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I can't wait for the new season AND the DVD release.

Wh- SUPERGRASS are over here? They don't care much for the South, so the only show I've seen was an infamous show opening for Radiohead in Atlanta two years ago - apparently someone's family member died and they considered not playing at all. Instead, they walked onstage and did a half-hearted show for about 17 minutes and got in a cab to the airport. I had to drive three hours to see that, so I'm hoping that they'll come back and rock my socks off. Excellent news about JG, by the way.

In regards to the writing, I wish there was an easier way. I'm hoping that the excitement of knowing that we are so eager will make the task and time crunch bearable. You'd be surprised what the human body can do... I once went three months without getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time; it's called "being the parent of a newborn". This is much the same, except you don't have to change any diapers.

Or do you?

yeah, I'm told Supergrass is here for a quick three shows (one in NY, two in L.A.) before their big European tour. All acoustic. Sorry the one you went to wasn't any fun. I missed them last time they came around because Doc neglected to tell me they were playing, and I guess so did everyone else.

If it's that grueling, hire interns. It's like hiring people, but cheaper.


"welt the size baby's fist from an ingrown hair on the back of my neck".


Yay for supergrass!

I feel your pain on those hairs, I get them also, and they're a bitch.

Apparently, Mr. Hammer is the coolest person on earth. who knew? ;)

I have a welt the size of a baby's fist from an ingrown hair on the back of my neck.

Oh, by all means, let us know what happens with that. zit_fetish

like...pictures and stuff?

After talking with Doc on aim, I just picked up the 2001 Mors Syphilitica album Feather and Fate.
He truly is incredibly skilled in an array of art forms.

I wish you Mercury quickness, damn you've got some hard deadlines coming up.

I'm sure you've heard what Douglas Adams said about deadlines.
He loved the whooshing sound they made as they sailed past him.

Best wishes.

-twig (v.), Bitter Blue

You guys are collectively the man.

Woohoo!! Stoooooked about the new season, man. Thank you in advance..

And sorry about the hair... (Randy needs an ingrown baby fist.)

Something someone passed on to me which works like a charm in preventing them is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Nips those little fuckers in the bud before they get a chance to get ugly. When that fist flattens out back there, definitely get on it.

Good luck. Thanks again!

You can do it, Mr. Publick, we believe in you!

I am stoked, both about the NY weather (yay! no more more hot subway funk!) and the season premiere work. Oh, and the DVD info too. Keep up the amazing work, [purty] please.

Yes! Please post more production art if/when it's available: color or not!

I'm getting by with re-watching season 1 eps I've saved until the DVD comes out. Do you have firm dates on the DVD release and season 2, yet?

DVD: Yes. March 14th, 2006. So far as I know.
Season 2: Don't know yet. Will depend on how well we keep to schedule during post-production and what else Adult Swim has going on at the time. We may have to wait for another first-run series to finish out its episodes or something in order to get a certain timeslot. We'll see. My guess is early-mid summer, though.

I have come to the conclusion that Doc Hammer is not a man, but a mighty robot from the future set on "You call that entertainment, puny mortals?"

Now, this Ben Edlund.. would this be the Ben Edland of "The Tick" Ben Edlund? Because Jesus H. guys... the show is damn funny as it is, but a script written by Ben Edlund.. you're trying to kill us with the funny aren't you.. AREN'T YOU!

cause its cool if you are.

You could be right about Doc. I'm pretty sure if he's not an infotain-bot, he's convinced he is. As for Ben, yes, THAT Ben Edlund. Venture Bros. was created when I was still writing for The Tick, so Ben's been in the know as long as anyone, and Doc and I have been friends with him since the early 90's at least. Ben was going to write a script for us early on in season one but was called away to more pressing matters. He did contribute some story ideas to the "Careers in Science" episode and a joke or two to "Dia De Los Dangerous" though.

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Huzzah! Venture Bros. is one of the few things that makes paying my cable bill worthwhile. Reading a bit about what's going on in the background is a load of fun.

A month between episodes doesn't sound bad in theory, but creativity on demand sounds trying at best. I'm glad there are insane people like you and Doc to do it for us.

"Past Tense"

Can't wait for the DVD! Even if it didn't have any extras on it, I'll be all over it on its release day like white on rice. Especially since that'll mean my fiancée and I can finally see the "Past Tense" episode again, which I believe contains the phrase "waylaid by jackassery" (a favorite of my fiancée's), but which Adult Swim apparently refuses to air.

What up with that? Does that episode use music or references that AS doesn't have the rights to show or something? We miss it!

Re: "Past Tense"

According to Adult Swim, Past Tense will air on Oct. 10.

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I understand if the 2nd season premiere is in the summer. It's going to be a long wait, but I think its going to be worth it.

I searched your name on Myspace and saw that you had a profile. You should be getting a friend request pretty soon.

Good luck with Season 2!!

Anonymous here, I just wanted to let you know that there is a large amount of excitement I feel when I think about Season Two. Also, a delicious agony when you taunt us with your "creator knowledge". The sample of Doc's art is haunting. I saw some other pieces in the same series, and they're all incredible. It's what I would paint if my meathooks obeyed my imagination, a superb subject with which to be obsessed. It's not just her realism, it's her sardonic look. Maybe it's not sardonic, but it's what I see. Anyway, we anonymites enjoy the news from the front. Thanks for keeping us so informed!

Congrats! Can't wait to see the new stuff. GHOSTS OF THE SARGASSO will never leave my TiVo!

On a related note, the DVD should come with some recipies for Hot Sargassum.

I always love reading these updates, I'm glad you make them. I wish I could come to Doc's art show, but of course I'm broke. So disappointing. *sigh* So, how'd the storyboard sales on ebay go?? I can't wait to get mine!! :D

Hey, lookin' at art is free...don't let "broke" stop you!

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I am poor and stranded in Buffalo, send Doc my best wishes for his show! Not that he needs it.

If the painting of the lady is based on a real person, I would like to know more about this enchanting flower.

Tell me more.

Well, you'd have to ask Doc about that...I don't know where he finds these people but they are real. He sneaks them in for photo sessions at the Astrobase when I'm not around.

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(Deleted comment)
I can only half agree with the South Park guys on that one, and I'm sure even they don't fully agree with that statement themselves (what they do is too funny and too personal for them not to be having any fun when they're making it up). It IS work, but it IS fun. I enjoy working hard in general (it's often easier than having a social life), and fun is the source of the best kind of work as far as I'm concerned. Parts of it are just no fun at all, but making stuff up and seeing it through and then showing it to people...well, that's pretty great. Don't forget, most scripts start with two idiots in a cramped studio who've chosen to stay up till 4, smoking cigarettes and trying to make each other laugh in funny voices rather than going home to our loved ones...so there must be something good about it.

Jackson: James Urbaniak here. I don't know if you remember me, but I do the voice of Dr. Venture on your show. In my neverending efforts to be more like you, I started my own Livejournal page a couple of days ago. It is an experiment and frankly I'm not sure how long it will last. There is currently one dithering post. Theoretically in the future there will be more posts concentrating on my exciting life in show business. Amazingly, I have already received a couple of nice replies. How they found out about it I have no idea. The internet is a weird, exciting place. Anyway, stop by and say hello. Free drinks for the first hundred people.

I didn't tell anyone!
Aren't you also that purple guy with no arms or legs?
Hey, do you know Doc Hammer? Lucky! He is teh sex.

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Well, I was going to ask about the possibility of more t-shirts (you had mentioned Scrotal Safety t-shirts in the past) but it seems to me that you've got enough, more than enough, to keep you busy. I'm glad. It's always better to be busy than bored.

I love the updates. They're so filled with wonderful bits of information. I just wish I was in NY so I could go to the gallery exhibit. But I'm sitting too far south.

Wonderful, wonderful news (except for the tiredness, the shootings and boils). Doc's art is absolutely stunning.

Hey, do either of you plan on making it out to any conventions when your whirlwind of activity slows a little? I was not really expecting any Astrobase representatives at DragonCon, but I must admit a little disappointment when there wasn't any. I wore my Astrobase shirt in solidarity, however, and asked about the new season and the DVD when they held the Q&A.

I did see SwimBuddha's con badge had the name Doc Hammer on it.

I also got a nice sketch of Dr. Weird from C. Martin Croker, he and I got to talking about Venture while he he was drawing it. He threw a testicular torsion reference into the sketch and I went into throes of fangirl joy. I'd love to post it as soon as I can find a scanner.

Ditto on the Dragon*Con thing. Maybe next year when season 2 is wrapped up. Croker was awsome and very nice to meet. I didn't wear my Astrobase t-shirt cause I was in VB costume all weekend. :)


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