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Holy crap!
Thank you, thank you, thank you all... we love you, JP

I went out yesterday in the NYC humidity right before a job interview to buy a copy. I was filled with joy and unholy delight to FINALLY own it.

Last night I had a very curious dream... All it involved was talking to you and Doc Hammer in a bar. I really have got to stop falling asleep to Venture Bros. Eps. on replay.

I'm a little late this time around... but congrats!

I know I enjoy my copy.

Sold out at two targets today when I went to get it too. Thanks for the great show :)

No no, thank you! Your show fucking rocks. Thanks for making it. It's a lot of hard work, and we appreciate it.


We love you, too.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kudos.

Who else here agrees that the music on the "deleted scenes" menu is the best ever?

We had a Venture Bros. Marathon last night. We passed out Scrotal Safety sheets and printed out huge posters by blowing out various pics you posted. We had like twenty people show up and they all loved it. Can't wait for the season 2 party.

i saw that info on my homepage and nearly pooped my pants at work. I issue thee a hearty "GO TEAM VENTURE!"

Sweet! Too bad I bought it at Best Buy - they didn't have it on sale! Oh well, I had a $10 gift certificate. Thanks, JP!


Ok, I don't know what is going on. On my lunch break, I rushed to Circuit City (store # 1) to buy it. I couldn't think about work anymore. 5 pm arrives, and I'm outta' there! Got home, which is many cities away from my work city, and started to watch...and there was a drop in audio! Surely, such a great show deserves PRIMO DVD quality. I ejected the disc and bam, it was already scratched! I went to my local Circuit City (store # 2), and they had no copies in stock. Next day (today), I go to a third(!) Circuit City and they don't have it in stock. It pains me, because I've waited oh so long, but I ask for my money back and go on my merry way. I go across the street and find it for the same price at a Sam Goody. EXCITEMENT! I get home, open up the package and BAM! the same scratch marks! On a completely different disc from an entirely different store in an entirely different city! What the hell?! I decide to give it a try and the audio drops in the exact same place! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I've waited so long...I'm going to curl up in ball...

Could you tell us what got bleeped in the commentary for "Return to Spider-Skull Island," or are you still not allowed to talk about that? I think it may have been a joke about Scientology, since you or Doc had just made a joke about Tom Cruise, but that's just a wild guess.

At least we got some indication that something got cut out. I've heard that in one Family Guy commentary, the first ten minutes were completely silent. What could one talk about for ten minutes that had to get cut? Were they giving away nuclear formulae or something?

Hmmm...not sure. I'll have to check that commentary. There is nothing worse than hearing oneself talk, so I've avoided listening to them for the most part. I know at one point Doc's cell phone rang while we were doing commentary, and its ring is Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart", so we had to bleep or mute that for legal clearance reasons...that could have been it.

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You're welcome! Hah, but I knew it'd reach number one. When I ordered it last night it was at number five... so, yeah, congratulations! It's certainly deserved.

Yes GO Team Venture

Mine is in the post.

PRoV Reprasent!

I ordered mine last night! Congratulations.

How awesome! I totally bought it too.

Just got the DVD from Amazon...

go team venture! thanks so much for the great series!

congratulations, i went to THREE video stores in downtown Seattle and all were sold out of Venture Bros. And they told me the only way I was getting a copy was if I special ordered because every DVD for the next three shipments was on hold already. YEESH. And here i thought The Venture family was my own private late night comedy indulgement...I was wrong! Turns out you've become a mega-hit, congrats! :)

Wow, and it's still in the top 3. Bring on season 3!

Too bad it's not doing QUITE as well in Canada. Stupid Teletoon and their complete and utter lack of promotion...

nothing rings as clear as the truth

i got mine from amazon.com and i cant wait to see the extras.

Sound Quality

Anybody else notice the sound skipping and audio commentary on "Magic" is synced so badly to the point that you can't even hear the end of the commentary?

Otherwise, excellent DVD, JP, my wife and I adore the show... it's the best thing on TV.

Re: Sound Quality

I just placed my order on Amazon right now. Congrats.


What kind of number did you expect?


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