Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Picture? You need picture? I have picture.

Spidey gets his eye ripped out and eaten by Morlun.

You're welcome.


'Squitch' is so beautifully onomonopoetic that I hurt inside.

Re: Three Things.

And as a companion piece to that, here's Spidey getting his revenge by killing and eating Morlun.

This, combined with that whole "Norman Osborn impregnating Gwen Stacy" thing makes this not exactly the best year for Spider-man stories.

It's Ben Reilly's half brother clone who's turning man-spider during a secret war with Tyler Durden who is actually a transsexual ghost who finds out that Doc Ock is his father, isn't it?

You got it.

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