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The secret files of the Ventureverse

Thanks! This is an awesome Christmahanukahwanza present! (Well, since the DVDs won't be out til goodness knows when... *grumble*)

I work at Tower Records and our computers say the DVD release date is like 2/28, but I don't know how accurate that is.

Awesome! New pictures, and new audio file, how could this day get any better?

I really enjoyed reading that -- thanks!

Amazing, Jackson. Can't wait.

Amazing, Jackson. Can't wait.

Version 2.0

So... In designing the Venture's home, are you really designing your dream pad? I mean, living in NYC and all, we're shoved into shoeboxes with only wistful fantasies of bedrooms and eat-in kitchens to keep us from freaking out and going postal on all the smug suburbanites... Okay, maybe that last bit's just me. But I can't help but think that, given the chance to create a fantasy world (such as the one found in, say, an animated series), one might indulge in a little wish fulfilment...

Regardless, it all looks fantastic, and I can't wait for season two.

(For what it's worth, you're sure as hell designing MY dream home...)

We love you too, darlings. It's stupid how excited I get thinking about new Venture Bros. episodes. :)

J.G. Thirwell is the entire reason I put so much effort into seeing the Venture Brothers when I don't usually bother with TV. For whatever reason, I'm happily geeked that you were so excited about him, too.

I really look forward to the new season.

Oh yay! I always wondered how Venture started,so thank you for sharing that info about the pilot! And yay for another Christmas song! You should totally make a little Christmas album, with each character singing different songs. Just an idea heh. Thanks for sharing more pics of the Venture home....I would totally love to see the boys room sometime, hinthint. :D

Thank you for all you do for us, we love you too! ^-^

Too bad on the postponment (that's a funny word) of the DVD. I was looking forward too it. As long as I get in before next Christmas, it's all fine.

I skipped past all that stuff in the middle, how terrible of me. But I love the graphics!

Now, it's off to bed for me! Have to get up bright and early to get my copy of Serenity.
Oh, Firefly, how I miss you. Worry not, Arrested Development will be joining you soon enough *grumbles*

That pilot episode blew my mind when I saw it on its original air date. This journal you set up is also a great insight for an aspiring writer (me). Keep up the good.

Thanks for doing another Christmas song. That is so much fun to listen to. And it's nice to hear Monarch, 21, and 24's voices again after so long! Makes the wait for new episodes easier.

Loved reading about the pilot and seeing more of those beautiful background pics. The new season is going to look so snazzy.

i highly like what you got going on here, bro bro.

That shot of the lab is fantastic, love the lighting and the reflections. Mad props to whoever's responsible for that, you can tell them I said so.

I also enjoyed reading about "the birth of the venture brothers," especially as someone who imagines the next 5-20 years of their life to follow a similar path. Can't wait for season 2!

I have told them you said so.

Thank you for all the great updates. Bummer on the DVD, but you can't rush greatness. I'm patient. I can wait.

And thank you for the suggestion on the Acme Novelty Library. I am loving it. Rocket Sam definately has the emotional robots you mentioned. I liked the story on the robot with boxing glove hands who wanted to pet birds. I can see where some views on H.E.L.P.eR. came from, with that sense of sweet but sad mix of emotion. And the whole design and layout of the book is awesome too, with the comic book ads (Make Mistakes - Get Children), page layout and even the world's smallest comic strip. I'm already ready to get more of his books. Thanks again.

Yes! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Acme stuff. I really think it's the best comic out there. And the boxing robot with the birds...yeah, that's Helper to a "t." That story always cracked me up...followed with a pained, sympathetic "awwww...."

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That's actually a quite catchy tune, haha. Me I'll be just fine.

Oh sure Robot Chicken's DVD date gets unchanged while we have to wait for VB. Crimey. I've been waiting for this for quite some time, and I guess understand since it'll promoted quite heavily with the new episodes etc.

I liked the IGN holiday treat. It made me yearn for more episodes.

I had no idea you worked on "Sheep in the Big City". Did you get other offers to work on other shows before VB?

Not really. After The Tick animated series I had a much easier time finding storyboard work than writing, though I did a little bit of development writing for MTV and stuff on projects of theirs that ultimately didn't get off the ground. It's also easier, psychologically, to freelance as a storyboard artist. I can really only write when I'm super into a project and there just wasn't anything out there I was super into. Not that they would have hired me, but I wouldn't have even tried getting work on an existing show I really liked--like a Simpsons or South Park or something--since that would forever ruin the viewing experience for me. So I really didn't do much professional writing to speak of until The Tick came back as a live action show.

We love you more ;) he he ninjas... don't they just make all things better? I'm digging your new backgrounds, the color looks more vivid and the living room is very posh 70's :P

That's quite an impressive journey you've made to get where you are now. I can imagine the wheel of rejections you faced before finally getting picked up must have been the hardest hump to get over.

It sucks that the release date of next season is being pushed back again, but not unexpected when dealing with suits. I can't wait to hear your commentary... with your sense of humor, I'm sure it's going to be quite entertaining :P

You mentioned a screenwriting program that you used? Can you please give me the downlow on a good one to use?... I'm writing a Sci-Fi script myself, and I'm sure I could use a little help in the format dept. Also, can you give me any suggestions on how to go about presenting my ideas to a network? i.e. What should my portfolio include... how many episodes should I write in advance... some good links for info etc. If you're too busy, I understand.

Thanks for making your dream our reality :D Miles of Smiles!
Go Team Venture!

Ninjas? I thought they just hung around airports and got sucked up into jet engines.

(Deleted comment)
So, was Doc "Doc" when you first started working with him, or was he still just "Eric" back then?

Two things:

1) Sorry to hear about the DVD getting pushed back, but as long as the end result is a quality product, then I don't mind waiting a little longer for it.

2) Wow, someone else has Enon's Believo!?

Yes! Believo it or not, I had no idea who they were when I bought it. I was just bored, had some extra cash on me, and really liked the title and cover art. It might be the one and only time I took a chance on a cd like that and it paid off. Turns out J.G. Thirlwell knows those guys, too.

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I love you. Keep it realz!

Great stuff! I, too, will be waiting with bated breath for the official DVD release... whenever it comes out.

I'm just getting caught up with the VB Christmas offerings. The latest one is really good. It's interesting to see (hear) the Monarch getting into a Christmas song, even when he's in the Big House. 21 and 24 are also in rare form. (I could so see myself being a Monarch henchman.)

Thanks for sharing the good will!

Season's Beatings to the Venture Clan

"I changed the script for the better (most of the ninja scenes were added at
this point) " Object Lesson? When in doubt, always add ninjas and mix
to a creamy consistency. YAY! for staying
on the East Coast. The underground secret laboratories are simply a better
class of nefarious around here (just ask Dr. Mitriosis here).

The ladies of La Gata Negra League of Masked Lady Wrestlers wish you and all
the evil geniuses behind the Venture Brothers a new year free of broken bones
and Canadian Back Breakers

As a gift, another story of science gone horribly wrong...again....



Re: Season's Beatings to the Venture Clan

Thanks for letting us know about the pilot. I was wondering what the hell I was watching. It was like Baby Venture Brothers. Strange, but cool.

Awesome. The Ventures have a reel-to-reel tape deck. As they should.


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