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Any word on VB action figures?

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I'm stunned if this actually ends up being the first comment.

Season 2 looks killer, guys. Thanks for it and for the incredible extra features on the DVD. I'm watching all of it over and over again and it's still funny as hell.

Thanks a million.

You nearly ruined my telly. I heard the word Toe-headed a spat coffee far enough to grace the channel changing buttons.

ps, Cheers, that was the best tv in aaages.

That's towheaded, not "toe" headed.


Definitions of towhead on the Web:

a person with light blond hair


Definitions of towheaded on the Web:

ash-blonde: of hair color; whitish

it is EXTREMELY cool that adult swim is going to start showing pee wee's play house. hopefully they won't STOP showing in like, a month. i'd hate to have to drop the money on the DVDs. that green stuff is really hard to get j 3j

Awesome. I have probably watched the premiere 10 times already, if not more. Thank you!

Also, Pee Wee's Playhouse? Too damn cool.

Yaaay! The Twiki reference nearly made me fall off the couch. Obviously you guys have been BIDDY BIDDY busy watching all the same shows that I have ;)

Yep, that was awesome.

And sad that most of the people watching probably are too young to get it. ;.;

Great show, guys!

I firmly blame you for having "everybodys free" stuck in my head all week.

Thanks again for an awesome episode.

That was a great song. I want it on my mp3 players so I can listen to it while I'm PUMPING IRON AND BEING HOT.

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I was awaiting the arrival of Season Two, and I was not let down! I offically have to make plans around VB on Sundays so I can get my fix!

Season Two is looking to be MOST FANTASTIC!

I used to get up and watch Playhouse and X-Men every Saturday morning and haven't seen it since then. I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up.

thanks Jackson for such an enjoyable show. (I did enjoy you're wondering commentaries, and can't wait to hear the missing one(s).

I made a VB picture dedicated to you, Doc-Hammer and James Ubaniak.
My humble lil picture devoted to such a wonderful show-

Also i like the streaming idea.. i get to watch the show more that way. ^^

And yay for Pee-Wee. ^^;


Pee-Wee's playhouse? Badass!

I am really pumped about this second season, and love it so far. It's amazing that you guys created a cartoon that starts off as offbeat, perverse comedy, and turns into a show where you explore and develop characters to the point where we really give a shit about them. Bravo.

Can't wait to see where it goes.

P.S. How cool is it that Adult Swim is going to start showing Pee Wee's Playhouse?!?

uber cool indeed!!!

Looks great so far. Any comment on the change in voices for Jonas, Jr. and Triana O?

Looking forward to the Molotov episode coming up.

Both Jonas Jr. and Triana are played by the same actors who played them in season one. Just as their characters grow and develop, so do their voices.

Commentary Commenting Comments

...everyone has their own opinions on Commentary tracks, but I just listened to the one on Return to Spiderskull Island and you know, I'd rather listen to two guys talking about whatever topic comes up than the same production junk a lot of DVDs are packed with.

It opens you up more, removes that veil, letting fans know you are a real human being even when some would bestow Godhood upon you. Personally I enjoyed learning of Astrobase Go!s history and Ben's role as Matchmaker. Classic.

Great work, now the wait begins for all the cool features of Season 2 on DVD. Anatomy of a Soulbot perhaps?

Today's Secret Word is... churro, shhh

Re: Commentary Commenting Comments

I agree completely.

Besides, I always desperately wanted to know which male character Doc would want to sleep with.

oh may gawd. I think my heart grows three sizes with each episode. We love you guys so fucking much.

And the commentaries have pushed me past that subtle threshold between great fondness/admiration to complete and utter, ape-shit, fan-girldom. Now I must go dl that lost one before I start foaming at the mouth.

I hope you have the whole of that new TVOTR album. It is spanktacular.

Those upcoming episodes sound excellent. Color me excited!

I do. They're just amazing...I can't even describe it. Like nothing else out there.

TVOTR, I mean. Not our upcoming episodes, though those are pretty good, thanks.

not just cool, fujcking great. may this be a boon to Paul Reubens, he deserves it.


sorry lol.. had to give teh props. nice one :o)

was the idea for septopus at all related to brendan small's septopus home movie on "home movies?"

does it make me a dork that i noticed it right away?

No, and no. Complete coincidence dating back to Dr. Septapus's (obvious goof on Doc Ock from Spiderman) onscreen-but-non-speaking appearance in "Return to Spider-Skull Island"


I'm loving the Friday Fix. There are times I'll miss a show when it premiers on Sunday and I'll know it, so I'll just go ahead and watch it the Friday before and all is well in the world.

Such as this Sunday!

My camping endeavors will prevent me from seeing the new episode in glorious Digital 480p!

Ahh, the joys of a 27" outdated television.

how i fell in love with your show-

You know.. as I started listening to the commentary, I was reminded how I got into Venture Brothers.

I was over at my in-laws watching their cable television. At the time we didn't have cable, so it was a lil treat to see what Cartoon Network was up to at that moment.. then I caught a commercial for the Venture Brothers... and I thought "My god, look at those character designs, those are sexy! These characters look like they have issues.. I want to watch that show." Seriously, i did think that.. as an artist I'm attracted to design and unique well done art work (without saying 80% of CN's adult swim programming turns me off.. considerably.)Back to the story- I had to wait til the next time I was visiting my in-laws to catch VB. And when i finally saw it.. I was in love. (I have a random memory of catching VB at my mom's house when the Hurricanes were hitting us in Florida.. heh.. good times.. >_<)

Now I admit, I did download the episodes when i finally found them online, so I could actually watch them. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to have seen them, or really get into the show.

Flash forward to present day.. Me and my husband have bought the DVD set, and we got cable (fucking nasty cable) just to watch the show as it's released. We are probably going to be long time fans, and we're willing to support your show without a doubt. Release figures, and art books, and you'd make us even happier.

Anyways I thought i'd share that bit with you.


Is T.C. flying that chopper?


Is the first new episode still available online somewhere?

I have missed it twice. And to be honest, I don't think I'll be able to achieve erection until I see it.

psst, its on youtube in like three pieces

"¡Viva los Muertos!"

Oh, please tell me this involves more luchadors and enmascarados.......if so, this is one masked lady wrestler you'll make very happy.....

By the way, the superimposed skulls on the fade-out of Hank and Dean in the premiere made me spit ginger beer out of my nose. It hurt.

by chance is 20 Years to Midnight a play on an Iron Maiden song?

I had watched "Easy Rider" for the first time ever the other night. I found it kinda funny that I recognized the lines and scenarios that were used in "Return to Spider Skull Island".

Great stuff man, I'm super-stoked the new season has arrived :)


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