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Holy crap!
Thank you, thank you, thank you all... we love you, JP

WE love YOU!

So, give us 20 more seasons, at least! =D



Amazon just emailed me. My copy is on the way. Thanks guys and can't wait for season 2!

totally dig it!
I left Doc a message on his DA account about how much i'm enjoying it.

You guys are way too awesome!

Congrates on being #1 on Amazon. ^_^

Congrats on #1, and thanks for an awesome DVD!

You and Doc may be the first people ever on audio commentary to say which male character on your own show you would have sex with. For some reason Matt Groening and the Futurama crew never did that.

And the live action stuff? OMG. Every cartoon fan's dream to see the voice actors do that. Genius stuff.

Well-deserved kudos!

And to think [as] wasn't sure they wanted to greenlight a second season...

(Deleted comment)
My preorder was delivered yesterday, and it looks fantastic.

Just picked mine up at target last night! The commentaries are really entertaining and the discs look great. Congratulations, guys, you have earned it!

Congrats on the #1 status!

I haven't seen all of the DVD yet, but so far, it's absolutely hilarious. LOVE the mockumentary; it's a brilliant satire of some rather pompous interviews I've seen on DVD extras.

The art is fantastic, too.

So when can we start preordering Season Two?

now if only the website was all updated!!!
we love you too!!!

Supercool! Way to beat vampire/werewolf ass. I'm gonna get mine at Circuit City today.

Also note, I will be buying your fine product BEFORE Samurai Jack 3, which I just discovered in-store yesterday, and which I enjoy immensely.

Holy crap, two Publick entries in two days! It's like blog Christmas or something!

But seriously, congrats on this, it's so well deserved <3 I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on my copy x)

I am now traumatized at the thought of one of you (I forget which one) "popping Dean's cherry." Thanks a HELL of a lot.

The live-action stuff was absolutely priceless, especially the "Animating Hank and Dean" silliness! (If only ALL show creators cared enough to put on leotards and ping-pong balls and make complete fools out of themselves, all for the enjoyment of the home viewer!)

And you're surprised.. how? :)

Oh, but one more thing - where was Patrick Warburton in the blond wig and muscle suit? (Or did he have enough of that kind of thing after filming the live-action "Tick"?)

Patrick lives on the other side of the country. Everyone else lives in New York so it's easier to pull them in for stuff like that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all... we love you, JP

You're welcome, and you absolutely deserve it.

C'mon... part you just wants to run into Mike Lazzo's office with a printout of this and shout "See! See! Greenlight season 3 now, bitches!".

I will be picking this up today! Congrats and I can't wait to watch these episodes all over again!

As great as it is, I never expected to see it sell so well! Congratulations!


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