season 1, the Eeney Meeney Miney Magic! episode. When Dean tells Triana, "It gets awful lonely...in the box that Pop made."

I almost cried when I heard him say that. It's just so ambiguously mean to put a kid in a learning box. My second favorite line from season one was when Hank said "I hate Phantom Spaceman!".

The look on his face was phenomenal. Keep up the good work. You have made one of the best shows on television. I'm loving season 2; keep up the great work!

Is it true that the Venture Compound is in Hawaii? That's what it says on Hank and Dean's myspace profiles, but I don't recall that ever being mentioned in the show.

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Great job on season 2 so far

Living in canada means I have to watch it through illigitemate means but I'll likely watch it again when teletoon inevitably picks it up later this year.

This isn't just the best show on adult swim though, it's up there with Futurama as some of my favorite stuff on tv period. Hope you guys get to keep making it as long as you can keep it good, which judging by season 1 and the 4 episodes I've watched of season 2 can easily last another 26 episodes. There's just so much material to spoof and so many characters to base storylines around.

If you're curious , my favorite joke so far is a tie between assinanny911's 'Hank hallucination and the resulting explanation of his pants peeing by dr venture' and the Mars god of war sing along by the monarchs henchmen in hate floats.

Good luck in the future and keep this show up. Even if you couldn't keep 100% of the quality , so long as it ended on a highnote unlike... say simpsons or the recent season of south park it'd be cool.

dvd commentary, Underbheit's jaw

I've been slowly making my way through the dvd, and i can't understand people's problems with the commentary tracks. 'got through two of them, and found them interesting, informative (great stuff about the writing process that goes into the episodes), and most importantly...hillarious!

I think it's very cool that you are into answering people's questions abot continuity issues, loose ends, etc. (not that they interfere with my enjoyment of the show) so I've got one for you; it's from an old episode (sorry if that's bad form), Past Tense, when Baron Underbheit is seen with metal jaw securely in place, after Brock had gone off to use it to put the smack down on several Leslie-bots.

My own hastily put together solution: After the embarassing events that took place at the Venture tag-sale, Verner made a resolution to always carry a spare, and slipped it into place upon seeing that Brock and Venture had no intention of coming back.

Thanks for all the goodness, and keeping it up with season 2.

Re: dvd commentary, Underbheit's jaw

I'm pretty sure that, like in any real UN like security, you get your non lethal objects back after passing through, and the jaw is indeed not lethal.

Dr. Os way of raising the dead

the 45th time i watched the first episode of the new season it pop in my head maybe what what dr. O was saying from beetle juice when otho was trying to bring them back to life at the end. am i right?

Re: Dr. Os way of raising the dead

Ummm..... What?

Pee Wee's Playhouse

Way cool.
And more importantly,Your still kicking ass.
Thanks again

Hey, so this is a kind of unorthodox question...but how can I get my hands on a Venture Bros. script? I'd be really interested to see what it looks like on the page (or screen, for that matter). I'm in the midst of trying to develop/write my own animated pilot and it'd be great to actually have something to look at for reference (layout, length, etc.) In the past your livejournal was a great resource for production process-y kind of stuff, so I figured I'd ask.

Thanks for consistently putting out one of the funniest TV shows out there! Keep 'em coming!


Venture Bros. on iTunes!

Good news! The Venture Bros. (along with ATHF and Sealab 2021) are now available to download on iTunes (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2006/aug/01itms.html)

"The venture Bros. follows the adventures of two dimwitted brothers, Hank and Dean Venture, their self-centered scientist father and his bodyguard, uber-spy Brock Samson."

All four episodes from Season 2 are now available to download for $1.99 each, the images around the iTunes music store are great, the Hank and Dean Season 2 Promo art (where they are shooting guns) is on the Venture Brothers section. Haha this is awesome, now I can watch them again and again! :D

Venture Bros. on iTunes?

Wow, Venture Bros. on iTunes soon! That's awesome! We love you too, JP! And, yes, Pee Wee's playhouse used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid so I'm totally psyched for it!

They were selling these shirts at a Rancid concert.

Hey JP, I am really enjoying this season so far, thanks to you and Doc for all your hard work.

I've got a couple of questions for you.

-Will we be seeing any more of Jonas Jr.? I think that character has some serious potential.

-Are you going to do any more with the whole 'Doc Venture grooming Dean to be the next super-scientist' idea?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to what you all have in store for us.

Re: Bi-kini

"speedsuit", that was priceless.

Oooh! I have two intense questions!

1.) Will you be coming to WizadWorld Boston on a random perchance...


2.) Does #21 in Hate Floats seem to own a Venture Bros. shirt? Tres meta.

Or Punisher, neh? JP/DH (and #21 by extension) seem to lean towards Marvel.

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"LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO!" Good to have the show back. I'm really digging the Jonas Jr. voice! Kudos to Urbaniak!

Wonderful! I just watched 20 Years to Midnight and as usual, I loved it. More great this and more great that!

And do believe I detect a little bit of an homage to "These Arms Were Made For Hugging". Which gave me warm fuzzies as it involves my second favorite character.


I second that! The episode is fantastic, and it had the extra bonus of giving me the perfect line to deliver to my boss!! Can't wait to watch it on Sunday night!!

I loved every minute of this episode, great job!

any one catch that

when johans venture jr. when hes talking about the military contracts that one time when hes reading something off of it hes holding it backwards ?

20 years to midnight is one hell of a good episode. Nice Job!!!

[Golf Clap]
Awesome. Assassinanny and Escape to the House of Mummies had been disappointing, but this has renewed my faith in VBros Season 2. I feel as though Brock seems pacified a little, yet can't complain seeing those spoiler pics of him covered in blood. Amazing job; Go Team Venture!

Oh man. Great episode. Can't wait to see it live.


Great jab at *movie*

You do not disappoint. This season has had great writing, and I've rewatched every episode.

I always felt the same way at the end of *movie* as Doc points out at the end of Twenty Years to Midnight. What a load of crap.

(Self-censored to not blow the ending until after it airs. Watch the episode and see what I am talking about)

Re: Great jab at *movie*

Which movie? C-----t? Did you see the South Park episodes where they ripped on it? I think a lot of people felt that way.

This was the best one this season, I think.

But I feel like there's some really specific Outer Limits reference here that I can't remember.

Ah well. IGNORE ME.

I was just wondering if you could slow down the pacing a little. All the episodes seem to be so quick. The first season seems to take its time. Just trying to influence the author, so to speak.

20 yrs to midnight

Publick you redeemed ur self, after that last episode which sucked balls,this one was much better, you earn a gold star.

Re: 20 yrs to midnight

Fuck you, you little prick. Why would you even say that kind of thing to him? I just don't get other "fans".

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Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

I'm going to be going around saying "IGNORE ME!" to complete strangers now. I'm loving everything about the new season, and can't quibble with a thing. Loved Stephen Colbert's delivery too.

20 Min to Midnight another fine episode

Another great job -- although it seems that in the Ventureverse, to be a "former boy adventurer" is to be inescapebly doomed.

A mock public service spot for an organization designed to help child adventurers readjust to life "after the adventures are over" might make a nifty dvd extra in the next set (I can't imagine there won't be season 2 set.)

Am I the only one to notice the high five? Gah! Spectacular episode, I can't wait to see it on the television where the volume will be louder.


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