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The secret files of the Ventureverse

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I love Mignola's stuff, too. And once upon a time, when I was a doughy little goofball who worked in a comic book store, I, too spent a number of hours bugging him at a convention. One of my favorite comics he ever did--since your own collection goes back to the Phantom Stranger and Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, was a one-shot called "Gotham By Gaslight," which if I'm not mistaken launched the whole DC Elseworlds imprint. It's Batman set at the turn of the century, I think hunting Jack the Ripper. Commissioner Gordon looks like Teddy Roosevelt and everything. So yeah, I'd be jazzed if he drew the Ventures. Frank Miller, Kevin Nowlan, Kyle Baker and Dan Clowes, as different as these guys all are, would also be great.

Man, I was a sad little turd. While other sixteen year olds boys were sampling cheerleaders, I was haggling comic store clerks over the price of second prints of Bolland's "The Killing Joke."

Got "Gotham by Gaslight" and -- of course -- got it signed. I think the later reprints of it even go so far as to give it an official Elseworld logo. My favorite moment: President Roosevelt/Detective Gordon holds up a wanted poster of The Joker and calls him a "happy looking jasper." One of these days, I want to commit that book to film. Oh yes, one day I shall.

I'd love to see what Frank Miller would do with Brock and what Kevin Nowlan would do with Hank and Dean. Kyle Baker, that's a wild choice, really wild. I wouldn't have thought of him or Clowes, but now that you mention it... yeah, "Eightball" and "Ghost World" are so retro; that style'd really fit well in the Ventureverse.

Here's a bizarre, dark one: Dave McKean.

Of course, the ideal choice (his death, err, notwithstanding)? Jim Flora.

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